• Mama June, Boyfriend Arrested for Felony Drug Possession in Domestic Incident
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im sorry, who?
Honey boo boo's mom
$200,000 street value in Go Go Juice
AKA terrible parents.
The physical embodiment being arrested for having drugs, what a shocker.
This isn't even the worst thing that she's done, honestly. She dated a man who continuously molested her daughter, didn't believe her daughter when she said it happened, and then later re-kindled the relationship even after the allegations. She's trash.
What a shame. She seemed to be getting her life on track, too. Just look at the difference https://akns-images.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/201743/rs_1024x759-170503100904-634-Mama-June-Baywatch-Before-After-J1R-050317.jpg?fit=inside|900:auto I guess you just can't stop being trailer trash
But still, they had to crank up that blur filter to 120%. Who knows what kind of eldritch horrors the real picture hides.
i can basically guarantee you this is only due to the fact that she signed on to a TV show about her going from "Not To Hot" and is not actually motivated by wanting to lose weight. they gave her a whole ass reality tv show for some random ass woman in alabama to lose 300 lbs https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/57926/28a4e9a7-e72b-4267-8be9-42fc7b53ca93/image.png
TLC is a vile abomination
Oh how the mighty have fallen. The TLC I grew up with what aired Robotica and Junkyard Wars back-to-back died so long ago...
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