• Slime Rancher and Subnautica downloaded on EGS 4.5m times during giveaway
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https://www.shacknews.com/article/110642/subnautica-and-slime-rancher-top-45-million-free-downloads At stats, some stats! Thanks to Epic letting everyone know that EGS has 85 million people using it, that means 18% of people who use the Epic Game Store downloaded either of the two free titles during their giveaway period.
18%? That's quite a low percentage. Is it 85 million people having created an account or used it in the last week/month/year? Probably the first. Further, self-reported stats like that can be manipulated in every way possible and we have no way to check the validity or how meaningful the mumber actually is. Looking at Epic's past bullshit I wouldn't even be surprised if the number's are not what we should believe.
I’m sure there’s a large percent of Epic Games Launcher users who just use it to play Fortnite and nothing else, even to download a free game.
Isn't Epic's store tied to the same launcher as Unreal Engine too? That could also explain a lot of it. Like I think they're probably counting my Epic account when I haven't logged into it since long before their shitty store was even a thing.
Yep. You can't launch Unreal Engine without their launcher unless you compile your own binaries.
oh fuck i didnt know they were giving away subnautica
It costs around $20 right now, and trust me when I say it's worth way more. Do it do it do it
I'm sure they're using created accounts and not active users. Ugh I'm in that number from trying out Fortnite...
Hey a free game's a free game. Literally the only thing the store is doing right rn.
I installed EGS for subnautica, then I uninstalled EGS right away and it uninstalled subnautica with it. After installing it again and moving the folder it worked and the game was enjoyable. Though I regret installing EGS entirely due to their steam info sniffing.
Don’t forget ue4 as well as that’s what the launcher was for in the first place
The only thing I have ever used the launcher for is to get Subnautica. The only thing Epic is good for is the occasional free game, and even then I don't think I'd recommend downloading their sketchy store.
They already have played and/or have bought them either on that platform or on other platforms. Same reason I have exactly one copy of Skyrim despite deals on other platforms and a few key giveaways here and there.
I don't buy it. I mean sure there's a buttload of people who play fortnite, but 85m people is over a quarter of the us population. I don't buy it.
I feel like if I was desperate enough to get a launcher/turn to a platform I hate just to play a game for free, I'd just torrent it
If we go back that far, we'd be in the group that had their epic accounts pwnd by vBulletin
So what were the numbers for when they gave away The Jackbox Collection Volume 1? Or does that not count as its not as popular? And claiming 85 million users due to that many signing up to claim a free copy of popular games is like when F2P games use the number of registered accounts, including inactive and suspended accounts, to claim higher player counts than World Of Warcraft.
I'm pretty sure Epic are counting everyone who has an Epic account as being on the store. So I count because I signed up for an epic account from when I was dicking around with the Unreal Engine a few years ago, even though I have never used their store.
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