• Epic: Metro Exodus sold 2.5x better than Last Light
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Ohh yeah, this is entirely them manipulating the data and misrepresenting it to brag.
For as many people are boycotting Epic, realize how many people are on their platform now because of Fortnite alone. Or Chinese audiences, for that matter. It could be that it really doesn't matter even if every single person pledging to boycott is serious about it. If enough people get their games on Epic anyway, this effort could ultimately amount to nothing. Not like you can really control where other consumers get their games from, and we've seen time and time again how weak-willed gamers are when it comes to boycotts.
Ngl, this is what I expected to happen. Not only due to Metro being a more popular IP than it was back in 2013, but because ultimately most, not all, but most consumers don't really care where they have to get a game as long as that game is good or popular. It's why Blizzard has had their own market for games for years now, why millions willfully installed the Bethesda Launcher for Fallout 76 before finding out it was a dumpster fire, and why many have swallowed their pride against "never installing Origin" to install Apex Legends. Metro Exodus is a good game by most accounts, so most consumers don't mind installing the Epic Store (or already have it installed due to Fortnite) in order to get a potentially good game that they're interested in. The same will probably apply for The Outer Worlds and other games that get some clout before becoming exclusive. This doesn't mean I defend Epic's actions, I don't approve of them at all, just that ultimately, Epic's actions don't matter to your average consumer who isn't really passionate about games as a medium like most of us on this forum are. Akin to how your average consumer doesn't care about their games being DRM filled or even having microtransactions. They just want a game, and go to where you can get that game. Their poor return policy has been fixed being the exact same as Steam's now (I actually got a refund for Metro Exodus faster than it takes me to get most Steam refunds I've gotten), and Tim "Cuntmaster" Sweeney himself said they fucked up and that Valve was in the right regarding the whole data collection debacle, which they will be fixing. Doesn't defend their actions or the fact that it happened, but they aren't blind to criticism. Will they stop scooping up exclusives? Of course not. Exclusives and Fortnite are really the only leverage they have.
Not gonna happen cuz it's not on Steam. Epic don't seem like the type of people to me who like "sales". Guarantee in 1 years time, if they are still around (hopefully not?), games that released this year will still be full price.
EGS isn't in China.
EGS is blocked in China, majority of the users in EGS are Fortnite kids and Unreal developers. They are targeting Fortnite kids, and I will say that it would work, because Twitch culture. Then again, I like to think that creating so much bad relations with the core audience does tend to have consequences. It's difficult to measure because nobody knows how well the store would be performing if it went the other way of not trying to piss on as many people as possible.
Huh, I would've assumed it reached Chinese audiences due to the Tencent stake.
In the case of Metro Exodus specifically, because Deep Silver are lying greedy cunts who tried to justify taking the Epic exclusivity deal by saying "Since we're getting a better cut from Epic than Valve, we'll sell the game for $50USD instead of $60USD". This did not happen in the Australian region, it was sold at $60USD all through the pre-order phase, then silently had the price jacked up to $65USD after release to rub it in further. For the Epic store in general, being in USD instead of AUD is a big downside since my bank then charges me an extra couple dollars to convert currency for every purchase and I think buying exclusives is a shitty anti-competitive business practice designed to make up for the fact that Epic lacks even the most basic features and doesn't offer a good service for the consumer.
Tencent run their own store in China, WeGame. I'm not sure they'd want to launch EGS there and end up competing with themselves. Likewise, I suspect their shelves to launch WeGame in the West are shelved now that they have a 40% stake in Epic. (And it's interesting to note that they bought that stake around the time that Epic must have started planning to launch a Steam competitor)
Which last light are they even comparing it to?
Tencent has had that stake in the company since before UE4 was even a thing (or at least publicly available). It was actually one of the reasons why Cliffy B left the company. I think Epic's plans to launch a Steam competitor was more or less a recent thing due to how successful Fortnite became after adding its BR mode. After all, before Fortnite took off, they basically didn't have any sort of userbase for their client outside of UE4 developers. After millions of people started having Epic accounts, and Fortnite brought in billions in revenue, they decided to give the idea a shot ASAP, which explains why the store launched in such a bare bones state.
I'm still not worried. As soon as Epic stops paying for exclusivity, everyone's just going to go back to Steam since Epic is such a shit service for consumers. They're just pissing money in the wind. That being said, I'm still going to Yar Har the fuck out of these games until they come on Steam, fuck them for trying to stifle actual competition.
You can't just no true Scotsman away all the other gamers who don't have a boner for steam.
It's almost as if having more advertising than the previous two games played a part in higher sales
What about all the other stores who can't compete with Epic's exclusives? Fuck them amiright, anyone who's against Epic's blatant anti-consumerism are just valve fanboys right, it can't be that everyone loses with third party exclusives
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