• Lady Gaga has done mocap work for Cyberpunk 2077, French gaming site says
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Unless its for dancing, why would they even need her for mo cap?
She's going to be the main villain
She is in to gaming from what I can recall. Maybe she is just interested in the title?
Gaga is one of my favorite musicians so I think this is p cool even if it seems like kind of a waste of budget lol
This had to have been per her request. There is no value whatsoever in having celebrity mocap actors.
She's just a small indie dev trying to get her name out into the world
you can't pixel out those lips. and teeth.
Not sure I really understand your post but Mocap is literally just tracking your body so that it can be applied to any model. Her doing mocap has no bearing on what the animation will be applied to. Additionally, if there's going to be a model in the game based on Lady Gaga, IIRC there's no real reason for her to mocap that model. The mocap carries no imagery of Gaga whatsoever. You would literally be incapable of determining if a mocap came from Gaga or not.
could honestly see lady gaga fit into a cyberpunk setting tbh
wow really we had no idea
maybe she's this lady? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/106981/677f460d-b8b3-4e25-816b-4c82fe252cc1/image.png would be awesome if she had an actual performance in the game a la David Bowie in Omikron
I'm not a game developer so my knowledge of the mocap/acting/whatever process is quite limited, but mocap studios and voice recording studios are very different beasts as far as I'm aware. You just can't record audio in a mocap studio. Not if you want quality.
My only experience is Valve's offices, but I saw both their mocap studio and audio recording studio. The audio recording studio is covered floor-to-ceiling in soundproofing foam, and is acoustically designed to produce perfect-quality recordings. It's also quite small. Their mocap studio, on the other hand, is quite large and has had no care put in to how sound would work in such a space. Additionally, voice acting and motion capture... acting... are both strenuous tasks that require complete concentration. Doing both at the same time would result in a degraded product on both ends. Additionally, you're going to be making all sorts of sounds as you move around and do whatever is required of you for the animation, which you don't actually want picked up in the game (even though it might intuitively seem "more realistic", it just isn't enjoyable for players to hear that shit)
but can I wear a future meat dress
You're the one who responded to a joke with "your joke is factually incorrect". No need to twist yourself into knots over a little pisstake
mocap is a lot more than just an easy animation solution tho, its a performance capturing tool. youre not going to get the same performance from different actors and despite great retargeting tools existing an animation will always look best applied to a body of the same proportions. this is doubly true for facial mocap and for all we know she could have a speaking role right? plus she's 5'1" so even if they dont use her likeness or voice which are great reasons to have her mocap, her animations would still be best suited for a shorter character and she's a great performer. so there are plenty of reasons to get a celeb depending on the project.
I wonder if she did any voice over work too. That'd be fun
https://grantland.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/nolan_north_heat.png they do, this is from uncharted 4
Uncharted is the best example I can think of, but yeah this is pretty standard now. It's one of the things VAs were contesting during the strikes a while ago because they were more often being expected to record audio while doing mocap, but were still only getting paid as if they were sitting in a booth.
What? Yeah you can, by the time the engineers are done with it and it's playing in game nobody can notice. Most voice recording isn't happening in some NPR booth where the mics are so sensitive you can hear every fleck of saliva. For that matter most other audio isn't recorded under studio conditions either, just where it's most convenient and cost-effective.
But.... Kiefer Sutherland, Mads Mikkelsen?
She was really good/creepy in American Horror Story: Hotel. I wouldn't be surprised if she played a major character AND gave a cool musical performance.
This has got to be a case of using her likeness as a character in the game. It's my understanding that most games which use celebrity likenesses have them mo-cap it. Otherwise I can't seen any possible reason. In any case though, using celebrities in games does always feel like a massive moneysink, I hope they're doing it because she really fit a part (probably as some in-universe performer) rather than for "golly people will buy our game if we dump millions into getting a big name to play some random side character for some trailer shots"
Fair, I seem to not have done enough research prior to talking about it.
Maybe she sings one of the ingame songs like that Johnny Silverhand tune?
tbqh i'd be down with it. She's actually a legit actor.
Nowadays mo-cap is a catch all term that can either mean having some dude do a walk cycle or having multiple actors act entire cutscenes on the spot like a movie
She' okay. Surprised to see somebody say this though.
This is still one of my favourite artifacts of Bowie's 90's period to this day, so I am very interested to see if they do something similar with Gaga. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzbKjSgvcdw
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