• [BREAKING] Livestreamed mass shooting in Christchurch Mosque, New Zealand
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Sadly, people will use the same techniques they demonize when it fits their agenda. If you flip subscribe to PewDiePie to Allahu Akbar then the discussion would be the exact opposite. The people on the right would be blaming Islam and the people on the left would be saying you can't blame Islam for the radicalization of a single person. It just furthers the divide because both side see each other as hypocrites
Isn't 8chan and 4chan same shit? I hate those fucking cunts.
8chan is when 4chan is too tame You could find some people on 4chan's /pol/ thinking this was fucked up, not the case with 8chan
Theres overlap but 8chan tends to be worse. 4chan still has some ok parts (I browse some thread on /vr/ every now and then) but sadly /pol/ has invaded a lot of the normal boards and always make racist comments the moment a character who isn't white appears.
this nazi cunt needs to fuck off for good
4chan is old and its sub sections are very varied in terms of who inhabit them. Yes, /pol/ and some other boards are contaminated with alt-right shit, but most boards aren't. 8chan has this reddit-esque "create your own forum" sorta thing, which means it harbors people of all kinds. A lot of them being alt-righters, of course, as it's a perfect place for their edgy discourse. I've never actually visited 8chan so idk about how bad the spread is, but I imagine it also has a lot of harmless boards. What they need is different moderation. But then we'll just get a new xchan with even less rules. I don't think it's very easy to deplatform this many people.
Holy shit wtf? This dude isn't sympathetic at all. Is this shit legit? A vigilante is a civilian or organization acting in a law enforcement capacity (or in the pursuit of self-perceived justice) without legal authority. He even calls it vigilantism, which you can take as him basically admitting that its taking "justice" into your own hands. This dudes fucked. I hope you run him out of office with pitchforks.
Just discovered this from the video. Absolutely sickening.
4chan literally has a cooking board lol calm down
https://twitter.com/fraser_anning/status/1106432499704451072 https://twitter.com/fraser_anning/status/1106455127857102848 https://twitter.com/fraser_anning/status/1106463420067438592 I guess loony bin politicians aren't limited to the states.
This dude is all class. Fucking hell.
Unfortunately I don't think 4chan's servers are located in a region where they could be under New Zealand, or any of their partners, jurisdiction. Even if it is, politicians with the power to call for its shutdown will most likely not realise its existence. This needs to change now.
8chan is the place famous for child pornography groups thriving there, yeah?
Just a quick FYI to people freaking out about Fraser Anning, he's part of One Nation, a Political Party in Australia that exists to syphon votes off racist people (parties here will receive funding if they exceed a certain amount of votes). They're basically a half-assed Aus version of UKIP that doesn't do much aside from pop their head up every now and then to say something outrageous like this and appeal to their base voters in North Queensland (Australia Florida).
I don't think any written sources have updated it yet, but the police commissioner just announced that four people have been arrested, one of them charged with murder (due to appear in court tomorrow), and "several" firearms have been found across both crime scenes. Live updates
I thought I'd gotten over this whole thing. That the sickness in my stomach when I spent an hour reading up on this tragedy was over. This is perhaps the most sickening thing I've ever read in my entire life.
oh my fucking god dozens of lives lost in the matter of seconds stay safe my new zealand friends
This is beyond surreal.
Have they confirmed at all whether those were the only 4? Or are they still unsure if others were involved?
IIRC all they said during the conference was that they're still searching for other connections, but they don't think there's any more shooters to be found.
Whats sickening to me most is now angry I am at the actions of this defective unit. Using tactics to specifically target apposed groups and create a negative reaction towards each other. I can only see the actions of today as a platform to validate the views of groups that don't need a spark, or call to arms. The coming days and how people come together or tear apart will be something monumental, and at worst case, could be a case like Sandy hook again.
he's with katter's party now i believe so no suprise he hates immigrants and loves guns https://twitter.com/fraser_anning/status/1104238354944520193 https://twitter.com/fraser_anning/status/1105374678200139782 just another rural conservative from queensland, totally ignorant to what life is like outside of their happy farming/mining community.
This is exactly the kind of attitude that leaves so many of our cultural problems unaddressed, "this terrible thing is associated with this non-terrible thing, so how can it be bad" - you see it when people deny that entire subcultures based around nazi tropes could ever perpetuate something insidious, "it has jokes", "it's satire"; you see it when abuse of children is excused because it's "tough love", or it "instills discipline", or because they still liked their parents afterwards; when someone dehumanizes a race but look, he also has a black friend, so how could he be discriminating? And it's always preying on other people's fear of embarrassment, too. You're an idiot for not getting the joke, you've got no real world experience if you think spanking is bad, and you're the real racist if you pointed out prejudice. "lol calm down" yeah, that'd be good advice if it wasn't predicated on condescension and "4chan has a cooking board, how could there be anything bad about it"
TBH just keeping control over 4chan away from people like Hiro and Moot might be enough to stabilize the place. /pol/ wouldn't exist without Moot's idiocy and Hiro's sociopathic greed.
Death and sorrow, at least in countries like New Zealand, is an outlier these days. There was once a war called the hundred years war that ran for almost 120 years
Out of curiosity I went on the_donald to see what they had to say about this incident, and I was surprised to see that most of them actively despised the perp. Maybe not all for moral reasons, but they were very angry at most of his notions.
t/d actively decries racist acts on a continual basis then supports the policies that make the situations happen in the first place. They actually believe they're the good guys and they literally just don't have the ability to a -> b, a, therefore b.
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