• Xbox One S All-Digital box art leaks, supposed launch on 7 May
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https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-one-s-all-digital-release-date Xbone SAD Edition.
I think Xbox is done. My hope is microsoft just migrates all their gaming interests to windows.
IIRC wasn't this what the original xbox one was going to be when it was announced and when the world found out they boycotted it so hard that Microsoft actually changed it back to a disc console? Goddamn
We've come full circle, but the gaming is in a much better place for it now than it was in 2013.
Not really, they wanted to lock everything to one console, and make so that CD's can only be used on the first xbox it's played on, and make it always online.
Xbox is done because they make a disc-less version of their console...? How this will change the fact that gaming consoles is still more convinient way of playing games for most people?
Now that i think about it, this matched with gamepass is actually not a half-bad idea
Oh yeah you're right. Totally forget about that silly idea. Still, I was amazed Mircrosoft actually 180'd on a console announcement like that so fast. Probably what saved them because I remember Sony taking full advantage of the hate for the Xbone originally
Don't remember the last time I bought a physical media product
My laptop doesn't have a disc drive. Hasn't inconvenienced me at all.
On my desktop, I haven't had a disc drive for years now, my last one died on my old computer like 6 - 7 years ago and I have no reason to want to replace it, my internet is good enough for downloading everything I want, most things are readily available digitally, the only purpose I can see a disc drive serving is for ripping the ISOs from older console games for emulation purposes.
All my Switch games are digital. I never have and never will buy a physical Switch game. It's cheaper and way more convenient buying digitally.
Pretty much lost all interest in ever buying an Xbone after MCC for the PC was announced. There’s almost nothing of value left that isn’t already on the PC or is on the way.
USB drives have replaced CD drives. To manually install Windows, you put it on an 8 GB USB drive and boot from that. CD drives are totally obsoleted.
In the UK all console games are about £5-10 more expensive as digital at launch for some reason. I would be okay with getting all download versions, but it's not worth the extra money.
It's weird how upset people get about this literally optional variant of a console. Why should everyone have to buy a console with a disc drive in it if they never use it?
I feel like it could be smaller. The base model PS4 is hella thin, and that's WITH a blu-ray drive. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/221018/beb20db0-af62-4d40-82a2-5e797eea8ab2/image.png What are they doing with all that space?
I disconnected my disc drive when I got my SSD and was too lazy to take out my graphics card to get access to the third and fourth eSATA ports on my motherboard. It hasn't caused me any issues. I'd personally prefer to have a disc drive on a console, but I won't lie and say the majority of the games I have these days are physical copies.
https://content.hwigroup.net/images/products_xl/196953/western-digital-red-4tb.jpg one can hope
Xbox's strategy right now is to move services away from hardware centric to software centric. Eventually, everything that can support Xbox titles will be, in effect, an Xbox.
I do think Next Gen is soon, This could just be like the Wii Mini, A last ditch revision to cater to people who missed out on most of the generation before the next line hits in the year after or two.
I don't think i could even live without a bluray/dvd drive. I have so much physical media it's ridiculous.
Physical media isn't going anywhere. The majority of folks rely on them because of bad internet infrastructure.
I was so surprised to see so many people saying they don't buy physical games anymore. Are digital games being more expensive than their physical counterparts really just a UK thing? That's like the only reason I even buy physical anymore. Most physical XB1 games are around £13 while their digital counterparts are around £25.
Nah it's a US thing as well. I can go pick up a copy of first party Nintendo games for ~$6 cheaper physically. Games that aren't first party range from $6-$30 cheaper physically. Take Mario + Rabbids, it's $60 according to Nintendo's website. Go to Walmart's website, $34.50, Amazon has it for $31.45, Best Buy for $60 (????), and Gamestop for $19.99. Gamestop actually shows how much cheaper physical games are too, https://i.imgur.com/XlKmUez.png
I just realized my PC doesn't have one as well. I just looked and realized I didn't get one when putting it together. But it's fine, it took me like 4 months to realize this, hasn't inconvenienced me at all.
I keep a disk drive around for the odd time I have to use disk media. I have a fucking huge computer case and a motherboard with like 10 SATA ports so dedicating one slot to a $20 DVD drive is no skin off my nose. I have a bunch of old games that you simply can't get digitally, plus I've kept every physical copy of a game even if I did buy it digitally. That said, I haven't bought a physical console game release in ages. The only exception being for my Switch and that's just because I'm lazy and keep forgetting to upgrade the micro SD card
Physical media is becoming a niche thing (like vinyl collecting). A majority of casual consumers will be making the move to digital exclusively
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