• T-Series is now the most subscribed channel on YouTube
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Well, you had a good run Pewdiepie.
I'm so sick of hearing about this feud.
Who the hell are T-Series, is there a single channel with tens of millions of subscribers on Youtube that I've ever actually ever heard of before?
Afaik some random channel that posts indian music videos
They are basically the Indian version of VEVO. The reason they have so many subscribers is for 2 reasons; I recall reading an article that said when you buy an Android phone in India, when you login to your Google account it automatically subscribes you to T-Series. There is some ISP over there that is offering really affordable internet which has been needed for a long time in India. So now more Indian's have access to the internet and therefore that is resulting in T-Series getting more subs.
Once you know what T-Series is it's honestly more surprising Pewdie is anywhere near them in subs and it was only a matter of time until he was dethroned.
when will Umbrella be stopped
it fluctuates up and down what's the big deal?
Inevitable. I don't even mean tseries specifically, but a single content creator could only hold the top spot for so long. I'm just surprised it wasn't a US based mega-corporation that got there first. Glad to see India is modernizing!
Real talk the only reason why T-Series got so many subs is because the smartphones subscribe to their channel automatically when you buy one in India, or at least so I heard.
Pewdiepie is still the biggest channel off his own back
Indian music videos vs. a guy looking at memes how thrilling
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slW6k9Xti90 If you want to know the whole backstory of the megacorporation behind T-series and why that ISP dominates the countrys communication industry.
It's a Bollywood music channel. It's not even a youtuber it's just a music publisher.
They're talking the best channels on the internet for more quality content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdudyOc3qiQ
Going off of subscribers of kind of dumb, since the majority don't really seem to watch pewdiepie's videos very often. In which case t-series beats him 10 times over each day. But rly who cares
Apparently they were suspiciously close for an artificially long time. https://youtu.be/LLXso9OA6yQ
Both channels are garbage. fite me
we have lost the war 😔
Mission failed, we'll get them next time
This means to me that we've finally made a point where corporation has fully surpassed user created content on YouTube. It's a disappointment, but inevitable that this was to happen.
Goodbye old youtube. Hello Googles Corporate whore super happy fun century...
pewdiepie had a renaissance for a while where he made really enjoyable videos but then the adpocalypse(?) happened and youtube choking out creators in general and now all he makes is the same 4 videos every week
Yeah it was inevitable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zea8Xc54tWc This video shows how T-Series has basically had a constant rise in subscribers while Pewdiepie has relied on bursts of interest every time the gap got close.
news and reactions or whatever yeah sad because he actually caught my attention once upon a time Whatever flows his boat, but its still sad.
I don't understand why the hell he still cares about most of the algorithm stuff. Money? I'm sure he has enough money to spend 2 lives doing nothing. Viewers? 90+m is not enough for him?
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