• Epic Games Launcher appears to collect your steam friends & play history data
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I'm doubtful anything meaningful will happen to them over this. EA's Origin was caught sniffing and snooping to a much greater degree than Epic, not to mention they were caught red handed literally using the Origin service as a fucking BOTNET to launch automated spam attacks to fill some petition for gay advocacy with thousands of fraudulent pledges and absolutely nothing came from it, no one was held accountable or punished for it and the games media obviously didn't dare cover it because they probably didn't want to lose coverage or their way into E3. (This was during the infamous 'Operation Use The LGBT Community As A Shield From Criticism Over Mass Effect 3's Garbage Ending' if you've forgotten)
Keep in mind, Valve actually has an API to grab this info already, it's used by GOG to link accounts. Epic decided that they don't want to use the API and decided to go about getting this info in the shadiest (and potentially not even legal) way possible. Makes me wonder what they're really doing with the data if they didn't want people to find out.
That works. Pretty shitty of them to scan user directories that way.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/184903/82664a9b-e2f0-41dd-872c-d8d6b6f2c31d/Anotación 2019-03-14 214140.jpg As Untouch mentioned, Steam has an API for this, Tim excuse is a big lie, they aren't scraping only friends lists.
Go to Hell, Epic, and fuck you Tim Sweeney.
PCG have an article on it: https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/epic-steam-data-reddit/ Predictably, within half an hour, it was followed up with big positive news about Epic guys! https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/epic-games-store-development-roadmap-includes-achievements-cloud-saves-and-more/
So PCGamer is trying to minimize the problem like it this is only a simple "Reddit accusation" by "people angry by exclusives", ignoring that the Steam API exists and there is not a single reason to be scrapping the files. It only needs a "Sponsored by Epic Games™" on the bottom of the site.
Haha what Epic Games joins Take 2 and EA on my "dead to me/never buy/never use/never even pirate" shitlist. Good thing I already bought the versions of UT I want, on GOG/Steam.
Earliest some people have found (so far) is May 4 2018, nearly a full month before Epic announced that you'd be able to import your steam friend's lists into Fortnite.
I wonder if this is how steam spy kept getting new data despite all the steam changes that caused it problems
I'm out of the loop. What did Jim Sterling say?
IIRC he recently endorsed Epic's launcher on the grounds that he's fed up with Steam and it's not Steam. I rarely find anything he says to be particularly disagreeable but I'm left scratching my head at this particular opinion, because while Steam has it's issues, it's still a better platform than the Epic Games Launcher in every respect, and this is only compounded by the nasty anti-consumer bullshit that Epic has been pulling recently with their exclusivity deals.
Instant uninstall protocol initiated.
He's got years of bitterness against Steam and everyone's in a strange honeymoon phase of "AT LEAST IT'S NOT VALVE" after Valve have descended into hands-off mediocrity. But trading mediocrity for a devil just makes things worse.
Wait so the steam API already lets you do something like this but instead they decided to go their shady route? That's sus as fuck if that's the case. I don't care if it's just my Steam profile information, I really don't like the idea of a program collecting any sort of data without my permission/making it clear somewhere.
Well the quote directly from this article where it says "Galyonkin confirmed that of all Fortnite players, only half have Steam installed and of those that have it installed, 60% are not using it actively." makes a lot more sense where they got that statistic from now.
Wonder why they didn't just the SteamAPI to get this data then, since that would also be valid usage of it.
Really, how did they expect to pull this off with no one noticing? Us PC guys love to Snoop on shit like this. I'm only surprised that this wasn't found out sooner. Scummy fucking pricks. I'm willing to bet this data is going straight back to China.
The data shouldn't be there to begin with lmfao
Are you OK?
What sucks is that I actually enjoy Fortnite. I don't know if the console versions suffer from all this epic launcher spying around but I might just need to get a Keyboard and Mouse to play the game on my Xbox instead.
Won't be long now until they start packing this shit into UE4 itself, and even games on Steam start phoning home to Epic.... ...or have they done that already?
The optics of this are beyond terrible, even if the data is on your own hard drive they should know better than to collect it before you give explicit informed consent for them to do so.
Why are they keeping old copies if it's a "one time only" steam friends discovery feature?
Why are they even doing this in this way when Steam has an API to do what they say they're doing?
We only import your Steam friends with your explicit permission. The launcher makes an encrypted local copy of your localconfig.vdf Steam file. THAT'S A RED ALARM FROM ME, CHIEF.
i run bitdefender in paranoid mode and noticed recently that when using steam or booting up apex the epic launcher starts doing things and asking to access the internet, after having idled for hours just fine. ive had to start closing the epic launcher when i play apex as it was eating my bandwidth. theyre full of shit
Should've wireshark'd the launcher to see what the hell is it up to when you launch games.
Holy shit why is it so hard for you guys to make a decent storefront and instead rely on shit like exclusivity deals and shit like this Though it's not like this is going to change anything since most people just go "Steam monopoly bad"
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