• [BREAKING] Livestreamed mass shooting in Christchurch Mosque, New Zealand
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i hope rotting in a prison cell forever was worthy of "the lulz", especially when nobody will even remember this dude's name in 2 weeks
I think the reason you're going to see the alt right cry false flag is because it's the only belief that can suit their narrative. While they may privately believe in the 'justness' of and promote mass shootings when they think nobody's watching, mass shootings have to always remain officially a fiction to them. They know that the masses won't tolerate or back them if they embrace mass shootings, so they don't. They know that the people who have dipped their toes in to alt right philosophy but have yet to be fully radicalized will be alienated if they embrace mass shootings, so they don't. But the only logical end point of their philosophy is mass violence. It's the only 'realistic' solution that they have to their problems as long as the rest of the world isn't ready to upheave everything, boot out all the brown people and revert to the 1950s. They want to make you feel angry, and persecuted, and feel like you have to do something in your power to change things. Until you finally arrive at the conclusion yourself, without being told, that the only thing that you really can do to take 'direct action' is to grab a gun and shoot as many minorities as you can. They don't want you to think there's been any mass shootings so that you can believe that you're the first who's willing to take real action. And then once it's over, they pretend they never knew you, and you must be a deep state plant, because hey, you're probably not even gonna be around to contradict them anyway. And they've got to keep convincing other youths that they're persecuted and need to take action.
If these fucking pussies think immigration is bad now, and if right-wing people are already acting this tribalistic when things are relatively calm, I dread how these kinds of terrorist attacks will escalate when climate change causes large scale refugee crises. I don't mean this to derail discussion towards climate change - I'm mainly just commenting that the future refugee crises will be worse, and yet we're already at a point where the alt-right is being radicalized. Shit's frightening.
oh no, not at friday prayer
If I had to guess, if its 8 people. They probably all met up from all other the country on something like Discord or some other unmoderated garbage, since one of them is apparently Australian. What a nightmare of a challenge for national security officials to track all these decentralized unhinged young adults who want to become martyrs for memes. This is probably the beginning of the end of internet freedom in New Zealand.
I thought he was killed?
Noted. For now I'll not be removing information like this that will no doubt make the news and be reposted here in news articles. I will remove anything disrespectful or graphic, however. I've asked the rest of the mods to weigh in on it though.
You know they have a point.
The dude sounded like he wanted as much attention drawn to him, do the media is going to be drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Time to buckle up for a rough weekend. I don't know if this is right for me to suggest, but can we see if there is a way to send money/care packages to the mosque/families involved. I am upset that this happend and I am worried about the fallout from this event. Not as mush as anything related to his manifesto, but more about how this influences the more vulnerable users who subscribe to this drek.
Re-iterating this warning. You WILL be banned for 12 hours and you will have your post deleted.
I thought I heard that too, but it may be conflicting information. It's probably best to wait for sources to get their eggs in a basket - it's a bit of a clickbaity free for all during the earlier phases of a tragedy like this, where people want to be the first ones to get potential intel out there.
By invaders he means the refugees trying to escape from places that have devolved into utter cesspits, likely due to the involvement of oligarchs looking to easily profit outside of first-world jurisdictions. In short: raze their land, take their resources, and when they try to run away from your attacks, claim you're the one being attacked by their escape and force them back into the cage with your tigers or - failing that - encourage your followers to gun them down. The M.O. of modern "kings".
Yeah, seconding this.
This is all we'll do and nothing more. Especially graphic. We don't want to link people fucking dying.
Apparently theirs more suspects in custody, 4 now.
I assumed he was caught alive because of the video of someone being arrested in the OP
(I'm still catching up on this thread). Agreed. Anymore linking/posting it past this past cops the 12 hour as per warning above. You MAY however discuss the contents. Just don't fucking link it.
excuse me
Oh fucking Christ, so there were more?
I hope they also take down people who supplied the shooter with firearms (it doesn't look like all those guns 6-8 in total were acquired legally, I could be wrong since I don't know NZ gun laws).
The PD is going to be making a statement soon, that came via the BBC which was reported to them by the police. A suspect dosen't mean they are actually who they are looking for.
Probably the others he was training with if the manifesto is to be believed.
That's a lot of assumptions. There's a video of the shooting, he wasn't working with anyone else and there doesn't seem to be any reason to believe he was.
It's of course a terrorist attack.
3 men, 1 woman in custody Not known how the others were involved at this time
If their was two shooting it kind makes sense though? I didn't see the whole thing but he patiently pulled up to the mosque, shot it up and left in a hurry. That dosen't give him much time to get a second location, plus the other one was on the other side of town so it would split up the police.
I'm actually fucking freaking out. I feel so bad for everyone involved. God, the media are going to go fucking nuts. This might actually be the final death nail for any sort of internet freedom. Sorta like how 9/11 effected immergration. God fucking damn it. Containment clearly doesn't work, I hope at least the FBI nuke pol of the face of the earth.
I see some people asking if they can help send support, so if you can spare a little Refugees as Survivors have pledged to do all they can to support the families impacted by this tragic event. RASNZ Donation Page Facebook Page
Slow down, cowboy, I don't think people are going to go that far. Even if anything were to happen, in theory the consequences would be limited to 8Chan and not "the whole internet."
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