• Tesla to unveil Model Y 14/03/2019 8PM PDT
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https://twitter.com/Tesla/status/1106257300266704898 https://electrek.co/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2019/03/tesla-Model-Y-headlights.jpg?quality=82 No Falcon Wing doors: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1102340302663180288 More to come...
Which one is this again? I know they'll be taking on Rivian in the future with a truck of their own, but I don't remember which model that was.
It's the cheaper Model X, so an SUV / crossover type of vehicle. It is to the Model X what the Model 3 is to the Model S.
So what are they going to do now that S3XY is complete?
It doesn't look like it fro the embed but that first Tweet has a teaser video of the car under a cover. Expecting it to look like a Model 3 that someone grabbed the back end of and stretched up.
S3XY ROADSTER obviously https://i.imgur.com/tVMV2EP.png
Fixing their quality would be a good thing.
they shouldve done model s model cs and model i to make scsi
after truck, a hatchback pls idk i think the current market, hatchback is a good fit for EV
What kind of hatchback we talking about here? I think the Model Y is probably the closest they'll have to a true hatchback.
Isn't the model Y just a smaller SUV, but still SUV scale? I was thinking size of Leaf, Accent, or WRX hatchback varients. Idk how small the Model Y is but still.
You might like something like the Kona or E-Niro.
These guys are live streaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l22EnicesDs
How late will Elon be? 3 minutes maybe, 6 minutes definitely.
The "starting soon" thing went away, but now it's just a black screen instead.
I swear I've gotten 10 stream errors in the last 5 minutes.
Only 22 minutes late!
Ford killed SEX
Is it me or did that whole reveal feel really dead? Neither Musk nor the crowd seemed to have the same energy as previous events.
it is a model 3 with a taller roof and an optional 3rd row, $4k more expensive than a same-tier model 3 thank you goodnight
Same dash/interior as the Model 3. I can't say I'm not disappointed. I'm really not a fan of big touch screen display that controls almost everything in the car. If this becomes the norm in the future- I will probably get used to it (like with all modern things).
We've known it had something like 70% build similarity to the Model 3 since forever. It was never anything more than an SUV Model 3.
I hope that chrome delete makes it to production...
Looks like their most practical model, honestly. Relatively economical like the 3 but with the extra space like the X. I see this being very popular.
I'd be tempted to get it instead of the three if it was out a bit sooner.
well shit, looks hatchback to me
So how much panel gap are they adding and how much bigger and in the way is the retardo ipad knock-off?
How's the Tesla build quality nowadays? Did they improve in that regard? It used to be pretty bad
I've heard better things regarding Model 3 quality. Haven't read much about new S or X cars rolling off the line though.
Only the model S has electric popout handles.
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