• Google Stadia will require approx. 25 Mbps (3.2MBps) for 1080p, 60 FPS gameplay
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so it's useless then
This was never gonna be compatible with every region, but it should be doable in large parts of the UK where the average download speed is 46 Mbps
Bandwidth isn’t nearly as important as latency and hops. You’re gonna have to have single digit ping for this to be usable.
When will these companies learn that unless internet infrastructure is fixed we won't be able to play some of their fancy toys. If they want my money then they either need to adapt their shit or start making deals with the bastard ISPs to give me better internet.
This will run through my 1TB data cap in about 5 days
It will probably still be laggy even with that kind of internet speed, just because of latency
neat i guess I'll be able to stream at 6 FPS then with my internet
25 megabits per second (Mbps) =~ 3.125 megabytes per second (MB/s). Comcast says I get "up to" 150 Mbps, so in good conditions I could theoretically do this, but input lag combined with access point and router hopping shit the latency would be unbearable. I can't use my Steam Link to play FPS games because of the input lag and that's going through LAN, so I doubt it'd work well multiplying the distance exponentially and adding more hops. Realistically I can see only certain genres working here, like action adventure, puzzle, simulation, etc. Hectic twitch-reflex or macro-heavy games like MoBAs, FPS, fighting, RTS, etc. might be too difficult to play.
25mbps quite low though? In the UK 94% of households have at least 30.
"in uk"
The only thing I have to compare this to is Sonys game streaming service, I had great internet at the time I used it and it was still just a pile o' shit. SUPER laggy, unresponsive, every game was hard to play. I cancelled the sub the same day I got it. How is google going to make this viable in the slightest?
Any turn base game or non-timing dependent game (civilization, xcom, somewhat casual games) is where streaming is going to be more feasible, but the more reaction based it is...
Their own video codec could make a difference, as well as other factors related to their data centers, but I guess it's up to see. They hopefully offer some sort of trial because I can't imagine paying for a service that you will have no idea if it works well or not.
... seems pretty reasonable. Would look like crap if it was lower.
Seeing as Google already has the distributed servers, this is gauranteed.
Welp, the average speed in Brazil is around 16Mb/s, and high-speed connections costs are fucking high, so it isn't going to work here either.
Had a chance to try this on the show floor and wasn't impressed. Maybe it's because they decided to demo it with assassin's Creed which isn't the most responsive game but the controls felt sluggish and definitely had a delay to them.
oh that's not bad at all, just a quarter of my internet speed. still fucking useless.
How terrible is the internet infrastructure in the UK? I pay 45 eur for 200mb/s and get ~130 on average.
Three weeks ago my average dl speeds were around 700 KBps, and I just got a speed doubling for no extra charge (no idea how) so fuck off Google.
Not necessarily single digit ms. Steam in home streaming tends to run around 15-30ms and it's still very playable. No way in hell they're going to get that kind of latency over the internet though.
We pay £80 for 30mb only get 15
I wonder what it was during Project Stream, I have a download speed of 400 Mbps and during their test it kept saying I had low bandwidth.
I remember testing Onlive i guess 7 years ago? I was impressed that I could play BF:BC2 on a PC that couldn't even think about running it natively. Right now I have a 50/50 connection and a laptop with an i3-4000m and an IGP, meaning there aren't many games I can play. I guess playing AC games would be fine with Stadia, as they are sluggish anyways, but things like fast paced shooters would be horrifying. I probably could play through Just Cause series with a bit of a latency, you get used to it and if you don't get tilted over some fuckups latency can cause, I'd be happy to play things on a non-capable computer. Everything also depends on the availability and price, but I'd trial it.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_Internet_connection_speeds Just so people have an idea where this is possibly viable. Also so people in this thread get context on other people's complaints, for example the United Kingdom is actually notably shit even compared to the rest of Europe. Also keyword in that article "starts at 25Mbps", meaning the requirements might actually be higher.
Like someone in the announcement thread said, Silicon Valley needs to stop thinking that every other place has their infrastructure. We pay a hundred dollars a month for "up to" 16mbps but it's usually around half that. It also disconnects for seconds at a time all throughout the day.
So, so many of these game streaming things have started up and every last one of them failed. Why does Google think this will be any different?
It still looks like crap tbh ttps://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-hands-on-with-google-stream-gdc-2019
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