• Epic Games Launcher appears to collect your steam friends & play history data
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Not that I wouldn't be surprised, but I mean -- It is ResetEra.
Thank god I recently bypassed the launcher for my game by changing from the source provided by the launcher to the one on git. Fuck the launcher and fuck tencent.
Isn't this a violation of GDPR?
I hope steam sues lmao
https://puu.sh/D03jZ/6157acc6f2.png oof
What I want to know is when does Sterling backpedel hard as fuck
When bitching incessently about how many bad games he forces himself to find on Steam stops getting him clicks, i assume.
This is beyond levels of fucked. Like I could get it if it was opt in/opt out or it could be useful for some features but it doesn't and you can't opt out.
I followed the instructions from this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/b15k8g/epic_games_launcher_appears_to_collect_your_steam/ I using the Process Monitor I can confirm that on open, the Epic Store reads a lot of Steam folders and files specially my game folders data.
Funny thing about Jim is, I usually either take his side or really do try defend his view on things if I feel like it's been judged to harshly. Not in this case tho, he can go fuck himself with a cactus for recommending fucking Tencent of all things.
it's worth noting that Epic's "Director of Publishing Strategy" is the same guy who made SteamSpy
It may just be me, but I prefer a store that has both good and bad games than a curated store with only la creme de la creme.
Spin that as you might, the Steam API is there for a reason, if they're collecting data though side channels it's spyware behavior.
Slightly off topic, but didn't Epic Store only just recently get a search function? What a piece of shit game client this sounds like.
Madjoki is also a member of Metacouncil, a forum that from a quick glance could not be more different than resetera. (Tagline: No Admins, No Mods. A Forum of Equals.) The claim was also originally made by someone on Reddit, and the OP of the Metacouncil thread replaced the reddit rumor with Madjoki's research as soon as it as posted. I don't think we have to worry about Resetera singlehandedly spinning a nothingburger into an actual controversy in this case.
If anyone wants a non-answer by Epic: https://www.reddit.com/r/PhoenixPoint/comments/b0rxdq/epic_game_store_spyware_tracking_and_you/eijlbge/ So basically "Yeah, so what?"
Another L for Epic Fail games
We only import your Steam friends with your explicit permission. The launcher makes an encrypted local copy of your localconfig.vdf Steam file. The question is why the fuck they have decided that they don't need to get my permission in order to access any files not associated with their launcher.
Look in your "C:/ProgramData/Epic/SocialBackup", you can find some backups with filename that includes your SteamId: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/184903/dc76a46a-bbaf-4c4c-a1a9-97e67ef3c6a5/Anotación 2019-03-14 200213.jpg
Hah, holy shit. This is a different kind of scummy than I've been expecting from them.
This man is responsible for a lot of success at Epic due to his endeavours with steam spy. It was their best market research tool
I've never used the launcher in my brother's PC, but there's still a backup file with my steam id and also some friends that have family sharing with him. Amazing, it just grabs every user data it can find, that alone proves that it has nothing to do with importing steam friends.
I use Unreal Engine for 3D visualization, but want the POS Epic Launcher off my PC, what do I do?
Here is a video totally not stolen from 4chan of the Process Monitor when the launcher starts: https://my.mixtape.moe/ovaxfg.webm Sorry if a am a bit spammy about this, I am pissed that Epic is doing what a Spyware does and some people still wants to defend it.
Video is broken.
Works for me.
When i open the video in a new tab i get an error saying it failed to establish a secure connection.
I reupload the video here: Epic Launcher — webmshare See if that one works.
It's a mixtape link, I know that Malware bytes blocked it with real-time protection. Check and see if an AV isn't blocking the link.
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