• Driver in Italy accused of setting fire to school bus carrying 51 children
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Police were carrying out investigations at the man’s home. He reportedly had previous convictions for drink driving and sexual assault. Sounds like something that could have been prevented by a background check prior to hiring him.
Telegraph say that he claims he did it because of illegal immigrants drowning. I don't think burning kids is going to help your cause, my man.
If i'm reading this right, the article says he hijacked the bus, so i don't think they hired him
Rereading it, you may be right, but it's slightly confusing to me. It says he stopped the bus in a highway and I interpreted that as the driver going off course and stopping somewhere unintended (hijacking), not some unrelated guy taking control of another driver's bus (also hijacking).
He was working for the company for the last 15 years, when he lost his driving license due drunk driving, he faked an illness so the company wouldn't find out.
His version is that he didn't want to hurt any1, he just wanted to reach the airport using the children as shield and then request an aircraft back to Africa, or possibly block said airport; the blaze was set becuse the clash with the police car, since, according to him, his lighter was broken. All of that, again according to him, was to sent a message to african to "stay in Africa, or you'll end up drowning"
Mentioning from Africa and Muslim has so much to do with the crime?
I thought Germany as a country was really invested in you people not ending up being like this...
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