• Reputed Gambino Mob Boss Francesco Cali Shot and Killed in Staten Island
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How often does this sort of thing happen these days?
Apparently hasn't happened to a boss since the 80s.
Very rarely.
Well that was unexpected. I wonder who's responsible for that.
https://medium.com/@trumpwatchdog/under-trump-witness-protection-has-been-infiltrated-by-the-russian-mafia-f6e4825f10a5 Could be bs but you never know
withint the last year or two there have been some major busts in Long Island New york related to the Gambinos, funnily enough these busts happened in a city where there is actually a russian embassy in. probably not related but who knows
Considering Trump's links to organised crime, I can totally see him using his position to try to off those that have damaging info/evidence against him. The links to organised crime are bad enough, but if he actually had a former crime boss come forward against him, he'd be fucked.
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