• Disney is So Happy with EA That it Revives Lucasfilm Games
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The Halo Trilogy on PC Dwarf Fortress on Steam And now Lucasfilm Games are back, what is this timeline.
Monkey Island 5 baybeeeee!!
Is this where Kyle Katarn finally returns?
Too optimistic you guys, none of the original team what made them 'them' is left, unless they somehow magically manage to make all of them come back.
Would be cool if the remasters of Monkey I & II would be brought back, I really miss having them on my phone.
I guess this means Disney is getting back into games. Funny enough they boasted about their game division then shut it down 4 months later. I guess this is like the inverse?
Lucasfilm Games is dead -- you can't just shutter a studio and then bring it back and magically expect the original team to come back either. Everyone's already gone off to go do better things. It's going to be a new team with a new face but just riding on the coattails of the old brand.
God, I know that's absolutely not how any of this works, but this made me consider the possiblity of a new Star Wars Battlegrounds game and how that's be so fucking awesome. But I don't know if the charm and the AoE2 gameplay can be replicated, unless they directly remake it. And knowing disney, they'd probably make a campaign about their star wars storyline, not the originals. Which is like ok, I dont mind, that's just not what I grew up with. I just need some good ass star wars RTS ok
I just hope this means we might see Star Wars games not made by EA . I'm a massive Star Wars fan and yet I haven't played any of their SW games besides The Old Republic. I want more than just one heavily monetised shooter (that releases with only half of it's content) once every couple of years.
LucasArts never vanished, they're just a licencing firm now. None of the hiring roles sound like something for active game development.
I'm going to go ahead and say that this new Lucasfilm Games is probably not going to be even remotely as good as the old Lucasfilms.
https://twitter.com/missingwords/status/1107333196385935360 Doesn't look as though they're going to be doing any in-house development anytime soon.
Maybe they can remake Force Commander and make it not suck.
Yeah I don't even want much, any new star wars RTS would be great
As long as EA isn't involved, I see it as a net win.
Hope they do a VR supported Podracer game.
reboot dark forces or i ban everyone.
Might not be the old lucasarts games but it means they probably want to do something better than what EA has been
Empire at war with actually good ground gameplay pls This could still mean we'll see more developers tackling star wars games, which could be a very good thing Ofc we could also wind up with it being more mobile games as disney loves.
I understand the hate that EA has received for the Battlefront games, since they did detour pretty heavily from the originals, but the new one has genuinely become a fantastic game since launch(and I absolutely loved the first reboot even if it was hardly a battlefront game). I've got my fingers crossed that they bring back The Force Unleashed series with all these new advancements in physics and deformation tech and whatnot to support it.
That sounds like it could be the most nausea-inducing experience ever, but if it isn't, I approve of this.
https://i.makeagif.com/media/10-18-2015/uf_3dm.gif I want him back so bad. And Jan, too, while they're at it. Favorite SW EU characters by far.
Just another day at work Jan.
I miss crushing Red-stance users on JA/JO. Yellow for life.
There are still plenty of servers around where Yellow users are being cursed, because Yellow crushes everything if you know what you're doing. Defensive/Passive Yellow users are a fucking nightmare to fight, especially if they do fans and shit like that.
the difference is they aren't EA. they have the capacity to create GOOD games with their reopening.
still waiting on Republic Commando 2
So he come back? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWYvTeBonRA
Maniac Mansion remake please?!
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