• Florida Makes It Legal to Smoke Medical Marijuana
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Considering Florida's reputation for being the retirement state, this is pretty fucking huge. If you're a Florida resident and you can find a licensed supplier and arrange to get a small business loan and set up a dispensary, you're gonna fucking roll in the dough if you play things smart -- and don't get robbed by gangs packing tons of heat.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133383/e3f429a3-4fb7-4073-8343-3321d1a183b2/image.png Somehow I thought of other things for a moment
nice RPG maker font fucking weeb
Finally, Florida is going to smoke me!
I fucking want that look
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thank you, what about the colors?
facepunch awfully dark II, I also happen to use classic spoilers and double columns let's revise that entire thing because I realized you don't need most of what's there @import url('https://inaciogonzalesn.bitbucket.io/styles.css'); @import url('https://inaciogonzalesn.bitbucket.io/optionals/dblClmn.css'); @import url('https://inaciogonzalesn.bitbucket.io/optionals/blkSplr.css'); body { word-break: normal; font-family: "MS Gothic", monospace; }
thanks i love it
and then suddenly the Village was totally chill with democrats and climate change.
yeah been enjoying it but the problem is, if you partake in medical marijuana there are no protections for your right to work. If a job drug tests, then you are essentially screwed.
So this is written to get the senior vote since they don't have to care about jobs making them piss test, about normal for Florida.
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