• Sanders cuts head on shower door, receives 7 stitches
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https://www.politico.com/story/2019/03/15/bernie-sanders-shower-door-1223545 Sen. Bernie Sanders cut his head on a glass shower door on Friday morning and received seven stitches, his campaign announced. I hope not those stitches had effected his thought process???
That's not how stitches work. Also cuts to the head aren't nearly as likely to affect the brain as impacts/fractures. If it was a cut it very likely stopped at the bone at the least. Since it was 7 stitches and he probably wants it to heal without a scar it doesn't even sound like it was a very bad cut.
punished sanders, a senator forsaken by his party
Big Glass failed to take him out
I bet this was an inside job by the GOP
I want to know the thought process behind this thought
false flag
the year is 2060, RoboSanders is running for the 12th consecutive election
the year is 2060, NewFacePunch is throwing a parade for his latest campaign success of 500 billion dollars in a single day "Here's how Bernie can still win"
It looks significantly less bad ass in reality: https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2019/03/1862/1048/d279dac4-Capture.jpg?ve=1
Indeed. To give an example of how incredibly resilient our brains are, I hit my head extremely hard about 6 months ago and suffered a brain haemorrhage. I experienced what is known as a hematoma, where there's no room for the blood to go and it can cause extreme pressure and further damage to brain tissue. I went to hospital, but they didn't need to treat me in the end and I was back to normal very quickly.
I just only thought, how this hmmm... horridly and probably strong those several stitches would neurologically scared a healthy elder politican like Sanders? Would effect the primaries, the future of the country?
Capitalism takes another victim
Nah, this looks superficial honestly. He'll be good as new in a couple of weeks.
I think you're reading into this a bit much. Sure, its an injury on his head but a cut is not the same and brain damaging head trauma... not by a long shit.
It is literally a cut. A superficial laceration.
Nah man no biggie the put the stitches there to make his thoughts stay in his brain so they dont leak out
I'm trying to picture what he'd need to do to cut his head on a shower door. It's not like the edges are serrated or anything. He must've been falling pretty fast for it to need seven stitches.
You'd think so but have you seen some of the shower doors out there? Might as well be guillotines for your extremities if you don't pay attention.
Sounds good, though trying to not be rude I've never heard of this user before so I really couldn't be expected to know that
the cycles continues, just as g(arry)od intended
On top of this, he's just old. Elderly people typically have much thinner skin that's a lot easier to tear and bruise.
I don't really see how autism is relevant to this at all
Saint Furrybutt has explained in the past that his autism makes his posts more difficult to understand sometimes.
It's to explain that he's not the best at talking with others.
And the articles about his health begin.
Autism manifests in a number of different ways, it's kind of a spectrum in that regard. One common trait is difficulties communicating, which usually manifests verbally, but can manifest in other ways as well.
Look dude, do you think he wants to constantly get shit on by people like you? Do you think he's just lying when he says that he has difficulties communicating, and is purposefully typing in a way that gets him constantly harassed by assholes? It's like the whole "gay is a choice" thing. Why would he choose to be harassed?
I often just don’t follow what’s being said no matter how hard I try
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