• Netflix signs off on a Dragon's Dogma anime.
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https://www.pcgamesn.com/dragons-dogma/dragons-dogma-anime All this talk lately of DD is starting to look like DD2 is coming. Hope they do that parallel universe idea with the tower that goes into the abyss.
They have been dropping not-so-subtle hints that DD2 might be coming, and I have to say, if that's true I am going to buy it asap. I've been looking forward to it for a while now, after DD Online.
DMC5 is all done so Itsuno probably went right to work on DD2 already.
if i don't hear a single "Their kind hates ice and fire both!" then i'm gonna riot
they've already got the perfect OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZNbabKjKpA
"Wolves hunt in packs!"
i just hope its better written than the Castlevania show. i like the castlevania one but it is at the same time filled to brim with filler (season 2 especially holy fuck) and bizarre changes to the themes, as well as making some characters outright worthless entirely or some characters who are best and #1 at everything ever.
This is weird. DD was an amazing game, but not really for the story or the setting. It was the gameplay and the polish that did it for me. I'm not sure I can imagine an anime being particularly stand-out. The only really unique story element the world has is pawns.
they better have at least one scene where they have to deal with a pawn who's ugly as sin
I hope every episode is great, just so a one sentence review can be "They're masterworks all, you can't go wrong."
Are you forgetting the whole doomed prophecy with the dragon, and the whole part at the end of the game explaining how the whole system works? Its pretty unique that the prophecy always reoccur and why the arisen are immortal for said event to reoccur.
The game also had a few choices which were interesting because they're not flagged at all. Like how one family are being evicted from their home by their landlord and you can take the job to evict them or not, or you can take the job and give them money to set themselves up somewhere else (which costs more than the reward for evicting them). The twist comes in that their home is directly above the Everfall and once half the city collapses their home will be destroyed, meaning evicting them results in their survival. Or my favourite one, the fight between Mercedes and Julian. Mercedes tells you not to interfere. If you don't interfere she'll lose, thank you for respecting her and return home in shame. If you interfere and let her lose she'll get angry and storm off. If you interfere and help her win she'll be upset but will swear to return home and bring a large force to assist in the fight with the Dragon, noting that Julian probably would have killed her in the fight. Finally, if you interfere, kill Julian and have her leave to get assistance you can use a Wakestone to revive Julian, and he will note that he respects that you're willing to help a friend even if it would harm your reputation. Basically gaining you another ally in the court. None of that is flagged to you at all and it's even on a side quest you can miss. And how you handle it can change who is around at the end of the game. It's not in depth or anything but I think it's really neat.
But that idea only works because its tied to a game system, same with the pawns. You strip away the game and you have a generic fantasy with a small novelty twist. It's a cynical cash-in to take advantage of a brand, same with most video game adaptions.
What? The point was the story and world can be catastrophically fucked by messing with the curse and prophecy. You see it in the dark arisen DLC especially. There's plenty you can spin off with that, not to mention the original idea with the tower that runs through the entire universe, connecting multiple arisens in multiple mirror worlds.
All of the things like that: the seneschal, the way the dragon works, screwing up the system to create demons etc. feel more like cool twists tacked on to a generic "chosen one slay the dragon" storyline. They don't turn it on it's head or anything, they just add a bit of depth. None feel like enough to make the game stand out among other fantasy stories. It wasn't a problem in the game though- the story was secondary to the gameplay, which was fantastic. I could see an anime standing out if they go all in on the pawn system and have the dragon as a big mysterious endgame thing that doesn't really dominate the content too much until the end, like the firelord in Avatar.
It'll only wokr if some asshole shows up and starts chuking people off cliffs for the hell of it. If you don't like an NPC, just pick them up and throw them away. How would this work in any other format?
During one conversation just have two pawns tossing a pig back and forth.
Can't wait to remake these two characters I made for DD1 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/146362/95687b11-dd4d-4935-b09d-20ae070a5cc5/dragmamain.jpg Also, I wish I was able to proceed my DD1 playthrough, but I got stuck and couldn't find any other path I could go on for some reason.
I can absolutely see DD working as an anime, some of the moves you unlock at higher levels qualifiy 100% for the bullshit you see in shonen fights, ridiculous wind-up time and all and you KNOW it's corny as hell but damn if they aren't satisfying to see. Just take my money already.
Hope you guys are ready for a round of Waifu or Weirdo.
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