• Finland rated as world's happiest country, Denmark 2nd, Norway 3rd, Iceland 4th
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https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/worlds-happiest-countries-united-nations-2019/index.html Finland of all places?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133383/1423cdb7-5271-4c16-8041-ed15769db420/finnish life 2.jpg
Wasn't this already said
Must be inner happiness. Finns don't seem very happy to me, Danes seem much happier.
Them Nordic countries must be doing something right. They constantly seem to be grouped near the top of whatever global "best of" list pops up.
It's called socialism
Them using the word happiness is misleading, it rates the satisfaction with the quality of living, not personal happiness. There are a shitton of depressed people over here, alcoholism is rampant, the public healthcare is overcrowded and there is a bunch of dark stuff happening underground that people kinda brush of. It's not a terrible country to live in but there are a bunch of problems over here that people just brush of or seem ignorant of, maybe I notice this cause I'm not a native and have lived in other places, most other foreigners who lived here that I've talked to seem to agree with this.
have a couple finn friends. they aren't exactly the happiest people.
It's a mentality thing, they just constantly play serious all the time, Hungarians are similar, as well as other eastern Europeans Some ancient cultural artifact probably - happy people, but don't show it
Entirety of Denmark on suicide-watch for being dethroned.
Do not despair comrade, we bide our time. When Danmark eventually reclaims the north, our powers of happiness will be unstoppable.
The report cites six significant factors: G.D.P. per capita, social support, life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity and corruption levels. This years report also focused on immigrants, and on the "quality of life" where they now live. Depression seems to be global. According to WHO, its about 300 million people in the world. Alcoholism, overcrowded healthcare and a dark underground, doesn't sound like something out of the ordinary.
Except for its 10th place ranking for income, the US doesn't rank in the top 10 on measures that make up a happy country in the UN report. They include 12th place for generosity, 37th place for social support, 61st place for freedom and 42nd place for corruption. You had one job, America .
But-... To Finland? Finland! Fuck, at least it wasn't Sweden. I don't think I'd survive.
The Finns are what we'll hide behind when some agressive world-power comes knocking.
People in Finland are generally content from my experience. Most don't show it, and complaining about everything is a national sport, but deep down people are okay with things. Finns might look sad and depressed but that's just how people here are. If you go around smiling and making eye contact with random people they think you're insane.
operative word right there
Didn't this study got criticized for its' methodology when it first appeared?
Could we in the north just agree to stop publisizing this? When water-levels rise, we're gonna be flooded in millions of Chinese and Indians if we don't shut the fuck up soon and keep our heads down. If you were already bitching about "migrants vs refugees" before, just wait til water has risen 50 CM.
Yeah finns are not all that happy. Maybe the people going outside and finding time to participate were happy, but that doesnt say anything about the average finn who closes himself behind 4 walls and only goes out to buy microwave meals.
Yeah, I don't get why so many Finns eat microwaved meals. It's actually surprisingly hard to eat healthy here, borderline impossible to find pure chicken breasts that haven't been cut up and slobbered in marinade.
only 50 people live in finland and they're all like a hundred km away from the only store that exists in the country
Or maybe the average Finn is happy and you are part of the minority that never goes outside and lives on microwave meals. I mean I'm one of those people too because I'm a nerd and unable to enjoy anything that's not rendered on a computer screen, but I do consider myself to be a minority.
I don’t know much about chicken, but based on the meals I've had at home my whole life so far I think that’s a lie. With five types of rye bread, many types of fresh milk, and a cooked meal frozen vegetables and fish or a hot pot from ground beef and a bag of ingredients, pasta... a lot of options if you’re willing to cook.
As mentioned, socialism. But also in general Nordic countries are way more liberal than the so called #1 country of 'liberty'. Downsizing your country to not have hundreds of millions of people is the first step towards less corruption. It seems to be a trend that the larger a country is, the more fucked up it is.
ehehehheheh i wouldnt bunch finland up with the rest of east trash. finland is too different to be classified as "east" lol
Happy Finns wouldn't hang on this forum Happy people in general wouldn't
Nevertheless, this research seems flawed and cant be thought of as conclusive.
I've always understood that happy Finns are actually Swedish
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