• Remedy’s Control joining list of Epic Games Store exclusives
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I pirated most of my games when I was a teenager before Steam; hell, I pirated fuckin' Half Life. I literally have zero qualms, if you're going to fuck me, I'm going to fuck you. Drop this morality bullshit at the other side of the door and to be frank; you want a company to stop doing exclusive shit? Show that you've downloaded their game and cracked it. Show them that you're more than willing to steal their game rather than verify their fucking tactics. SHow them that they actually lost a sale and they'll start listening. Fuck your morals; this shit is about wallets and rubbing it in their faces.
Or you could just buy the game through a different store
Then just don't play it??? I'd empathize more if this was an essential thing but it's videogames. Also, it's still illegal. Semantics mean little here and are not the point of my argument. Don't turn this around. Like, shit, ok, let's go over this rationally. You do realize that by pirating a game you're still doing more harm than by not participating in it at all, don't you? You're still ultimately promoting the game, after all. Like, yeah, you didn't buy it but you're still telling people "hey this is a really good game that more people deserve to buy!" and since you've pirated it, most people will just extrapolate "oh ok he just pirated it because whatever :V". You're still, ultimately, marketing the game, even if you yourself didn't buy it. And don't also turn this around as an excuse to pirate games, because pirating is illegal, and immoral, and you have no excuse, that's what I'm getting at. That's totally fair! Just uh, not part of their argument at all. They're just complaining about the fact that people are pirating games, and I fail to see how pirating a game, even if it's related to the Epic Game store or whatever, is anything but simply serving your own needs. The only message you send by pirating a game like this is "I'm so desperate for this game that I'm willing to break the law to play it even though I totally do not support their practices!" I genuinely could not give less of a shit about a corporation, I'm not defending them though, the only thing I'm defending here is the point that piracy is immoral and illegal and that using some company's shitty practices to justify your own doesn't make them right. Two wrongs don't make a right.
Does Epic still get a cut of the sale? Do the publishers who made the decision? If so, it doesn't solve the underlying moral crisis. If not, then absolutely go for it.
In the article they state Epic doesn't get a cut - I assume money would go through the typical Humble split of devs/charity/Humble itself
If that's the case, then I absolutely, 100% support this, and assert that everyone should buy the game through it.
Also people who keep bringing up data collection, Epic already admitted they were at a massive fault and are taking steps to fix it. Hell, they even agreed with Valve's statement on it. Doesn't excuse what happened, and we'll have to see if they stay true to their word once the fix is out there, but dear lord at least stay up to date on your criticisms. It's like when people still keep bringing up their "faulty refund policy" that was fixed MONTHS ago now. I'm all for criticizing Epic, and consumers should always criticize where they get their goods, but keeping yourself deliberately out of the loop just makes you look uninformed, and does more harm to your points and cause than good. Pile that on top of the whole Chinese boogeyman non-argument, and you start to look like a nutjob, which just makes people naturally side against you. To get people onto your side of the fence, you have to be adaptive. Staying stuck in a rut simply due to bias gets you nowhere in championing a cause.
I don't think the companies take into account your moral standing on things and are more interested in shifting the market to present themselves as a underdog to what has been the go-to digital video game store for people across the globe for over ten years. You wont get anywhere trying to make people feel bad for pirating, but neither will you have a valid point when your treating the Company your boycotting without considering their side first. I think it's justified to be outraged at companies who would previously not have had exclusivity deals, but as mentioned before Remedy did this and it's to be expected of them. People can and will pirate how much they want and it won't hurt Epic Games but rather the developers, and if you think that developers aren't entitled for that extra 20% then we should have boycotted Origin, Uplay etc years ago. If I made a IP then why would I wholeheartedly skip out on more earnings when the incentive to temporarily hold off where my IP is sold from hangs over my head alongside a nice cheque for $40m? I see pirating more as a way to test a game when you don't have the cash to spend it on that luxury, and I think its fair for people who have it worse off to be able to play the game. They are $80 here in Canada, I'm used to 50 euro games in Germany when I was a kid (Correct me if the prices have changed).I think consoles look very pretty now, especially Nintendo and Microsoft with how open they are on cross-compatibility. I do not pirate games (at least I haven't for over 6 years now), as I can afford to pay the developers now, and it made me way more picky with what I want to play as now every game is a $80 bet which I could spend on some other stuff like booze n maple syrup. Technically it's stealing but we never got asked for our data to be taken either. Both sides have a valid point and time will tell what compromise people will make, people go to college/uni to analyze how this stuff is going to go and I don't doubt one bit Epic put in a ton of money on the line hoping it will work out. Needless to say, you don't get anything from making someone feel bad for pirating, it will just make people more upset. Less about myself, what do you think? Is it justified for them to claim the extra 20% revenue? Should we bring out some calculators and estimate how much more money that would be for a game like GTA:V (which does have its own launcher too don't forget that)? Do you personally think that its fair to the market to limit games with timed exclusivity? Sunset Overdrive and Crash Bandicoot technically count in that category of timed exclusivity does it not?
Eh, corporations can go after you for pirating but there's literally no way for the consumer to start going after the publishers or other exploitative elements of the market, except for "Not buying". But that doesn't work in an environment where being exploitative is minimized by the media organizations in the niche market we're speaking about. There's too many levers and too many gears of power structured to make the exploitation of the consumer easy for corporations, and literally no way for the consumer to really make any impact. I don't believe for one second pirating a game is a moral choice, but I do not believe for one solitary fucking second, that the moral abuses of the games industries leaders, developers, and publishers are justified because they're "Legal". Who gives a fuck.
And both of those games were released years before the Epic Store was even announced. You can't fairly judge game sales based on a rerelease. Unless you're capcom RIP chrono trigger
AFAIK we still don't have a definite stance on the availability of exclusives outside of epic's own store.
If you can find a way to actually send that message, let us know. To the publisher, who only has sales figures and piracy estimates to go off of, piracy sends a message of 'some people want to play our game, but for some reason don't want to pay us for it'. And when they start coming up with their own explanations for why that is, blaming pirates for being cheapskates is a much more attractive explanation than blaming their own business practices for alienating potential customers. If you really want to support the developers and play the game without tacitly endorsing Epic or sending the wrong message, then buy it from the Windows store. I can't think of anything that would send a clearer message than the game selling well on the Windows store but not Epic's.
Well, outside of all the articles including the one I posted that say Humble will be able to sell Epic exclusives I guess it doesn't hurt to be skeptical until a more concrete statement from one of the companies involved is made
Just checked Tim Sweeney's twitter, he retweeted this. My bad, last time I checked he said nothing about exclusives https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1108418120572698626
Tencent actively assist the Chinese govt quench dissent through their platforms with social credit. They are obliged to and are a huge target of influence from their government.
You literally cannot be a Chinese megacorporation without bending to the will of the Chinese government. Tencent is a Chinese megacorporation.
Is that condemnation of tencent or a defense, I really can't tell anymore.
More explaining why people view Tencent as inherently untrustworthy: because China is inherently untrustworthy, and Tencent is an arm of the CCP.
Okay good, it's my exact view. Also the reason I switched from a dji drone to a self built platform for mapping operations. I really can't trust any large Chinese company, you can not be successful with out being a communist party player.
Even if Tencent has no bad intentions, and there is no validity to any related conspiracy theory, I think there is still a moral case for refraining from letting your own wallet near them. Consider it a boycott of China if you will, a boycott for the questionable ethics of the ruling "party" and the nation as a whole. Also, obligatory to calm the paranoid among us: Free Tibet, nation of Taiwan, East Turkestan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5RsRxX6X94
Good luck boycotting a country that makes the vast majority of or has ties into what we buy. That phone you have was probably made in China or has parts that were made in China, same with the keyboard you're typing on. Possibly even the clothes on your back. The list goes on. But, you do you, I guess. If you want to go out of your way to make sure absolutely everything you own has not been touched by a Chinese person, I wish you luck.
If the publisher sees that people are neither buying nor pirating their game, they can use the same train of thought to conclude "people just don't like this kind of game/IP/genre". Ultimately if the publisher is being stupid and not conducting proper market research, that's not the fault of the pirate. Consumers unsatisfied with anti-consumer tactics don't have many ways to vote with their wallet nor get their opinions heard aside from buying on different stores or pirating. And publishers can always disregard consumer feeling if they're still making a profit. If you refuse to buy from the Epic Store but buy from the Microsoft Store/Humble, the publisher still gets their cut and still benefits from the Epic bribe, so the really get no blowback to their revenue. Same thing happens if you buy a game with shoddy lootbox practices and refuse to buy lootboxes - they'll keep the loot boxes because it costs them nothing to do, upset gamers will still buy the product, and they still have a chance of making money off of whales. Not buying the game at all sends a powerful message that can be misinterpreted. Maybe the gamer didn't buy it because of shoddy business practices. Maybe they didn't buy it because it was a bad game, or a niche game with low appeal. Maybe they didn't buy it because another game was out that stole their attention. Piracy sends the message that the gamer wants to play the game, but doesn't want to pay. This could be because they're "jobless children", or because they literally can't buy the game because the store or required currency isn't in their region, or because of a shoddy business practice they don't want to support, or because they want to try it before they buy it, or because they're greedy, or because they don't approve of DRM, or because they want to increase their seeding ratio on a piracy site and never had the intention of playing. Publishers need to do better market research to truly see if pirates are a case of poor DRM or a case of cost/usability/boycott. It's in their best interest to make more money by making customers happy. And it's in customers best interest not to pay for games they're not happy with so that bad business practices don't continue, and to buy games they are happy with. Piracy isnt the best way to get your voice heard, but it's a way to at least show you want to play the game, compared to just not buying it.
Still goes through EGS
Your money wouldn't go through EGS, which is what the guy I was responding to was concerned about!
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