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A thousand Corey jokes spring to mind, but really all I can say is that this is surreal and fucked up.
Wow, Corey upgraded from the house to the big house.
id love to know why he thought that was a good idea
I expected Badage Boys because of the all-caps title. I'm quite disappointed.
I'm waiting for sources better than TMZ and Daily Mail. If this is true. Christ he really dropped the house.
This is the anime that keeps on giving.
This season's getting pretty weird, though.
*Raven turns, a shocked gasp on her face, toward the camera* *In an out of context vision raven sees Corey, 27 years old, with an iPhone in one hand and his erect penis in the other, saying "yeah yeah she gon like this". He hits send. Immediately, a reply: "Corey u a busta"* *snap back to the present, raven turns to Chelsea and Eddie* Chelsea: "gee, what's wrong raven, did you have a vision that you would fail your math test!" Eddie: "or maybe she saw herself embarrassing herself at the prom!" Raven: "nothin I dont wanna talk about it..."
"But, officer, she told me she was actually a 1,000 year old deity in the body of a 13 year old girl! I swear!"
I guess there still is a US president who gets in trouble after committing a crime
all caps titles are acceptable now?
To be fair. The article linked has an all caps thread and I can't just ban TMZ.
you and me both
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