• Remedy’s Control joining list of Epic Games Store exclusives
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Goddammit, I was really looking forward to this one, but for some reason I'm not all that surprised. It seems like every fucking game publisher and developer is abandoning Steam, except for some Japanese companies and Microsoft of all things.
Wasn't Quantum Break a Windows Store exclusive at first, though? This might as well be an upgrade for Remedy.
Feels great that these devs and publishers saw the backlash and outcry, ran the numbers, and decided that losing the trust and loyalty of people who are pissed about these decisions is just an acceptable cost. I'd get it if it was one or two people throwing a fit. But this isn't a minority.
Can they stop down our throats their unfinished launcher. And all those devs happy to jump on Epic's dick instead of giving people choice
And, I have to admit, I'd be willing to deal with most of the other game launchers out there, but I don't want support a store that's supported by a Chinese oligarch and wants to force a monopoly.
You gotta wonder how much Epic is throwing out to make it worth it. It's not like these devs are all idiots. They have to compare the community backlash and the money on the table and be consistently choosing the money.
This isn't being published by Microsoft, so they're free to release on any platforms and services. It's even coming to PS4.
I guess Alan wake 2 is going to be a epic exclusive Just fucking shot me
I thought the serie was over?
They want to make a sequel at some point. I think the problem is that they don't own the IP so they can't just go and make it without Microsoft's permission.
They trialed stuff for AW2 but they don't own the IP so they need permission to do it. At the end of Alan Wake: American Nightmare you learn that Mr.Scratch replaced Alan in the real world and was partying it up and being a massive tosser, and Alice learns that Alan is still alive but trapped in the dark place through a story that Alan wrote to temporarily reunite them. AW2 would have followed Alan's attempts to get back to the real world and was meant to be including shenanigans like UFO's and other such paranormal goings on as well as the ability to make things happen by "setting the scene" to match manuscript pages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQRUx-w6t4s
It is actually a huge minority of all PC gamers that actually care, let alone enough to cause a boycott.
Looks like I am pirating a lot of games in the future. No way am I willingly supporting the Chinese government surveillance company Tencent.
I love Epic & Tencent!
The gaming industry is dead to me. What happened to simple games where everything was included on launch and wasn't riddle with totalitarian DRM, shitty loot boxes, and wasn't forced to one store.
Just wait until your new favorite releases are only available on Stradia® due to DRM CPU-intensive processing requirements!
Hate to be that guy but if you strongly disagree with a game publishers business practice, pirate their things.
Is it paranoid to vaguely consider that China is making plays to hijack western interactive entertainment with one of many goals being to slowly slide propoganda bit-by-bit into games over the next 40 years? Frankly, i'm kind of disgusted that all the mainstream media outlets who are so quick to participate in the fabrication of a "gender war" are so unwilling to address this as anything but "it's a thing that is happening." in their coverage. Fucking hell, I'm done with the last few outlets that i still hadn't written off (Pcgamer, Gameinformer, Eurogamer). If they're not going to explore the underlying issues here, for fear of being blacklisted (they fucking NEVER talk about piracy in any way) then they're no use to me. I live in the real world and i need coverage based in the real world. Constructing a limited compartmentalization of the full reality of the situation and fantasizing about probable futures within that limited sphere of ideas is absolutely fucking useless. TL;DR: I'm done with western gaming media's unwillingness to operate within and in accordance to the real world. Ignoring half of reality means your coverage doesn't apply to me, as it doesn't address the world as it exists with the realities established therein.
No, because this is exactly what is happening. I have honestly been posting about this since the mid-2000's and to see it in action is like being trapped in the backseat of a car sliding into the back of a lorry full of boiling hot road tar.
this seriously makes me wonder if epic has contacted even facepunch studios regarding exclusive games :v
I'm leaning on the side of yes.
You know what else had exclusives. OUYA.
If you really want to send the message that this is unacceptable, don't pirate it either. High piracy rates provide a convenient scapegoat if a game doesn't sell well, and you know the suits would rather hear 'those evil pirates stole our game, with DRM it won't happen again' than 'our business practices are anti-consumer and our target audience hates us for it'.
I dunno, I mean, it really looks like China is trying to take over everything. Car brands for example are all being bought out by chinese companies.
"We're proud to announce that S&Box will be releasing exclusively on the Epic Games Store!"
Why do you think the developer of S&Box has a Tencent avatar?
I hoped ironically since she just changed it yesterday - but now I'm thinking otherwise
I know we're kidding and everything here but if garry actually went through with that, I think I would lose my respect for him I know the whole forum situation has made a lot of people upset with him, but he's still a good game developer and I always check out what he's up to The fact that I even think it's possible is making me pretty damn sad
The reality is, the market has become super fucking oversaturated and game dev budgets have grown to unsustainable levels, to the point where only the established behemoths and the lucky few who happen to be in the right place at the right time are turning any sort of reasonable profits. When you take that into account, it makes perfect sense why smaller studios are glad to take a bunch of guaranteed money in exchange for an exclusivity deal. But the good news is, this oversaturation makes it easy to ignore all that bullshit you don't like. There are more interesting games out there than you could possibly ever bring yourself to care about, so why waste your time lamenting over the latest bullshit scheme AAA publishers have come up with? Do you really have to play the latest generic open world shooter/rpg hybrid that's the fifth in the series and brings practically no innovation to the table? Doesn't it get boring playing the same shit over and over again? Getting hyped about games before you know how they've turned out is a waste of time. So is following the games media, it's nothing but an industry-fueled hype machine. You don't have to buy a game just because it's already sold millions of copies, that fact has little correlation with whether it's actually good or not. In fact, the big publishers are mostly just trying to play it safe and create games that try to appeal to everyone instead of going for something truly unique and memorable. So why not put your money where your mouth is and just stop buying the mediocrity that's constantly being spoonfed to you? Maybe try exploring new genres or games by developers that you're not already familiar with. Hell, there's even tons of old classics that you've probably missed out on. There's plenty of stuff out there to enjoy. And if one of these new AAA blockbusters does turn out to be truly exceptional, you can still buy it a year or two later, after the exclusivity period has run out and you get it nicely packaged with all the patches and DLCs on a cheap sale. That just seems like the smart thing to do these days.
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