• Steam- We are going to identify review bombs, and remove them
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I'm not sure about this because review bombs are often about genuine problems, but just as frequently they are about "Muh SJW boogeyman" or some other totally unrelated. But at least they're just removing them from the overall score unless you opt in to including them, which is a very even-handed solution to the whole problem. Still not going to please everyone, unfortunately, who will look for any reason to paint Valve as a villain for this.
seems like this would be a good way to silence legitimate criticism if a games goes in a bad direction https://i.imgur.com/0AyFSaW.png hmm, not sure I agree
They acknowledge this in the post... https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110503/6544aae3-c8b0-4ac8-a2a8-8778259aab2e/image.png
It's a shaky ground but it's a good start. Especially after the whole Chinese review bombing from that Taiwanese game (and that one VR game with Apex in the title and Chinese players reviewed bombed it for mistaking it as Apex Legends).
using steam out of anything other than necessity in 2k19 be like
They aren't removing any reviews, they just aren't counting towards the review score.
exactly they're still review bombing the developer's previous game btw they should just give the chinese their own review system of some sort or something to STOP THESE CHINESE FROM REVIEW BOMBING SHIT JUST BECAUSE THEY DONT LIKE IT
It should still count towards Recent Review scores tbh. Outside of that as long the timeline graph shows up whenever there's a bomb, I'm content. They should really consider utilizing word cloud.
Sweet baseless zinger, but I'll bite, its still the only remotely useful platform on PC for gaming, what 1 game do you play on another platform that makes you say that?
Deeds, not words. This is like everytime they say they are going to combat toxicity and scam/trolling games but later they don't do anything and stay silent until a big ass problem explodes and the media picks up. I'll give credit to them for acknowledge this after all these years of complaints, but I don't expect much. I want to be wrong and believe this will actually fix even if just a bit the situation, however.
Are there any examples of positive review bombing? As in, a game getting flooded with good reviews because of something unrelated to the games quality, I feel like it must have happened but I can't think of any.
how are they "not a part of the game" when some games require you to agree to an EULA if you wanna play them/use an aspect of it? and need it even be argued how DRM is definitely part of a game?
For all its (many) faults it's still very fucking useful and 99% of the other DL platforms still have no fucking clue what they're doing.
steam's convenient and works well enough for me these days if I just need to chat with my friends
yeah honestly what the hell does shitty review scores even have to do with the platform itself, steam was fine when there wasn't a review/recommendation system so it doesn't really stand out to me as a reason to freak out that it's useless, not like it wasn't already
Oh, so this line of reasoning could easily extend to negative reviews because of a game's business model. Gee I wonder what motivation Valve could have for that.
It's nothing that hasn't been done to other companies before. I'm sure they were hearing complaints from companies like Square Enix and Rockstar.
Or all the indie devs complaining about how the review system is awful and citing it as one of the reasons they're abandoning the platform.
When Steam Greenlight was still a thing quite a few (terrible)long running Free To Play MMOs got greenlit due to promising their existing communities in game events if they were approved. Greenlight may have been different than reviews but it was essentially the same thing since "I would play this if it was on Steam" could be seen as akin to a positive review.
Why not just set a minimum number of required hours playtime before allowing reviews...? And for circumstances where a user only has half an hour due to a technical problem like the game crashing at launch no matter what they've tried, move those to their own sub-section of the reviews by allowing the reviewer to flag the review as a technical problem.
Like everything else Valve saysill believe when u see it for myself Also I wonder how this affects games thats full of ass on and causing a huge influx of negative reviews? Would that count as review bombing?
Identify review bombs, visibly flag reviews from that time frame and ignore them from the score. A compromise like this would seem like the best idea. Being able to see what the review bomb was about is still useful information, be it some DRM blunder or the game hurting the feelings of a Supreme Leader.
Well, I mean, that's exactly what they're doing?
I'm not a fan but I can understand this following publisher pressure, and it's still better than not having user reviews at all.
Are we going to end up repeating the same debate valve ran internally, they ultimately came to a decision. There's not much they would not be aware of
This is exactly what they said they were doing- removing the star rating but keeping the text.
I don't really think it'll work out in the end, it'll either require valve to actively check on it, which means they won't act till way too late, and once they do they'll overreact and remove a lot of legitimate reviews, or it'll be algorithmic which means even more legitimate reviews will be affected because algorithms cannot handle context.
can mod change the title about this post? the title isn't really accurate. They aren't removing any reviews, they just aren't counting towards the review score. Just like @Untouch said
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