• [BREAKING] Livestreamed mass shooting in Christchurch Mosque, New Zealand
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There was a photo of him doing the okay hand below his waist and dipshit journos are spouting it as a white nationalist symbol. There’s also threads on the newchan they’re spamming talking about what other memes to co-opt like Pepe. They want us fighting meaningless memes to not only ruin them for us, but to make their reach appear farther than it is, and use memes to radicalize. This isn’t a theory, this is an actual guide I saw.
Plastering his face is NOT being transparent. They are doing it for clicks/views... I have no problem with them reporting it, but if you look back really early in this thread someone posted a video of a criminal psychologist who says he has constantly told news companies; Don't use their face. Don't make it about the bodycount. Don't make the person an anti-hero. Don't start the report with sirens. Don't run 24/7 reports on it. Yet all these news companies completely disobey every single point because they obviously have more experience with criminals than a fucking criminal psychologist. As long as the media continues to break those points above, shit like this will keep happening because it enables other people. I have no problem with them covering it, but they should do what that psychologist said; Local reports about what has happened just so that everyone is informed. Support lines and such for people who need it. Announce ways you can help or support people involved. Segment no longer than 10 minutes.
Wouldn't surprise me; I got that impression fairly early on, even before his manifesto (plus the responses of others as you mention in your post) confirmed it.
This is a good point, completely agree. I wasn't very clear whether it was being covered too much or because it was covered at all.
"currently faces one charge of murder" ONE... FUCKING... CHARGE!?! Can anyone send me a full video of him shooting at the mosque, please? You can send me a link on steam and I think I'm fully prepare to endure my sanity and guts.
I'd highly recommend you don't watch it, it will do nothing except cause you harm. Also, it's against the rules anyway.
I know, I'm just furious that he's only faces one charge of murder and I feel like the judge didn't do a good job or something. So yeah, you're right.
This shits giving me anxiety cuz I’m starting to feel like a lot of shit is a twisted propaganda. Remember that video that spawned Carl the Cuck that made a joke out of people talking bad about trump early on? Guy who filmed it and talks in it was/is an infowars employee I recall. Or shit like Joey Salads and his fake race relations experiments. I begin to wonder if outrage culture is a false flag to make people against these guys look like clowns/babies starting shit over little things. even now there’s a call to ban t_d on /r/againsthatesubs or whatever and the pinned mod comment for the thread is a bunch of shit trying to paint pewdiepie as an enemy. I’m suspicious of that mod, and of the pewdiepie thing in general being a red herring. It feels like it’s for getting people to be distracted by talking about him, while causing doubt as we begin to look crazy frothing after him, making it easier to get more members as we look insane and unreasonable fighting some YouTuber for getting name dropped
They're charging him with 1 count of murder so they can hold them. As the evidence is processed and admitted to the court system then more charges will come. You have to realize the legal system has to keep their shit together, if they fuck shit up they can fuck up the entire case. If they violated his rights the case could easily get thrown out.
he's done the "okay" hand sign haha awesome. ffs these cunts truly are homogenous, basement dwelling morons. the endless spewing of memes layered between brainwashed racist rhetoric is so pathetic. I haven't read the so called "manifesto", nor do I ever want to, but it's safe to assume it's just more masturbatory rambling. these armpit internet echo chambers are tools for radicalisation, and they need to be removed, plain and simple. it's no longer a matter of "free speech", I honestly don't consider this to be even remotely defendable.
Now I feel more sorry, but I'm also learning something.
From what’s been seen I think it’s safe to say the memeing isn’t trying to be funny, but trying to associate and relate memes to what he’s doing. Him and his ilk are actively trying to corrupt meme culture to be a sort of propaganda, and since memes are so ridiculous and more often harmless fun, they can make people that notice this look like nutbars. His choice of the ok hand seems deliberate. The journalists had already put out a narrative falsely claiming it as a nazi symbol, he’s fueling that to make them look like chumps to the public when they double down and try to get the 👌 emoji removed or something stupid. they want to make a fool of people against them by stirring something from nothing
http://skepchick.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/HcuZIT5w8xJLMXoISDexG1GNz5Dj7xHO_QGeueMtdPU.jpg Sorry if this is considered an image macro. I'll edit it out if so. This basically this sums up my thoughts on how I feel about letting the alt-right have their own little bubbles to spew their rhetoric. Acceptance of these ideas has led to a phenomenally staggering increase in authoritarianism all over our world. Far-right extremism is on the rise as a mainstream idea and it cannot be allowed. There is no objectively moral standing to be had with xenophobia, white supremacy, nationalism, and unironic calls for genocide. This is a cancer seeking seeking to undo our democracies, and will fight to remove free will from innocent people. As long as there are places like /pol/ and /r/the_donald to spread this hate, mass shootings and domestic terrorism will continue to spread.
The thing about that is calls for violence are not covered by the US Constitution's interpretation of Freedom of Speech. Hate speech is tolerated but only just, but so-called "fighting words" are prohibited and you can be arrested for inciting violence / inciting a riot. Neo-Nazi rallies get away with it because they know the boundary and stop just short of it every time.
Fascists have purposefully made their jargon incomprehensible to the average person. This is intentional, the layers of irony culture they indulge in benefits their detachment and allows for easier radicalization.
I think he did, if you watch it again you can see people running out the back of the frame. It's purposeful, and in this instance incredibly obvious. They ban a bunch of subreddits that have no underlying political motivations to keep up apperances, but not one of the alt-rights/far-rights best recruiting hubs. I don't think it's a honeypot at this point. I genuinely think the Reddit admins either personally defend t_d, or are keeping it around purely for the financial aspect. There is no other possible reason for why that subreddit still exists when so many others that have done far less have been shuttered.
I'm guessing the cops might just be tall but jfc of course he looks like a manlet. I was curious why ABC News blurred out his torso too, definitely a good call.
Reading the thread on it, r/watchpeopledie made the news in a Reuters article and was shut down, despite the moderators taking down videos of the shooting, telling people not to post them, and banning the manifesto.
Pewdiepiesubmissions being banned is so fucking stupid
it was set to private, there's another sub with a similar name (Pewdiepie_submissions) that got banned though. Probably a good call to set it to private for now.
I would make a quip about how the Reddit admins have no problem with inciting violence, just watching it, but then I remember what watchpeople die had literal ISIS propaganda posted on it for years before they were banned for being inconvenient. The Reddit admins are hypocritical cowards and I don't think it's too far out there to assume that they are banning such a wide variety of subs to protect t_d.
Got to remember Reddit is a corporation. They only care about money and will only remove a subreddit that brings in revenue when keeping it up costs them more than it brings in.
Yeah thats what I was getting at with the last part about protecting t_d. They can make it look like they were trying really hard to scrub their platform clean without actually taking care of the communities that share and spread the ideologies that drove this tragedy, past tragedies, and almost inevitably future tragedies. All because it makes them more money than they stand to lose by cutting it.
lock him up and keep him locked up for life
You shouldn't post this. You're only giving him what he wants
Keep him in solitary so he can't spread his ideologies to other people entering/leaving the system. Remember, prison is a breeding ground for the Aryan Brotherhood and similar groups.
I don't think he has "ideologies". The manifesto was 1 big shitpost, and he has proven that he is just some edgy "memer" from /pol/ who wants fame. As I said in one of my previous posts, I wouldn't be surprised if in prison he got rolled on by a bunch of people and became their bitch to be honest (Best case scenario for him). Worst case for him he gets killed by some islam extremist in the same prison as him, which I'd say is pretty likely since he will be going supermax if he is fully charged with every single murder he committed (which again is incredibly likely).
https://twitter.com/Henry_Belot/status/1106790914414919681?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1106790914414919681&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.news.com.au%2Fnational%2Fqueensland%2Fpolitics%2Fpolitician-lashes-out-at-muslims-after-christchurch-shootings-they-are-the-perpetrators%2Fnews-story%2F8e3f11fe73821dc3e65d75432ac76f2e The mad lad
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