• Obsidian's "The Outer Worlds" spotted on Epic Game Store
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https://techraptor.net/content/rumor-the-outer-worlds-could-launch-exclusively-on-epic-games-store It's still there as of this posting.
Please, for the love of fuck, don't do this to us
Please don't be exclusive, please.
Yep, Obsidian and Epic haven't said anything, looks like it will be exclusive. The Outer Worlds on Steam Steam's listing for the game now reads "2020" instead of "2019"
Don't do this obsidian.
Too late, they just announced it.
God damnit, no, don't.
Fuck. I can't believe Epic has enough money to shake up the market like this. I'm actually surprised.
The sad part is, Epic isn't shaking up the market. If you look on the Epic store, it's 90% games that are exclusive to the Epic store, no one else is moving over without getting paid.
You pieces of shit. Guess I'm getting this game on console to avoid this epic bullshit.
Get fucked, Epic.
From the steam store page: The Outer Worlds will be available on Steam one year after launch on other exclusive digital PC platforms. mm yeah i think ill just wait
Shame. Sounded good, but won't be doing it.
https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-03-20-epic-games-store-line-up-expands-with-private-division-more-ubisoft-titles-and-quantic-dream-exclusives A new partnership with Private Division, Take-Two's new publishing label, will see Obsidian Entertainment's The Outer Wilds and Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey made available exclusively through the Epic Games Store when they launch. Other exclusives confirmed during the State of Unreal keynote included Remedy's Control, Typhoon Studios' Journey to the Savage Planet, Phoenix Labs' Dauntless, Yager's The Cycle, Night School Studio's Afterparty, Frogware's The Sinking City, Proletariat's Spellbreak and more. There's also a surprise news, they are GANGING UP WITH HUMBLE STORE, that means exclusives are also allowed to sell on Humble Store. In addition, during their GDC Keynote, their top free game of the week: Slime Rancher, has got 4.5mil free downloads. Metro Exodus sold x2.5 times more copies than the previous Metro game.
Frankly I'm more on the side of never getting these games. They don't deserve it.
this is such an artificial way to start a platform. literally just throw money at it and hope it becomes an organic sustainable system on its own. it's like a rich guy paying people to pretend to like them
Note that the announcement also said that the game is coming to Windows 10 store as well. As if there was any doubt that this is not about competition, but about the fact that developers don't like that Steam is so consumer friendly. The Batman: Arkham Knight PC port fiasco was the turning point, with how much money WB lost from all the refunds. Developers want to be able to suffer zero consequences if it turns out gamers have serious issues with their product. And with the money Epic games is paying them, they don't need to even sell any copies of their damn games to immediately turn a profit. And the best part is, gaming "journalism," including the supposedly better sites like PCGamer and Eurogamer, are barely saying a peep about this - because Epic Games has likely paid them all off too. Proof that money really does talk. (For the love of god, Respawn Entertainment, please fucking kill Fortnite with your superior Battle Royale game. You're are only hope at this point.)
This just goes to show that most consumers don't care what is fair or anti-consumer. They just go to what store sells what they want.
Who cares? Why are people getting so upset over nothing.
I can't blame developers from taking a huge check and doing this but in practice this is anti consumer as they're locking up the market and not allowing individual stores the ability to compete. Its not going to be challenged in court because they're moving too fast to get caught and nobody in power cares about games if they're not scapegoating them for other things.
Until they actually do something wrong then yes.
So this means in their eyes EPIC launcher is doing good? I thought for sure that metro exodus would've been affected by such a fast and shitty change to epic exclusive..
Man I really hope some saint of an individual leaks sales figures or something so we can see how all these games do in terms of sales on epic in comparison to what they do (eventually) on steam. I know devs get a ~~guaranteed sales figure~~ but I'd still like to know how much if at all this hurts epic. Also gg fortnite kiddos for helping support this horseshit.
Slime Rancher was provided free so anyone on there just grabbed it like with a lot of free period for Steam games. The Metro numbers appear more to be numbers manipulation, misrepresenting all sales numbers.
I think the real question is why don't you care? This isn't exactly great news
I was really excited for this game. Too bad for Epic and Obsidian that I've the patience of a rock. I won't buy this. Not on Tencent Store, not on console.
I'm surprised more people aren't paying attention to this. Once this goes through, it's possible to buy the exclusives in such a way that Epic gets none of your money and you don't have to go through their store, just use their launcher. That way you can still play the games without giving money to Epic + devs can get funding without restricting sales to a single platform. That's pretty excellent. I buy most of my games through Humble anyway so this is basically perfect for me
You mean like every game that has come out in the last 10 years with a manufactured Esports scene?
Well that's one of the most anticipated titles of the year just about soiled for the majority of the PC gaming community.
Metro Exodus sales don't mean jack shit unless we know how many of them were on Steam. I assume MOST of them were.- and the majority were within the short time window between the exclusivity deal and the game being pulled from steam. Which means other Epic Store timed exclusives aren't going to be able to replicate the same success. (Not that that matters, though. Epic games is giving developers so much fucking money that developers are essentially not even making their games for consumers anymore. They're making them just so they can get a share of Epic's Fortnite money.)
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