• A motherfucking hurricane over the Midwest; flooding, blizzards, Cat 2 winds
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Historic ‘bomb cyclone’ sets off severe storms, flooding, and a .. View in incognito if you've reached the limit of free articles. https://twitter.com/JimCantore/status/1105967029847232513 https://twitter.com/jaredjaixen/status/1106361562212659200
It's not a hurricane by any meteorological definition. It's an extratropical cyclone that underwent explosive cycloogenisis. (Also called bombogenisis, which people like to call a bomb-cyclone) Which is a low pressure system that drops 24mb in 24 hours. They differ greatly from hurricanes, which are tropical cyclones that form through different conditions. As is apparent, they can bring with them lots of nasty weather and unusually fast wind gusts.
We're starting to flood pretty badly, its been raining almost non-stop since it started and its melting the 30 inches of snow we got in Feb.
https://twitter.com/NBCDFWWeather/status/1105832618489233408 https://twitter.com/NBCDFWWeather/status/1106218927783362561 I'd edit the title if I could, but someone thought that was an unimportant feature :/
I can't do it either for that same reason Though so in isolated areas this thing probably felt like a hurricane and definitely dipped low enough in pressure, and high enough wind gusts to rival hurricanes.
It's a giant ass vacuum either way, similar but not quite like a hurricane. Either way we'll need a common definition since these are going to start becoming a lot more common.
Isn't the nebraska/dakotas region almost always a low pressure area? I seem to recall the air is always some kind of swirling pattern in that region.
Holy shit. I knew the winds down here were bad but the worst we got were some downed trees and snapped branches. I've been out of the loop
It's the way North American weather systems work. Warm air coming from the gulf guiding this shit, Canadian air coming down to cool us, then you got the shit rushing over the Rockies. Shit's always rotating. (I am not a meteorologist, this is pure anuspeak.)
There was also a train derailment in Logan, NM. On top of that, Xcel Energy claims 120,000~ people were left without power as a result of the storm.
and yet with basically all of this country having experienced a natural disaster in the last year the single greatest threat is still brown people wanting to invade this country.
National Guard is supposedly getting ready to release the flood dams up here in North Dakota. Last time we had this happen, half of Bismarck got flooded.
Is this another one of those New Normals I keep hearing about
https://www.facebook.com/dale.vocu.5/videos/1482909078513355/ This is out in South Dakota. Thankfully the two cows shown here were able to get out safely, but the ranchers won't know the damage to the herd till thaw.
You just gave me an anxiety attack can I have a source please.
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