• Epic: Metro Exodus sold 2.5x better than Last Light
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https://www.pcgamer.com/epic-says-metro-exodus-sold-25-times-better-on-epic-store-than-metro-last-light-did-on-steam/ At its GDC 2019 keynote today, the company announced that Metro Exodus sold 2.5 times better on the Epic Store than Metro: Last Light did on Steam. Epic didn't give solid numbers and for all we know that number of units sold includes other platforms and Steam's sales too. Why are the game numbers hidden, Epic?
I didnt purchase or play last Light after the ranger difficulty dlc debacle.
Not entirely surprised. It got advertised more than any other Metro game. They were pretty niche games before now.
I want to see platform-specific numbers before coming to any conclusions on this.
These news are mostly aimed at the developers, not the customers. They want to convince devs that they won't lose sales if it's not on Steam. Yeah... Keep telling yourself that with your unsourced numbers.
As long as Epic doesn't give actual numbers that also include how many of those sales were on Steam for this one, this is all just Publisher sweet talk.
Yeah but I didn't buy Exodus even though I love the Metro games.
I'll just do what I always do; wait for it to go on sale. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/241402/5329ec2a-540b-4d18-9a15-d9c8826ef3e8/bourbon smiley.jpg
Hate to say I agree.
I think people underestimate how powerful this little statement (or lie) is. I've been scouring through multiple different discussion platforms, and while most are mad at Epic, defenses such as "huh so x community is the only minority bitching about this" pop up and it KILLS morale. It makes people doubt their boycott efforts. Can the fragmented gaming community hold their ethics this time around?
With all the money Epic can throw around now, maybe they bought a ton of copies just to spite Steam... :tinfoil:
I was worried that everyone would end up buying it anyway after the epic store announcement like the mw2 boycott thing or something, but I and everyone else I’ve spoken to have not purchased it so this is a weird thing to hear.
The last release of Metro was a remaster of Last Light... which was also on Steam. Is that Last Light Redux, or Last Light?
Like who else here isn’t buying the fucking thing because of epic? I feel like we can’t be the only stubborn bunch of gamers who’d make that decision either.
Everyone that isn't part of 'gamer culture', theres a lot more people who don't give a shit than there are people on reddits and gaming forums that are boycotting this u fortunately
can someone explain to me why they wont buy games on epic? i really dont understand it, like whats the difference or problem
I bought it. I felt like it was a forgettable experience. Right at the start of the game I was told to watch my supplies as they would be hard to find. I dont think there wasn't an enemy I didnt put a bullet in and there was 2 moments where I had a bit of fear because 1 jump scare and one pysching my self into it. Itd be worth the wait for the steam release.
I'm not calling you out or anything I'm just genuinely confused, because I remember you being very much in support of Epic. I'm not using that as a black mark or anything -- you're entitled to your opinion -- but is my memory just completely wrong? (totally possible)
Who would've thunk that the sequel to a highly acclaimed nigh-obscure series finally getting proper advertisement would sell better than its successors.
I'm not buying it either. I'm also very opinionated relative to normal consumers I feel. Not a good sample.
I think you got the wrong person bro. The very day Epic reveals its store, I read the FAQ and I immediate knew what their priorities are.
Seems so!
I was absolutely in love in the Metro games before Exodus was even announced and everytime I had a friend wanting to play a new game with story, I always recommended Metro 2033 and LL first, They never even heard of it or had to search it up. Exodus being what it was, and getting hella alot more ads definitely helped.. No big surprise
Exodus is the only one of the games I ever saw advertising for.
Epic launcher is shit in comparison to Steam, to the point of probably being chinese spyware that collects data from Steam, and Epic is pretty much forcing people into their shitty launcher by poaching devs. I'd love it if people actually thought twice and actually challenge the statement by Epic, because as said, Exodus had much more advertisement and the franchise is much more recognizable nowadays than it was before. Epic is the Trump of the gaming world at this point, claiming wins that were the work of past presidents as his own. But to be honest, what does this even mean? What are Epic even trying to do here? Kill morale to show that boycotting doesn't works? People buying games on your platform doesn't means the platform is good. It just shows people are dumb and pretty much don't care about quality of services in the end. It doesn't means the game was more successful than it was before because of being on the Epic launcher. Release it on Steam, and see what happens. Heck, compare the sales on Steam to the sales on the Epic launcher. This is some level of dumb showboating.
I imagine for some it's because of an unsupported currency, for others Epic is coming off a major data scraping scandal. They've also been scrutinized for their EULA not meeting GDPR, having a poor return policy, and accused by me for having a backwards content creation system (unfortunately they changed it and I never bothered to archive the page, but someone else did), and as far as I can, Epic only changed their policies when coming under fire for them.
It's objectively worse as a platform and shady due to data mining and tencent ownership, and they're trying to bankroll competition by selling exclusivity deals, so people are bitter
A new game that was very well advertised compared to it's 6 year old predecessor did better than said predecessor? Shocking.
On top of the previous games basically being relative unknowns except among the fans that were in on it. Last Light may have had more public awareness, but mostly over the DLC controversy of Ranger Hardcore due to publisher hijinks. 2033 and Last Light both don't compare to how known Exodus was. But as others have pointed out, there's also no numbers in this article - so if rhetorically speaking Last Light sold like shit, then this would be basically saying "yeah this game sold acceptably." But in this case it's nothing more than Epic PR talk trying to get more people under their banner to control more of the market.
I'm gonna need to see number of sales between EGS and Steam, how many of those Steam sales were in the window between the bait-and-switch and removal, and if they're bundling Last Light and Redux together for those figures. Regardless, as others have said, Exodus had a lot more marketing and hype surrounding it than previous games, so until we see those figures, this number is bullshit.
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