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Uh? PDP being some sort of undercover nazi is a narrative being pushed. I get that. But when did this narrative of the sub war being co-opted by racists come in? That's quite a bomb to drop without any further elaboration. I thought it was just dumb memes, not even started by PDP himself.
Why do you think the Christchurch shooter said it? PDP is not a Nazi in the slightest but part of the reason that narrative has been pushed so lately is because he's getting a bunch of support by Nazis, including in the sub war. Obviously not everyone in the sub war is alt-right but I guarantee you ask any Neo-Nazi and they'll say subscribe to pewdiepie. It's like I said, it fulfills their fetish of a lone white man sticking it up to a bunch of brown people.
I must have missed this because I thought the Nazis were defeated in WWII. Could you please show me where these Nazis supporting pewdiepie are? All I could find were bogus news articles about him accidentally shouting out a youtuber with racist content on his channel
A lot of racists do like talking about PDP but most of them definitely wouldn't if his sub count wasn't so high. A lot of them will probably toss him to the curb once T-Series firmly cements its #1 spot.
the nazi christchurch shooter said it because it was a verbal shitpost
I'm not sure why they would care if he was #2 vs #1
unpopular opinion: subscribe to PewDiePie is a dumb meme co-opted by the alt-right in order to start radicalising kids, which pewdiepie is ok with (given the people he used to follow on Twitter before the NZ shooting) don't forget, PewDiePie literally did a collaboration with ben shaprio, the guy who inspired the Canadian mosque shooting last year and spouts the similar ideas to the NZ dude. pewdiepie is a gateway to the alt-right
This is some high quality conspiracy shit right here.
Jesus christ, this is not what I'm saying at all. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was implying Pew is a Nazi or subbing for him is somehow racist, I'm just trying to point out how a decent number of the alt right have joined in the sub war on Pew's side because of their racist beliefs ;-;.
It's gotten completely out of control, the only path to redemption for pewdiepie is to directly confront and condemn the ideas that are now associated with his name.
Unless I'm mistaken, he literally has decried those folks repeatedly and condemned the alt-right.
not Nazis obviously, but I know for a fact at least UKIP and the EDL have discussed in closed facebook groups promoting the 'Sub to Pewdiepie' thing in order to get teenagers to like their parties. They've even posted on the /r/Pewdiepiesubmissions subreddit in the past with epic right wing owning the libs memes. Like I say obviously they aren't Nazis but in terms of Pewdiepie being piggybacked by political groups for their own ends, it's definitely happening.
i dont really consider platforming one of the figures of the alt-right condemning them tbh
It's not platforming if they're not using it to spout their beliefs
Man people taking this way too seriously, Pewdiepie just uses it as a joke, it's the fans that got too into it.
The thing that I don't like about PewDiePie is that he continues to joke and poke fun at the fact that he's gotten in trouble for saying racist things. intentional or not, there's a way to handle things when you fuck up as big as something as saying the n-word, and I'm pretty sure consistently saying shit like "who would ever say the n-word, nobody, that's preposterous" and the whole "look at this racially charged meme, except racist jokes aren't funny, even though I'm putting this racist joke in my you laugh you lose react vid" is a consistent dog whistle, and even if that too is unintentional, it still feeds into the kind of fan that would find that shit funny in the first place. I've personally given Felix more chances than he deserves so I cannot continue to support that unless he starts taking his mistakes and actions seriously, and realizing that even if he doesn't intend there to be any ulterior meaning, his more aggressive fans can and have seen it that way
Saying nigger isn't the end of the world. He shouldn't have to self flagellate forever.
way to not read my post! i gave him a chance past that, it was not the final straw for me, a year of consistently mentioning it in a way that suggests to me that he does not take it seriously is what the final straw was. I'm not asking him to be constantly remorseful, im asking him to stop bringing it back up as a joke
Just to back up the "Pewdiepie is a gateway to the alt-right" claim: https://external-preview.redd.it/IF3t0SuThQ2E8Ga92b0d-XucE-MI86zyXe-eQ2FHqDI.png?auto=webp&s=8d6e01ef7d58f158d162058ca57e13162b556d65 Pewdiepie only follows around 600 people. I think it would stand to reason that he doesn't follow any of these people on accident. Considering that he has actually collaborated with alt-right guys like Shapiro, I don't really see why it's up for debate. It's not a "conspiracy" like someone else said. Maybe the sub war being co-opted by racists is a conspiracy but PDP definitely is a... Supporter? Of this type of rhetoric.
Was litterally just about to post this too, to cover this up after being called out for it post-NZ he unfollowed everyone on his twitter and never addressed it
Imagine caring this much about a dude's twitter. I follow Ben Shaprio too, does this mean I'm apart of the alt right?
Imagine thinking Ben Shapiro is alt-right. The guy was probably the most outspoken critic of Trump during the election on the right, and continues to criticize him constantly to this day. According to the ADL, he was the single biggest target of anti-Semitic hate speech on Twitter.
Riiiiight In 2006, Shapiro called for sedition laws to be reinstated. He cited speeches critical of the Bush administration by Democrats Al Gore, John Kerry and Howard Dean as "disloyal" and seditious.[45][46] Shapiro later described President Barack Obama as a "philosophical fascist."[43] In a 2014 YouTube video titled "The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority", Shapiro said "We're above 800 million Muslims who are radicalised – more than half the Muslims on earth. That's not a minority...the myth of the tiny radical Muslim minority is just that: it's a myth". An analysis of the video by PolitiFact and Channel 4 disputed Shapiro's contentions.[49][50] In a 2002 article, Shapiro wrote "I am getting really sick of people who whine about 'civilian casualties'...when I see in the newspapers that civilians in Afghanistan or the West Bank were killed by American or Israeli troops, I don't really care". Shapiro declared that "One American soldier is worth far more than an Afghan civilian", accusing Afghan civilians of being "fundamentalist Muslims" who provide cover for terrorists or give them money.[54] Shapiro has argued that African-Americans were historically victims of injustice in the United States but that they are not victims of widespread systemic injustice today.[8] Shapiro has dismissed the idea that the United States was founded on slavery and has asserted America "was founded in spite of slavery."[60] In 2017, Shapiro argued that "The idea that black people in the United States are disproportionately poor because America is racist; that's just not true."[61] In 2007, Shapiro argued that "the Palestinian-Arab population is rotten to the core" and asserted that because "an entire population [is] corrupted by bloodthirsty anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism," punishing Palestinian leaders is insufficient: "Collective choices require collective treatment."[68] Vox describes Shapiro as a polarizing figure, in part due to statements such as "Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage." (2010).[43] Such a paragon of virtue, he's literally the same as people like PragerU(which he's showed up on multiple times ) Lauren Southern. Who decry themselves as "Oh no, we're totally not the alt right!" They just dog whistle and talk, about "inconvenient truths!" that for some reason echo the sentiments of neo nazis, and white supremacists.
600 people is a lot for one and two I can spot the Lacey Green explanation is bullshit. Those posters pasted online are of either two trends, people belonging in the extremist groups blinded to reason or people intentionally putting false or arguable information to fan the flames of perpetuate conflict. Just don't use infographics and try harder to make a more through argument.
I don't use twitter much but is 600 follows not a lot?
https://i.imgur.com/QSnci4Z.png Not sure what y'all are talking about, Pewdiepie is clearly just a BTS stan account.
I'd argue it's not a lot. Celebrities tend to go one of two ways. They follow a ton of people cause they follow friends, randoms, other celebs and sponsors or they curate their list and follow less than 100. I'd argue that at less than 600 you're probably intimately close with the people you follow. Let's not forget too that most of the people on the list tweet constantly. If I followed any of those people, there's no way that, AFTER MONTHS, I wouldn't noticed I accidentally followed them. They're terrible people who say awful things most of the time. Assuming you're not just straw-manning, I'd make the argument that it's farm more likely you're alt-right than not, yeah. I don't know you personally so I can't make the claim fully. If you weren't alt-right, I'd assume you're a journalist/blogger. Or maybe you engage in online debate a lot and want to keep up with the opposing side's talking points so you're prepared. Any number of possibilities exist out there. The reason people care this much about "a dude's" Twitter is because he has an extremely large platform that's focused on impressionable young people. Remember how people got SUPER PISSED at Logan Paul for making a video in the suicide forest at Japan and filming a dead body? It's not because people are prudes or puritans or whatever you wanna call them. It's because most reasonable adults don't want their kids exposed to bad things. Whether you like Pewdiepie or not, he has a responsibility with his platform to not give voices to bad faith actors. By following people like Molyneux or Shapiro, he's effectively signalling to his audience that these are people who's ideas he values. People he implicitly supports. This is further proven by adding Ben Shapiro to the meme review. That's just how it works. Everything is political, whether you want it to be or not, even if the intent isn't there, you're still being irresponsible by platforming certain people. So I suppose I could agree with you on that. It's entirely possible that Pewdiepie is just a dumb fuck and doesn't care one way or the other about politics. Still, he should be more careful going forward. So how ideologies work is: You can believe something without supporting it fully. Unfortunately, labels in language are only helpful for orientation rather than definitively defining something. In other words, it's entirely possible to describe yourself as "left-leaning" or "liberal" while still being in full support of Capitalism. "How can that be?" You might ask. When people opt to label themselves, it's usually because they want to use a helpful reference point to build their TRUE viewpoints around. Someone who says "Hey, I'm left-leaning." Might be using the label to say: "I'm progressive socially, but conservative economically. I value free market capitalism but acknowledge that it is an otherwise flawed system that could be bolstered by social systems such as free healthcare and education." Notice how the nuance is extremely hard to convey with a single label? When people call Shapiro alt-right, they're not necessarily referring to party affiliation (though he keeps the company of A LOT of swamp monsters.) they're referring to the ideas he has which seems to echo the sentiments of all the other alt righters. Believe it or not, you can be the single biggest target of anti-Semitic hate speech AND still be alt-right. Look at guys like Jesse Lee Peterson. This is a black dude who lived through some seriously shit times in this country but he still argues that slavery wasn't that bad and agrees that black people might be genetically inferior to whites. So yeah, Ben Shapiro is absolutely alt-right. Whether or not he's a victim of some deserved cyber bullying.
I follow Ben Shapiro on twitter to shitpost on his tweets
I was hoping he'd hit 100 million first
What the fuck happened, when I last looked (like 10 years ago) Laci Green was very left and liberal, what people would say is "SJW"
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