• [BREAKING] Livestreamed mass shooting in Christchurch Mosque, New Zealand
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I hope so too.
Yeah like, no one's downplaying how devastating this is to the people, victims, and their families but can you imagine having a meme involving your name referenced by a terrorist pre-attack? He literally didn't do anything and I'm sure this will be brought up against him for years to come. I don't even like pewdiepie but I cringe at the thought of being a massive public figure and getting a shout out by the attacker by name in one of the biggest quotes associated to the attack.
Probably pretty similar to how Muslims feel when atrocities are committed in the name of their god and they get unfairly lumped in with terrorists.
Who would fucking think that with the Internet allowing people to completely seclude themselves from any other opinions but the ones they believe in would end up with people becoming radicalized by those opinions. They're not containment boards, they're radicalization boards. Containment only works if they can't get out once they're in.
The proper thing that we will never do, imo, because we're too stupid or reactionary, rather than look to debase them and shut them out, instead provoke open discussion of these conspiracies with people of this type, lay everything out on the table, try to invite people to weigh in from all sides, backgrounds, cultures, societies, planets, and work to settle these matters once and for all via civilized discourse. Prove or disprove whatever possible and then fall back to the historical record when people decide be stupid in the future.
oh god i saw the video, I'm going to puke. I can't believe someone took so many innocent lives.
All of his rifles all had multiple memes and quotes on them as well as each magazine while listening to fuckin meme music while driving out
All these people calling it a false flag because the guy spouted too many memes and the whole thing was overall """too elaborate""" Holy fuck these people piss me off. Just admit that your side has extremist schizos like with many other political sides/identity/whatever you want to call it fuck me
The sickening part is that this will happen again, as long as chan sites continue to operate the way that they do and allow for a culture that promotes this. This isn't an outlier, this isn't even something the relevant communities are ashamed of. This is something they promoted. While watching it, they thought it was wonderful. Those are their true colors and I guarantee you going forward they will claim that it was all lies, deep state cover ups, crisis actors and other bullshit. These are lies. They're either pretending not to know, or they believe that it is all fake as a tool to promote it happening again. Delete /pol/ and other relevant boards. Hell, delete whole chan sites if you have to. Push these fuckers in to the deep web, just, thin their fucking numbers as much as you can.
a name not a group/race/religion We're talking a specific person here, what does this have to do with it?
What's the difference? In the end it's still blaming someone that has nothing to do with what happened.
These /pol/ freaks have no place in this world. They're a disease. This is what I always feared "chan culture" would devolve into and I want the boot of the law jammed as far up the ass of every site responsible as is necessary to remove this plague. 4chan. 8chan. Reddit, whoever, get all of them involved and sterilize them of cesspits like /pol/ and /r/T_D. As far as I'm concerned, these freaks have now declared war on the rest of humanity. And yes, I hope this asshole is alive to rot in prison. I want him to suffer for what he's done. I want his diseased mind flushed of its psychopathy by a flood of paralyzed fear of every other inmate in there, and I want the others to give him damn good reason to fear them. He wants to take this to reality and get innocent people involved, then let's have reality show him true pain and see how much his smug detachment and sneering "lulz, u mad bro?" hold up in the face of it. I want to see the smirk fade from his lips.
I can't get their posts out of my head, these people watched a man spout memes before murdering swaths of innocent people; adults, children and elderly alike and they're calling him shit like "mad lad", "legend" and "epic". Then if anyone said anything against him they're automatically a member of whatever ethnic group they despise, end of discussion. Fucking disgusting.
Earlier, I was going to cynically post about how we should "wait for the inevitable 'leftist hoax' accusations", but figured it would be insensitive to derail the thread with such snark when nobody was talking about it (yet). Lo-and-be-fucking-hold, people are bringing up that stupid "leftist hoax" shit while dead bodies are probably still out in public. I fucking loathe modern politics and right wing tribalism.
At 16 seconds you can see the cop give him a good bash over the head with his rifle
It's even weirder because this guy is apparently part of QAnon, so it's as if it's a false-flag false-flag? He may have done this deliberately to make it look like a false flag to fuel the conspiracy? If that makes sense
Is there blood/gore in that video?
Sounds to me like people are asking for a physical war against ignorant, if not malicious people, instead of addressing the social issues and ideals, and misinformation that's driving their hate, and then the real power players in the world that are actually screwing people by the masses.
yeah i'm not one to say this normally but nuke /pol/
Nope. Cunt just getting pulled out of his car.
can we not give this dude a platform by spreading his manifesto around? it's what he wants.
That last part what the fuck, he was the invader here. Or did he think that if he became a dangerous immigrant that his point that immigrants are dangerous would be strengthened? And this has been a plan for 2 years? Dude definitely didn't just snap
He posted a manifesto on his Twitter before it got suspended titled "The Great Replacement" oh boy, it's basically verbatim all the alt-right/red-pill/pol dumb points so nothing new really.
I would agree with you, but the media will swarm to it regardless. It's impossible to stop.
Literally terrorism He's no different from the people he claims to fight
That doesn't mean we have to help
Dosen't that make him an immigrant? Oh lord these people
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