• Turtle Rock Studios announces new zombie co-op shooter "Back 4 Blood"
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https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/warner-bros-interactive-entertainment-and-turtle-rock-studios-announce-back-4-blood/112397 Looks like we're getting Left4Dead 3 after all!
Is it just me or is a title like Back 4 Blood completely unfitting? It's like they sat down at a conference table and just had people spew out the first things that come to mind while using "4" in the middle to draw from the original games' popularity. Doesn't stop me from being excited about the game itself, of course.
Left for dead, back for blood. Makes it very clear what it's a spiritual successor to, matches stylistically. Seems fitting to me?
I still have a soft spot for Turtle Rock, even after Evolve's flop. I'm wondering if they'll try recapturing Left 4 Dead's original look and feel before Valve redesigned it.
No other co-op game really managed to retain the L4D spirit for me with the exception of Vermintide and Deep Space Galactic, and even then those two are still different enough from the setting and pacing L4D provided. I wish Turtle Rock the best and definitely am looking forward to see how Back 4 Blood pans out.
Great name for it, there's no way they didn't want people to treat this as a sequel, I'm hoping Valve's legal team isn't able to screw with this.
Hopefully they've learnt from Evolve's failure too.
L4D was a gaming sensation and revelation for me back in the day when it got released. It came out during a time where I still had tons of time (and friends) and we played together in a group. We spent so much times in the campaigns on expert difficulty, it was truly a unique game. It was just marvelous to play. Unfortunately over the time, the concept feels less refreshing and I am also afraid that it's somewhat tough to find a decent group for me to really coop such a game. It was always quite a time investment to play an entire campaign. Hope they manage to create a way to possible find groups of players in lobbies.
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Cautiously optimistic
Abbreviated B4B Pronounced Bforb Catchy!
I can imagine this time around they'll focus even more on map randomization. L4D2 attempted more dynamic maps, but the feature was lackluster and barely used outside of The Parish. Also I really hope whatever engine they're using comes with a level editor. Custom campaigns are the reason L4D2 is still somewhat alive, and not having a level editor will really kill the game's lifespan.
I've been waiting for a decent L4D-like for ages. Even today, I still have to rely solely on L4D2 because nothing compares.
Vermintide is ite
Wonder what engine they will use? I'm genuinely interested to see what gameplay ideas they've come up with to add to the L4D formula in the past few years. Could actually scratch that L4D3 itch
man, i don't care what anybody says about the zombie genre being outdated in media: left 4 dead is still one of my favourite co-op shooter experience of all time
Yeah, maybe the wording I used was bad. It definitely fits stylistically. I just meant that the name itself doesn't resonate strongly for me. It seems to me like there was more emphasis put on having that 4 in there versus having a good name. Here's my thought process: Who is back for blood? The survivors? Why, in a zombie apocalypse? Given the context of what the game is trying to follow up on, coming "back for blood" doesn't fit in with a narrative where you're spending the entire time trying to get away. Whereas Left 4 Dead has a very simple and intuitive title that also goes along with the scope of the game. 4 players in a shitshow where they'll probably die. At the end of the day it's just a name and this is just a gripe, it's just really bothering me for some reason lol. I get a vibe similar to seeing those ripoff mobile game clones, BlockBuild to Minecraft, for example.
holy shit what a week for gaming, who even needs E3 at this point
1 or 2?
I can't exactly recall anyone pronouncing L4D as "ell for dee" considering it's three syllables no matter what lmao
I wish the Vermintide games had more polish, they’re great but have massive issues with performance, absolutely horrible hit detection and probably the most map errors I’ve ever seen in a professional product. like seriously, Vermintide 2 has world holes EVERYWHERE
It's a nickname, logic doesn't apply much. I don't know what will people call B4B, but L4D was called by much weirder names around here. I've heard "Lödö" and "Leftis" in some circles
I just need it for some cyberpunk 2077
Hopefully they give us some tools and editors for modding or if not, at least make the files easy for people to modify. I love base l4d, but custom maps and mods just open a new dimension of enjoyment. Something that's missing in most current games.
Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but there's a FAQ What is Back 4 Blood? Back 4 Blood is a co-op zombie FPS with new features we aren’t ready to talk about just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for all news on our official Discord 185. How are you planning to succeed against recent and upcoming AAA zombie and co-op shooters? We are going back to our roots and at the same time innovating on them. We know we have some big shoes to fill, but we’re going all out to surpass everything we’ve done before What’s the story / lore surrounding this game? We will release more information on that as time goes on. Right now we are just excited to tell our community what we have been working on! What platforms will Back 4 Blood be on? We are currently focusing on PC, XBOX One and PlayStation 4. More possibilities aren’t out of the question though. What happened to your other game / partnership? We can’t get into details but both parties decided to move on. How much is it going to cost? We haven’t locked down a price point yet, but the game will be a premium, AAA title. Will this game have microtransactions? Right now, we’re focusing on making the best, most fun and exciting game we can. We’ll figure out the post-launch stuff later, but if we do have paid post-launch content, like microtransactions, we want to do something that the community feels good about. Is this Left 4 Dead 3?! No. Back 4 Blood is our own brand new, original IP. You’ll be able to shoot up a lot of zombies like in Left 4 Dead, but there’s a whole lot of new stuff in Back 4 Blood which makes it unique. When is the release date? We don’t have a date yet. Keep an eye on our official Discord channel for all news. 185 Is this game going to be a Battle Royale game? No. Will there be PVP? Yes! Will there be a campaign? Yes! Where is Evolve 2? How dare you! 2K owns the rights to Evolve and our contract to work on the game expired back in 2016. Please contact 2K for all Evolve related questions. Will there be founders packs or pre-order deals? It’s still early in development and our number one goal is to make a great, complete, fun game so we are focusing on that. When will the community get to play? We don’t have a date yet. Keep an eye on our official Discord channel for all news. 185 With so little to tell us, why are you announcing now? Back 4 Blood is a hugely ambitious project and we need the best of the best to come join us. As an independent studio, we have to announce early to let our industry know we’re up to something big. If you are in the video game business and you are looking to make real contributions to a brand new AAA IP developed in Southern California, check us out. Our job listings are here with more to come in the next year: https://www.turtlerockstudios.com/careers 136. We also want to hear from you all about what you think about the games we’ve made in the past and what you are looking forward to in the future. We love getting to know and interact with our community and the sooner we can do that, the better!
I can definitely recommend Vermintide 2. The gameplay is extremely enjoyable and very reminiscent to L4D, the higher difficulties are tough but not as crushing as expert was on L4D. This allows you to actually play with a friend or with randoms quite easily. Furthermore it has a neat progression system where you unlock new weapons and classes, each of them feel really individual and it enhances replayability. They pretty much nailed the entire Warhammer aesthetics as well, furthermore the dialogues between the various characters is great and hilarious. Definitely worth picking up.
I was sick of waiting for valve do do something, So i'll gladly take this instead.
Honestly, I feel like the map randomization did not matter as much as long as the items and weapons was scattered differently each time. The AI director really made the game play quite differently, the maps never felt repetitive to me and each playthrough was varied enough. I feel like some heavy randomization might really be detrimental for the strong map design that L4D had.
Ok, so what this tells us is that it isn’t the Valve Software Intellectual Property Left 4 Dead in any literal sense. Of course they’re going to be legally distinct.
As someone who has 1109 hours in V1 and 651 hours in V2. The hit detection as in like the phantom slashes..? Where the enemies dead center you're aiming at somehow misses right? I believe that happens on certain weapons and during hyper density hordes. I believe that is mostly addressed, I defiantly see it happen like once every few rounds. The game is also pretty CPU heavy and tops my CPU when hordes arrive. Not sure what you mean by map errors. I'm able to solo legend games with bots in V1 and V2, cleared all the base game maps of 13 on legend 15 times each for the hero careers to add some credibility to my words.
I won't lie and say that I'm excited for the chance to play a game like L4D again. But I'm definitely going to be suspicious after all the Evolve stuff. Will be looking forward to more information.
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