• [BREAKING] Livestreamed mass shooting in Christchurch Mosque, New Zealand
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If you seriously think that /pol/ has less influence in radicalizing people than fucking pewdiepie at his edgiest, you're absolutely fucking delusional. Go on /pol/ right now. There's plenty of people crying about how this is revenge for something and how muslims invaded and other garbage like that. You don't need to read everything, just skim a few threads. You think staying in an environment like that for a long time doesn't affect people as much as pewdiepie making a racist joke *once* and using a racial slur *once* and shouting out a guy who turned out to be a racist *once* and in the end apologising for every single one of those? Surely you're not afraid of the truth are you. It's not my job to spoonfed you. Just google it. You can shove your "truth" right back up your ass.
One of our clients at work is a buzzfeed-y kind of website. I'm an admin on their facebook page for dev purposes so I get notifications every time someone comments on the news video about the shooting and holy fuck the terrorist-apologizing is insane. Every 5 second my phone buzzes with some lady named Pam or Marjory or Deborah saying "this is horrible but why don't we ever see articles about muslims killing christians!" or "Maybe the muslim community should denounce the violence that muslims commit!" or some heinous shit like that
Boomers being boomers
I don't think Pewds is some white nationalist idol and I feel like "subscribe to PewDiePie" has become such a meme that that's mostly what it is, and linking Felix to these people is a distraction. Sure, he's probably not done enough to tell these people to fuck off but I don't think that would stop them at all. If anything they would dig in and meme Pewds more. Like the Pepe creator trying to kill pepe. It just showed them that people are taking the meme seriously and they dug in their heels. I've known some friends who fell down this alt right rabbit hole. There's like a spectrum of people who are doing it for memes and laughs but its the start of a radicalization process that ends with people being dead serious about it. I've asked a friend why they go to /pol/ and believe these things and it was basically "it started out as memes and something to do." But if you surround yourself with people who share memes about how the Jews and Muslims are bad, eventually you're going to start believing in it. And in the nature of anonymous boards eventually you'll be exposed to texts and other ways to consume these radical ideas. I feel like radicalization almost always starts out as something you think is harmless. Then it's a slow drip until you wake up one day and think about how the muzzies are taking over the planet. That's how it sometimes seems like normal people can fall into the trap. I feel like Felix is a victim of the alt-rights meme culture. Sorta like pepe and all the other things they've gotten associated with themselves because it gets a response from the media which they find funny. Although Felix does have a bit of responsibility in attracting the attention due to some of his jokes like the Jew fiverr thing and the N-word. But iirc the alt-rights latched onto these things mainly because the media overreacting to Pewds. (Articles calling Pewds a Nazi for one bad joke, etc) They saw how it can get a response and fed off that.
It this lousy partisan mentality that has ruined these discussions, this, the kneejerk rections and manipulation to push agendas that people get from it. These are the same type of kneejerk reations that fostered the culture of islamophobia after 9/11.
Watch People Die is one of those mixed bag/double edged boards. The accident videos are/were justifiable to keep around, since you could learn from the mistakes people made in them, but the ISIS execution videos weren't justifiable to keep around for any reason, they were just glorifying terrorism and murder.
They don't want to admit that they're the bad guy. They're literally asking 'please validate that we're allowed to be racist to muslims because i've bought hard into that stock and made it a part of me and you can't just tell me that i'm racist, it's justified by their violence'
If you're gonna claim something like this, back it up with sources. You have 24 hours
Don't bother with ultimatums involving morons
The alt-right do this kind of stuff to try and force people onto their side. By pushing things like "subscribe to pewdiepie" they want to turn left leaning people on him and force him over to their side by essentially forced association.
oh... less than 24 hours then...
The other guy I know who is alt-right spends his time on one of his many Facebook alts getting banned for trolling people for reactions. For him it seems to be about "the laughs" for getting "the snowflakes" riled up. I don't really know where his actual beliefs stand but I've known him since high school and he's always had a troubled life. Which also seems to be a precursor to getting radicalized into a belief. They give belonging to those who feel like they don't belong. He loves cats and cars and going to renfest.... But he's also got a black sun as his FB picture. He's a nice guy who could probably easily fit in here in the automotive addicts thread or firearms thread... But he's also a Nazi. It's kinda weird when you know one of these people and can still see the humanity in them, even if their beliefs are twisted. How do we pull these people back to a bit of normalcy? How do we show them the flaws in their thought process when they surround themselves with hateful rhetoric and have themselves convinced it's just a big harmless joke? Removing or deplatforming the rhetoric may help stop the slow drip of radicalization. I feel like a lot of these people feel left behind by society and they need an alternative or they're going to turn to dangerous groups. That seems true for all groups as well. Neo-Nazis/KKK... Islamic terror... Scientology. They all prey on people who are desperate for belonging. People don't just wake up one day and decided to shoot up a mosque or blow up a building or something. We can stop this hut we have to stop the flow of information. Anywho IDK where I'm going with this.
While I genuinely don't think pewdiepie should be the focus here nor should he be partitioned any major blame, the idea that he's some alt-right hating saint is just not the truth. The guy actively courts people like Ben Shapiro, JBP and is a fan of Stefan Molyneux. These aren't just milquetoast right wing pundits. saying 'I don't like the alt right' yet being confronted with this? "if it smells like shit everywhere you go, maybe it's time to check your own shoes" the guy is not some crazed fascist. clearly. but damn, check who you share a bed with, especially when you've got influence like you do.
Joe Rogan is friends with Alex Jones but that doesn't mean Joe Rogan thinks Obama is a reptile.
Rogan is a hack enabling idiot too. Is there evidence he's friends with Alex Jones besides having him on the show a few times? I wouldn't put it past him to believe such a thing anyway. besides, promoting the material of these people is a little different from being friends with them.
Dude, no.
Pewdiepie didnt just shoot 49 people sorry. Hes not my focus just because of a name drop. Its like me shouting filthy frank 4 lyfe before shooting myself in the head with a shotgun. Would you blame joji?
i literally stated as much in the first sentence? don't be so patronising lmao, clearly a discussion about people with such influence is worth having.
Call him an idiot if you want but some of us know the difference between discoursing and advocating.
you got me, oh enlightened one.
Calm the conversation down please
are you going to deem that user unworthy of listening to protect your fragile opinion?
This is just guilt by association in different words, I don't think we should treat people like that.
listening to what? he's made it clear he has no interest in talking about it further and shut down the conversation. I don't think I'm the one being fragile here lol.
You got me, I don't think I could contribute a statement as valuable and powerful as: "I don't think pewdiepie should be the focus, so let me write a paragraph on pewdiepie,"
I can't believe that on many websites, discourse about this event in which at least 50 people have died is now about PewDiePie instead. Him saying PewDiePie at the start of his video was literally intentional disinfo to make you not talk about the event itself. It's so transparent that he had literally nothing to do with this it isn't even funny.
Some people are coming off as very edgy here, toning down on the snarkiness goes a long way if you want people to seriously engage in a discussion.
either you're missing the point or ignoring what I said. my point was he's clearly making a misstep by probably lying about disliking the alt right, mainly because it would be prudent to do so. we have his words, 'I don't like the alt right', vs the observable reality, he is friends with people from those circles, fans of some of them, and has even promoted their material. are his actions or his words the charade?
Meme warfare is a real thing now. He was radicalized on memes and memes have now been weaponized. Memes are the best way to spread propaganda and disinformation.
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