• Toronto is getting North America's first Garfield-themed restaurant
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https://www.blogto.com/eat_drink/2019/03/garfield-restaurant-toronto/ Garfield-shaped pizza is about to hit Toronto by way of a new restaurant dedicated to the hungry orange comic strip cat of our childhoods. Very soon, you'll be able to get pizzas, lasagna, coffee, and cookies delivered to your home, courtesy of a new business called GarfieldEats. GarfieldEats, which looks like it's gearing up to open on Bloor just west of Dovercourt very soon, will mark the first restaurant dedicated to the 40-year-old cartoon cat in North America. The app-based 'mobile restaurant' is already operating in Dubai, where drivers deliver orders for free in environmentally-friendly packaging while riding on green electric Garfield scooters.  Toronto Apple and Android users will soon have access to an app that lets them order lasagna, as well as pizza and cookies created in the likeness of this beloved feline's head.  There will also be a few different flavours of "Garficcino" coffees and fruit juices.  The physical store on Bloor will be cashier-less, instead offering mobile phones on the walls for guests to order from. You'll also be able to play some augmented reality Garfield games while you wait for your food.
But where are the taco shells?
i ate those food
You're such a bad kitty that's it I've had it with you that does it I'm done that's the last straw garfileld
Its about time.
This isn't a very good channel but it exposes how awful their business are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc2HrvmBOH4
I mean toronto wasn't too hot already, maybe it's time to put it out to pasture.
I wonder when the first Garfield minus Garfield restaurant will open.
This is so bizzare
Enough with the chit chat let's get some grub going
i expect an entire two pages of the menu dedicated to lasagna
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