• [BREAKING] Livestreamed mass shooting in Christchurch Mosque, New Zealand
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dismissing, more like promoting tbh
Gonna have to stop you there: There are dozens of boards on 4chan, and like a handful of them are troublesome. /an/ for example should not be done away with just because of /pol/.
violent left guys
I don't get how someone can do this and spout memes like "remove kebab" "subscribe to pewdiepie" and having Eurobeat blasting from his car while doing it. Is it his mind coping with what he is doing?
If pol is gone the people who frequent there will go nuclear and infest the rest of the site.
All these people supporting the guy, these cunts are fucked in the head I don't wanna sound like a pseudo-intellectual but this is what I imagine the result to be of a depressed/miserable/jaded person with literally no purpose in life who starts diving into conspiracy theories. Gives them some kind of purpose to work towards + able to reflect failures onto something else. It's why I assume so many people eat up /pol/ tier garbage conspiracies like muh great replacement Not if mods actually do their job.
You think a bunch of hardcore neonazi's are going to migrate to boards where political discussions result in bans?
and /r9k/ and /k/ and /b/, alongside /pol/ nothing should be allowed to fester at all on that site, period.
I'm guessing typical depressed 4chan NEET or similar. Someone to whom existence is so empty of content that his life (and therefore the lives of others) are worth nothing. Pretty much engaging with the world on a pattern recognition level at this point "Haha remove kebab funny joke I should do that one of these days"
Is the site protected from ddos? I'd expect ddos attempts for weeks, just like if reddit removed the_donald.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2082/67f90538-1995-4427-9ba3-fe0970623e56/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2082/7814bff6-8d27-442f-a9b1-295b60c03685/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2082/f12f4205-675c-4198-81f3-b5e2ed313211/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2082/1b658691-9092-4bfb-929b-ce9e0c716294/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2082/1bc8377e-60cc-46ff-bfd6-6a526ed00db6/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2082/1a382dcf-1142-4ab0-9235-a883bd31e563/image.png https://twitter.com/BrentonTarrant
So the site should be done away with because it might be DDOS'ed? That just doesn't make sense
Just saying if pol is gone the reaction might sully the rest of the site so much it might not be worth saving. I have no investment in the site
moderation of either site appears to have absolutely no care as to what actually happens, so even if not preventable via the members of the board, they dont seem too keen on removing the content. these mindsets will continue aslong as people continue to have access to the people and the content they produce that promotes it.
This is just full of memes too. He says Fortnite trained him to be a killer. This feels like an insane fever dream or something. What the fuck.
Hey man, /k/ gets a bad rap from people who are obvious outsiders, but I'm gonna have to step in and defend as a frequenter of there. /k/ is like orders of magnitude separated from the others on that list in terms of toxicity and negative impact, and actually has very tame discourse by and large. The place is excellent for discussions on things you probably don't understand or appreciate.
At one point in the video one of the victims rushes him, whoever that is should get a fucking medal.
so the fact that moderation takes no action to remove it from /k/ on either site does not irk you one bit? even as a gun owner myself i'd rather /k/ go anyway.
Honestly, just don't bother reading this. The less attention this guy gets the better.
Mods on /k/ are super shakey in their schedules, because I've seen nudes stay up for multiple hours multiple times. Doesn't mean the board needs to go away, it means it needs more constant moderation.
This shit is fucking unreal.
Jesus fucking Christ that thread is the most bizarrely disgusting and infuriating thing I've seen in a long time. Did they manage to catch the shooter or is this still ongoing?
I've watched the video. Do not link it here. Don't post pictures of the victims here either. It's also really fucked. I legit can't believe someone who do that. That dude had a fucking plan and a fucking mission. Good fucking shit on a stick I legit hope no one else dies this afternoon.
if they can't have the resources to prevent people from posting mass shooting material then they shouldn't have a board, honestly it also keeps happening if they don't see the trend and put any real effort towards stopping this shit then why do they have their jobs people's lives are being ended and it's being spread on a board where the moderators have the power to stop the spread of the material, but dont.
shut down /pol/ already
I watched it and I feel ill, don't do it I just realized the dude is still at large from the article? Richmond said it appeared police had not found anyone responsible for the shooting.
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