• [BREAKING] Livestreamed mass shooting in Christchurch Mosque, New Zealand
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why is this real just. why.
It's the definition of "dogwhistle politics". Publicly Trump says these acts are horrible and evil, but then adds a rhetorical *wink* to his far right supporters. I.e: in Charlottesville, saying "Good people on both sides"
https://twitter.com/theprojecttv/status/1106471346303754240 Just want to drop this here. I'm not particularly a fan of Waleed, but what he says at the end is incredibly important. From my knowledge, The Project has always been incredibly on the Liberal side of things. The fact that he is publicly calling out Scott Morrison for "changing his tune" is a sign that this wont be shrugged off in a weeks time like many other attacks that happen around the world. Hopefully this enacts some form of change and we can get some of these racist politicians out of power finally so that people who care can finally take over and something like this never happens again in NZ or AU.
tl;dr of what's going on politically? Is Scott Morrison some sort of trump-style racist piece of shit?
https://www.smh.com.au/national/morrison-sees-votes-in-anti-muslim-strategy-20110216-1awmo.html This definitely isn't "new" news if you look at the date, but he always has had this attitude. He dislikes muslims and thinks they shouldn't be in Australia just for the fact that they are muslim. He's not exactly like trump, definitely not as open with his opinions as trump but he does have parts of that in him yes. Really he shouldn't even be prime minister. Basically in AU we haven't had a PM finish a full term since 2007, and our last actual PM Malcolm Turnbull was kicked out by his party so Scott Morrison took over until the next election.
Yeah but PewDiePie has been complacent in his alt right fanbase, and somebody with that much of an influence being seen on "their side" really emboldens white nationalists, and helps with their recruitment so more people do insane shit like this. And to those who say he isn't complacent, he literally follows people who push "The Great Replacement" the same shit the shooter mentioned in his manifesto. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/537479184113598464/556053440724205569/image0.jpg
The fact you are judging someone and assuming their ideologies by who they follow on Twitter is a pretty big lol. I bet plenty of people follow Donald Trump just to see the bullshit he posts, but absolutely hate everything he stands for. I bet plenty of people follow meme pages that post some pretty dodgy memes, yet don't actually agree with them, just find them funny.
Ok, but PewDiePie has a history of flirting with figures of the alt right or alt lite. The E;R incident being a good example, where the video he specifically linked had a reference to the "Grand Jewish Conspiracy", along with the "name the jew" segment listing jews who own the media. Which was really not-so-subtle propaganda.
Following does not = endorsement People follow accounts for reasons aside supporting them. Hate follow to see the dumb shit they say, to see viewpoints of a certain side/people, etc (which is what I do) You have zero idea to as why he is following them.
When you have a history of hating 'duh sjws' and the 'mainstream media' in the same manner as the hacks in that follower list do, while also remaining silent about the use of you by the alt right and not openly condemning such use..Perhaps I'd be more inclined to find those follows to be of endorsement. If PewDiePie can come out and say that the use of him as a symbol by the alt right is bad, that making jokes about killing Jews isn't cool, then maybe I'd think otherwise. But he hasn't.
i mean, following stefan fucking molyneux is a little different from following trump to see what dumb dumb shit he posts. we know he's a big jbp fan so why is it ridiculous to assume he enjoys the content of other creators in exactly the same sphere? it's not.
thank you i try my hardest
No excuses for what has happened today, and it's very likely that his capture is the start of something much more ugly. The explosives, the other people, and illegal modifications/parts on his weapons... It's very likely we are seeing the dismantling of a far larger terrorist cell. Hopefully everyone involved is caught before they can act.
PDP's supposed influence is such a minor point in this whole thing. There are people who are way more responsible for spreading the messages that cause someone to develop this man's twisted ideology, why are you getting so hung up on PDP just because the dude mentioned the 'Subscribe to PewDiePie' meme? I'm fairly sure I've seen every YouTuber I've watched say that at some point, regardless of political affiliation, it isn't an alt-right meme.
He literally directly disavowed the alt right and nazis, and stated he will never make those kinds of jokes again simply to not give them any more wrong ideas about how he feels about them.
Can you link me to this?
You're grasping at straws. Obviously facepunch won't be banned, we play an active role of storming out racist shit here. Its simple, we close down extremist forums and social networks on popular social network sites. But governments must play a big role in diverting intelligence to monitor these sites, which clearly isn't the case. Fuck me Reddit should had closed down, or be forced to closed down the donald years ago. But they still allow them to thrive. The problem with these boards? The mods of these subs are white supremacist themselves. The fuck are you gonna do when the mods themselves are racist assholes?
Fucking horrible. I can't believe someone can be this evil. Hope he fucking rots in jail. On the subject of Pewdiepie: It's a bit disingenuous to say that Pewdiepie is complacent with his alt-right fanbase. He has repeatedly said that doesn't want anything to do with these kinds of people and that he doesn't share their ideology. What more can he do? This is one of the more recent videos discussing that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjCsOmDmjEU Aside from that, of course he's going to have a sizable alt-right fanbase! He's the most subscribed-to YouTuber in the world (89 million subscribers), he's bound to have fans from all groups in life. I don't think it has much to do with his content since he kind of just highlights popular memes. I know it's anecdotal, but I watch most of his videos and aside from having Ben Shapiro host meme review, he never really veers into alt-right territory on memes or any ideas he has. You can probably expect him to address this situation in a video soon.
I hope this guys court case is made public in some capacity. I want to hear what kind of twisted malignant seires of neurones had to fire in order to make him do what he did. Humans are not this evil by default, something was seriously wrong with this man's brain or his environment and I want to know what it was in the hopes that I can do something about it in the future.
This is a sensible defense of Pewdiepie that doesn't declare it's forbidden to talk about him. He is a part of culture, like it or not, and we should be able to discuss what his influence on it is. It doesn't mean you can't come to the conclusion that he's not a significant part of this.
This, I also think you can be of the opinion that he maybe should be more outspoken against it while at the same time, just cause he's disavowed the altright in the past doesn't necessarily mean he's not complacent and that he can't be criticized. And I just wanna make it clear I'm not at all trying to make the point that he's to blame for stuff like this.
Well, we'll see when Pewdiepie makes his eventual response. I'm pretty sure he's said something along the lines of "if you're alt-right I don't want you as my fan, unsubscribe please" in the past, but I can't find it right now (I don't have the time to sift through all of his videos).
ResetERA is in full on PewDiePie attack mode right now. How many times does he have to say he doesn't support any of this stuff. He has said bad things in the past but everybody has. Saying he is complicit in this fucked up situation is terrible and could really fuck somebody up. Again that is the least of anybody's worries considering so many lost their lives today, but people shouldn't point the finger at particular people other than the actual shooter.
ppl attacking pewdiepie is really part of exactly what this guy wanted, so nice going, guys.
Completely disgusted. I don't know if the support from 8chan or the act itself is what sickens me the most, knowing there are people out there currently applauding it and could even want to follow in his footsteps.
This whole attention being diverted to Pewdiepie is fucking nonsensical. Jesus, it was just a fucking dumb as way to get more influence and coverage.
So were you planning on backing this up or anything or did you just feel like leaving a big steaming shitpost and then leaving?
honestly Pewdiepie is basically unrelated to this, I feel sorry for the guy for having someone say his name before doing something this atrocious. there are so much more important factors to talk about, like breaking apart communities that have a direct hand in orchestrating this shit. I was morbidly curious and took a look at 8chan's pol earlier, honestly felt like I'd be put on a list for looking at it, the place is fucking insanity. for what it's worth it seems they've managed to convince themselves it's a "Jewish false flag" to discredit their site. what a bunch of spastics
I haven't read up about this in a few hours and suddenly PewDiePie is part of the discussion?
That's because the terrorist said "subscribe to Pewdiepie" in his video, before the killings happened.
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