• [BREAKING] Livestreamed mass shooting in Christchurch Mosque, New Zealand
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https://twitter.com/ArmoryBazaar/status/1106587561873629185 It's the kind of tired that sleep will never fucking fix.
You guys talking about pewdiepie are kind of doing exactly what this guy wanted to happen when he mentioned him. We should probably be talking a lot less about pewdiepie and a lot more about how much of an enabling cesspit /pol/ is.
/pol/ has infested the rest of 4chan. You can't go anywhere without running into /pol/ memes. From my understanding, 4chan is bleeding money fast. Hiro should just cut 4chan entirely. There's nothing left of value from 4chan.
Does anyone have the link to the video?
I rarely think removal or censorship are proper solutions, but suspending access from 4/8chan is probably the right call for the time being by NZ. Moving forward I hope this can be at least a step towards removing /pol/ for good. I think it'd be healthier for the other boards in the long run as well since after the /pol/sters get tired trying to dodge moderators in the other boards, they'll whittle out and have to find a more isolated place for themselves, which ideally won't have the same large platform they currently have in their current form.
You may think you want to watch it now, but trust me, you don't.
The hobby boards aren't bad, and most people on them are probably just as sick of /pol/ as everyone else. I'd hate to see /tg/ go.
Hiro says this to suck more money and credit card details out of people. It's why he's forcing people to move to a new mobile version that requires a premium account, it's fast and cheap money.
I've seen enough ISIS execution videos, so I think I'll be fine. So, there's no available link? I can't find anything.
If there is, whoever posts it here will be banned. Check the sticky, and ask somewhere else.
I always liked /mu/ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Used to spend ages there.
youre so hard
/pol/ doesn't have nearly the influence that Felix has, and everything I've said about him is true, contrary to what his fanbase wants you to believe. Is googling too hard for you?
blaming pewdiepie means his attack was successful
whoa this dudes a hardened internet badass, better not mess with him
Yeah, 4chan gets its bad rep from the containment boards. Back in the day it was /b/ and nowadays it's /pol/ It's needless to say that those boards leak out into other boards, containment has proven not to work. 8chan is odd as when it was first made some of the top boards were /pol/ /christian/ and /cuteboys/ But I don't think anyone outside of the site will miss it if it gets nuked.
Containment boards that are gigantic and centralized are less for containing than for giving crazies or malicious ideologues their own easily accessible, well advertised forums. Getting rid of these places is like breaking down a blockage. You have to atomize the mass before you can filter it. Once large boards are gone, not only will it become harder for people to fall prey to the extremist ideologies espoused by those places (since it now takes effort to find them), identifying the most dangerous communities/individuals will become easier since they aren't all packed together into a torrential flow of discourse. The smaller boards that replace the /pol/s will have less resources to deal with monitoring, legal action, or deplatforming tactics. We cannot stop extremists from finding ways to reform their communities, yes, but we can fracture the movement at large and turn it back into a fringe thing instead of a growing cultural phenomenon.
It's not my job to prove your argument.
You realise he probably mentioned pewdiepie just to fuck with him and drag him into this whole mess right? It's like when Anders Brevik said WoW influences him. He did it just to fuck with people, stop falling for it.
If you honestly believe that this shooting was anybody's fault other than the shooters, then you are absolutely delusional.
Like half and hour ago https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58145/6d249a2f-e108-4113-ad08-0444117fa970/65264326456456546.jpg
WPD has never been about that what the fuck?
Honestly can't believe it took this long.
As much as I dislike the people on that sub, and their cries about 'free speech' that sub had made me more aware on the road and save me from a near accident.
Crazy how militant religious conservative extremism hasn't seemed to fix militant religious conservative extremism.
Should had seen the thread about the shooting, plenty of people crying 'muh free speech'
r/pewdiepiesubmissions has gone private too
Stupidly knee jerk if you ask. They didn't even allow the footage to be shown, and the subreddit was already quarantined.
It's not my job to spoonfeed you either. I'm so sorry you're afraid of the truth and refuse to seek it out.
if you're making a claim then it's on you to prove it lol, how is this hard to understand?
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