• [BREAKING] Livestreamed mass shooting in Christchurch Mosque, New Zealand
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Despicable as always. Also, I can't find any corroboration on this story and their source is some small Christian news site, which I doubt can be trusted.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134149/e4b06d1f-6673-4ce2-ba4d-4c4a0a91f27e/image.png I'm going with it's 8ch admins
I think someone back in the thread said that most of T_D was actually condemning the attack, which shows that they are not as radical as /pol/. But in any case, inaction leads to radicalization. If 8chan is unwilling to moderate their /pol/, would they be willing to delete it? They might not care either way.
...so, was my arm-chair psychology on Page 3 actually kinda accurate then? If so, that's... well, don't know how I feel about that to be honest.
Well Nigeria has Boko Haram so it wouldn't surprise me to find it's true. Of course the real reason it isn't big news is that "people die in war torn country" isn't generally considered big news like an attack in a first world country is. Same as how Iraq will have attacks resulting in hundreds of deaths but you won't hear anything about because it's so common there nobody would be surprised by that news.
Yes the guy who lets the alt right shit up his highly viewed show who helped normalize people like Ben Shapiro isn't in any way responsible for the murders of 49 people, thanks for taking your fucking time while the blood is still dripping on the goddamn ground to defend a Youtube celebrity. Here's his friend that doesn't want you talking about what the killer believed, or what his poisonous ideology inspired. https://twitter.com/VicBergerIV/status/1106610384893407232
Seems pretty obvious to me that /pol/ boards have become a cultural disease and need to be removed. We don't let radical Muslims use twitter and other big sites to spread their filth, and if these people want to be terrorists then I figure it's time to cut them off as well. It was funny at first, then it got worrisome, but y'know whatever. Now it's obvious that these are radicalization echo chambers, and if it were up to me I'd be giving them the boot. If they wanna' talk this shit they can do it on Stormfront or whatever but they don't deserve to be on any site where normal people talk about normal shit because that just risks infecting more vulnerable people with their bullshit.
Well shit, watching that was a mistake. Do they have the death penalty in New Zealand?
I hope not, as much of a threat to society this guy is, executing him will only make him a martyr.
Wow really cleared that microscopic bar didn't they, props to them, I am clapping at my monitor right now, incredible What most of T_D is actually doing is attempting to blame this squarely on the left, while also perpetuating the exact same lunacy that this guy lived by. It's a shithole, lowest of the low, and a breeding ground for extremism. Condemnation in the face of that is utterly worthless
My residential ISP hasn't blocked it but my cell phone carrier 2degrees has. Wow.
You mean, while you on the other hand are taking the time to blame the YouTuber he name-dropped as a meme instead of turning your attention to the actual killer? You're right, Pewdiepie isn't in any way responsible for those deaths.
Holy fucking shit you're still defending him, he wasn't just namedropped, Ben Shapiro was featured in his videos. There is a pipeline leading from Ben Shapiro to the /pol/'s that radicalize people along the way, giving him a platform ironically leads to actual fucking violence. This shows you that ironic racism and toxicity is still fucking toxicity.
It is, but my point was still to show that there's a difference between T_D and /pol/ since only the former condemned the attack.
you people fucking disgust me ban me from these god forsaken forums forever
In the context of being a meme? Yes. Because there are lots of Ben Shap memes that have nothing to do with promoting his ideas, if anything, many of the memes related to him mock him. In the context of promoting his politics/ideas? Giving him a "platform"? Hell no dude, did you even watch?
Calm down buddy
Shapiro and everyone else like him could probably seem more legitimate if they proposed a solution to the problem. At least they would if it weren't for the fact this problem is what makes them money so providing actual solutions would be bad for them personally.
Honestly coming from someone with the name and avatar referencing one of the worst mass-killers in history, I'm not sure if you're really trying to be serious about blaming Pewdiepie for actively radicalizing people.
there's literally no difference between the two except for the minor decorum of condemning it, the magabomber was radicalized by fucking facebook, the ideology of hate is the same at all levels, if we got rid of pol like we got rid of the Daily Stormer, the hateful ideology would still spread. They all have blood on their hands and saying that you don't condone them won't stop future attacks from happening.
My point is that this difference is barely relevant on account of them being a breeding ground for the exact same sort of extremism, some of it within these "condemnations". I'm not stopping you from pointing out that difference, I'm stopping you from pointing it out unaccompanied by criticism
and so it starts again why don't these airhead thickskulled retards realize that shit like that just encourages more attacks.
The Donald is NOT better than pol, the only reason it appears as such is that upvote/downvote systems are skewing your view and t_d mods are quick to hide blatant shit because Reddit admins have been looking for a way to delete them without a martyrdom since 2016 You’ll find condemnation and downplaying on all 3 places, but the different mechanics of each site will give you a different look. For instance an OP on 4chan might praise the shooter and get dozens of replies ranging to agree to flaming negative, but all the replies bump that statement back to the front of the board
They do realize that. That's what they want.
Well in my opinion T_D is not as bad as /pol/. Now, hear me out. On T_D, people still want to have serious conversations, and idiots who spout shit like "MAGA!!!!!" all day long are mostly ignored. Dialogue and criticism are actually encouraged, though they do tend to go in circles like you'd expect. It could be better, but it could be worse. On /pol/ you can just whatever bullshit you want and say things like "i miss gassing the kikes, race war when?" and some if not most people will take it seriously.
I never even disagreed with the first observation, what I thought was unwarranted was making it without any accompanying criticism, I didn't expect you'd go into an even more unwarranted defense of T_D. Open to dialogue and criticism? Are you serious? By what insane standards?
You pretty much echoed shit that keeps me up at night, I have a couple friends I feel are in similar boats as yours. I unfortunately haven't come up with any answers for those questions, nor a way to approach the topic with them in a way that isn't insulting or angry. It really doesn't help that any political discussion with them these last couple years has been (I feel) incredibly dishonest, and I would often be flatly dismissed or shouted down. The particular topics were ultimately pretty fucking petty, which makes the whole thing hurt even more because what the fuck was the point? I don't know why, maybe it's out of fear for what I might think, maybe they've been convinced by some assclown on the internet not to trust "leftists" and I happen to fall in that massive dragnet, maybe i'm the ass of a big goddamn joke, I don't know and I don't feel they're honest with me about a lot of things. I often fear for their state of mind and well being when these kinds of things happen, or other hyperpartisan geopolitical happenings. And it makes me feel like shit that I even have these concerns with such longtime friends, and I don't know what to do.
I saw this recent article by the blogger Mark Manson which was recently posted, and kinda touches upon how to get people to challenge their perceptions: "Who the Fuck Am I?" Skip down to around the middle of the page at the part where it talks about the Black KKK Member TED Talk (the "How to reinvent yourself" section). Below is perhaps one of the most inspiring TED Talks I’ve ever come across. It’s not filled with mind-blowing ideas. You’re not going to get huge takeaways that you can immediately run off and implement in your own life. The guy isn’t even that great of a speaker. But what he describes is absolutely profound: Daryl Davis is a black musician who has traveled and played blues shows all over the US south. In his career, he’s inevitably run into a number of white supremacists. And rather than fight them or argue with them, he chose to do something unexpected: he’s befriended them. This might sound insane. And maybe it is. But here’s what’s more insane: he’s convinced over 200 KKK members to give up their robes. Here’s what most people don’t get about value change: you can’t argue someone out of their values. You can’t shame them into valuing something different (shaming them actually often has the opposite effect—they double down). The article goes on after that with more elaboration, but you can read the rest there.
By internet standards. Take that as you will. I do not want to be defending T_D, but we're comparing it to /pol/ here.
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