• Reminder: No gore / pictures of injuries / spreading propaganda
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Given the recent attack in New Zealand I feel it is important to reiterate that we should not be posting pictures of dead people, pictures of injured people or otherwise spreading propaganda. This is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost we must have respect for the deceased or injured. We should not contribute to the spreading of these images. Secondly, spreading such images achieves the aims that the attack sought to. They want to spread terror and fear. They give impact to whatever message they are preaching. Granted, there is a balance. Posters can exercise free speech (within the realms of common sense) and we don't want to impinge on this. But at the same time I ask you all to be aware of what you are posting and how it may contribute to these incidents.
And its downright fucking depressing. I've seen terrible shit, but this was another level.
Thank you for your concerns and explanations, Hezzy. Let's have some respect for the deceased and their families.
Can we please include dumb conspiracies as part of this? We had some trouble last year around 9/11 because a few people were shitting up a thread.
I would personally be grateful if we could wait until the Grand Jury hearing has come to close on this particular topic before we start handing out bans? The conversation is still ongoing at many levels.
I think conspiracy theories should be handled like all other topics on facepunch. You can have a dumbass opinion as long as you can back it up and aren't flaming people. Conspiracy theories aren't insane/crazy by nature, it's just people have associated the term with some of the more outlandish theories.
This really
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