• [BREAKING] Livestreamed mass shooting in Christchurch Mosque, New Zealand
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It's almost as if giving the most psychotic and deranged people on your forum a specific safe space to coagulate and fester and circlejerk as much as they want with no moderation is a bad idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.sure it is. I watched the video and it looks identical, right down to the windshield damage he did to it when he shot thorugh said windshield at randoms walking down the sidewalk a few blocks down from the mosque.
This man clearly had psychological problems that should've been addressed. When will the public realize that mental health is a serious thing? What's worse is when you basically shove a bunch of these people into a forum and allow their already toxic and unhinged viewpoints to fester even more. I just have a weird feeling that this is a precursor to even worse tragedies unfolding. This is a cult, and this man is their martyr. The best thing the media can do is not reveal who he was. Don't give the bastard what he wanted.
difference being it was removed from here, and we got a post aftwards from a mod barring it from being posted here immediately thereafter the thread is locked and the video is gone, as it should be. even if not 100%, moderation should be vigilant enough that a livestreamed mass shooting, especially one planned so far in advance like this, just shouldn't make it even 10 minutes on the board at all. and if you're going to spread the manifesto, it should at least be accompanied by a shitload of disclaimers, but a video of the shooting in its entirety shouldn't see the light of day beyond an evidence office.
Is there an uncensored version of this? You can see his boots sticking out from the censor and they appear to move but it's difficult to tell if he's alive or not.
pretty sure it wasn't a global board on 8ch.
Saying he snapped implies this came out of nowhere. I doubt it. This was part of a long descent into lunacy.
I'll be damned, 7 doesn't seem to have one. Saw worse stuff there than elsewhere when I fluctuated between them in my teens though
Just to follow up on this I went to 8chan pol because for some stupid reason I wanted to see what their reaction was. I would HIGHLY recommend none of you do the same.
Fucking Christ. I hope more than anything that this will result in government agencies cracking down on these alt-right havens. There is no way you can continue to defend those areas by crying free speech when this is what happens. Stop this shit before it gets worse.
Apparently a man threw himself at him to try and stop him, missed him by inches.
So the 2nd shooting might have been done by a completely unrelated group of people? How does that even happen.
The moment he snapped was not the moment he packed those guns into his car and set off for the mosque. He did snap, no normal person does something like this, but the exact point at which he snapped is hard to determine from what little we have. And frankly, the exact moment where the shooter went from 'normal NZ bloke' to 'deranged killer' is irrelevant. It's another case of a fully unhinged psyochopath shooting up an innocent gathering spot that will spawn feelgood legislation that does nothing to solve the actual problem while 100% ignoring the mental health issues that lead to someone becoming this unhinged in the first place. Yanno, just like every other mass shooting that's happened in the past 20 or 30 years.
Social media has already done the dirty work for him. The kicker is these people seem to think they're under imminent threat by a slew of conspiracies but then they do the most retarded thing relatively speaking, by going after random civilians and innocent families that would have absolutely nothing to do with economic or government policies that actually play a role in the driving force behind the inequality and injustices they feel they suffer from. This guy probably thought he was being productive going after the lowest hanging fruit he could find rather than people that actually have power and exert real influence and on our society. This was nothing but a senseless waste, and he's a complete dumbass on multiple levels.
No, the guy got a good tackle in, knocked the shooter down, but the shooter got free and then executed the guy as soon as possible.
The BBC reports he is in custody, so he might not be dead
He didn't "snap" and it's not "insanity", he's fucking clearly lucid throughout the video, it's just evil You can't just act like nobody does anything evil unless they're 'crazy' or 'lose it'
Literally fucking proof that allowing these extremist spaces to exist on large websites is a bad idea
Damn this dude's manifesto reeks of schizophrenia. He's basically an accelerationist ecofascist who is taking revenge for the multiple terror attacks in Europe during 2017.
I had hoped this toxic mentality never reached these shores, and now I have to hope we don't get copycats in the future. Keeping our fellow NZ FPers in my thoughts, stay safe guys.
The Quebec Mosque Shooting is another one that basically seems to be the same kind of thing as this. Same motivation, same kind of location.
Holy shit.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134149/0e3cb6f3-427e-4b2a-9b57-841475584b2f/image.png they should probably do a lockout, but going to 4chan's /pol/ there's mocking posts of screenshots of dying victims and shit. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134149/bd3dbfc8-5199-44a9-8159-1725400d6a02/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134149/d48d34c1-ed3f-47d6-b45d-6fd6ab0876b3/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134149/bcb8d40d-6442-48cd-995b-1cbd5a170ddd/image.png
I think a Resetera poster of all people pointed out something important: It's somewhat inappropriate to call this a case of mental illness. It's terrorism. He might be crazy, yeah, but not all terrorists are necessarily deranged. Radicalization drives most terrorism, and he shouldn't be treated as an exception just 'cause he's a Westerner in the cultural sense.
https://twitter.com/travis_view/status/1106389387061809153?s=19 https://twitter.com/travis_view/status/1106389387913224192?s=19
The footage shows him shooting up one mosque and then driving to a second.
Any board that routinely plays host to this kinda shit should be removed. "But they'll just infest the rest of the site!!!" Yes, they will, for a while. That's what mods are for. Eventually it will stop and, if it doesn't, maybe the cooking board isn't worth having a website play host to these. Containment boards need to stop, they are literally the environment in which these kinds of ideas thrive the most. They want to be contained so that you can't see opposing ideas, and you can be freely radicalized. How many times do chan sites need to pump these guys out before the world has enough?
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