• Kentucky Governor Deliberately Exposed His Children to Chicken Pox
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All these horror stories of shingles here just makes me appreciate my lucking out even more. I've had 8 outbreaks of shingles so far (and I'm only 30!), all but 1 of those over my eyes. The last one was IN my eye, but thank fuck by now I've had it so often I recognise it almost instantly and we got there on time so I didn't lose my eye. No headaches either, just itches like a motherfucker.
I got them when I was 23, I couldn't work for a fucking week
I had shingles on my ass and balls. It was more funny than it was painful.
They were moreso a thing before we have a vaccine for it. Anyone still doing it is an idiot.
That's not how that works. If you had chicken pox you can get shingles because it's a resurgence of the dormant virus inside you. It's completely independent of anyone else having chicken pox/shingles.
Oh right, my bad. Thanks for the correction. Well I still hope I never get shingles...
Chickenpox is bad not because it's life-threatening, but because it's quite prone to creating scar tissue. I got chickenpox as a young child through natural, unintended spreading despite an initial vaccination and though it likely being milder because of the vaccine (it's rare, but contracting it after your vaccination during infancy does happen, though almost never is nearly as bad as if unvaccinated), I still have a permanent scar on my forehead between my eyebrows that is more visible than the one I received on my knee from nearly impaling it which left me with a limp for 6 weeks, and more distinct than any other on my body. People that desire to have their children go to pox parties are basically wanting to give them guaranteed misery with a chance of permanent disfigurement.
They only started vaccinating for chicken pox in BC after I graduated elementary which by that time everyone had gotten it. When I had chicken pox I was the odd person out who didn't feel itchy or in pain at all, I was just covered in sores.
I've had shingles. It fucking sucks.
I heard there was a shingles vaccine for if you've had chicken pox
There is, but it's like a $300-400 (2-shot schedule) process, in the US at least.
Well fuck I didn't know shingles is a thing, Belgium and the Netherlands don't have obligatory (well more like strongly suggested) vaccinations for chicken pox and I have no idea if I got vaccinated. I do remember catching it so maybe its time to ask my mom to see what risk I'm running
There's a vaccine for this shit now? Ought to tell my friend who still didn't catch it, don't want him to end up sterile and shit
I caught chicken pox at 18 when I was working as a co-op student in a local elementary school. Fun times.
For the record (and surprise to some), the vaccine was first released in 1984 but was first released in the US in 1995.
you're asking this when there is a fad of mistrust of vaccines?
Wait what EVERYONE gets chickenpox once in their life. This guy is retarded but still everyone gets chickenpox and then everyone can get shingles at some point in there life too... I dont understand why you guys think chicken pox and shingles is like the black death. Not all diseases hit as hard as the plauge and i get you guys are pretty scared of diseases over in the UK after that one but trust me, we're not getting wiped out by chickenpox, Chill.
Man, the weird thing is that chicken pox seem to me almost like a nostalgic thing. Like, a 90/2000s cartoon episode trope was "aw, dang, I got chicken pox and I'm gonna miss the field trip!" I understand retro callbacks but this is ridiculous
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