• Charlottesville schools close after 4chan threat
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https://www.huffpost.com/entry/charlottesville-schools-closed-after-4chan-threat_n_5c9391c1e4b08c4fec353727?36 Schools in Charlottesville, Virginia, were closed Thursday after someone threatened on the anonymous social site 4chan to launch an attack on Charlottesville High School. An anonymous poster claiming to be a student at the school threatened an “ethnic cleansing” there that would take place on Thursday, according to the message on 4chan reviewed by HuffPost. Other users goaded the poster, announcing, “School shooting tomorrow.” The messages reportedly were forwarded to local authorities on Wednesday evening. It’s unclear whether the threat was legitimate, but Charlottesville City Public Schools closed schools out of caution, a police spokesperson said. Jalane Schmidt, an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia whose daughter attends the high school, told HuffPost that she received robocalls and emails from the district about the threat on Wednesday. “We saw what happened during Unite the Right ― 4chan was a huge part of that,” Schmidt said. “I think they want to take precautions because they didn’t take it as seriously as they should have in 2017. This throws a monkey wrench into Charlottesville, but I’m fine with my daughter staying home today.”
it's not white supremacy, it's mental illness. cesspools like 4/8chan just facilitate psychotic breaks in people, usually encouraging this awful behavior. i think it's about time 4/8chan disappear permanently tbh
Nah I'm pretty sure these aren't mutually exclusive. Not all mentally ill people are dangerous and not all dangerous people are mentally ill. You could argue that mentally ill people might be more susceptible to radicalisation, but even then, they wouldn't be a danger without someone to radicalise them in the first place.
Here's the original thread. I'm surprised to be hearing this after the fact, usually when a credible threat or someone does something so fucking stupid it gets reported, the entire site goes into freeze mode.
The leadership of 4chan has to be held accountable for enabling this stuff at some point. They've gotten away with it for so long now. It has to change.
Sounds like Icarus is flying too close to the sun. If they keep it up we'll soon see a global 4chan ban.
I would call white supremacy a form of mental illness though? You either have to be incredibly stupid or mentally unwell to support it.
close pol, close thedonald, shut down 8chan. Rip the soap box out from underneath these people.
reddit will *never* do that, they make way too much ad revenue from that one sub. Pretty much that entire category of user doesn’t know what an ad blocker is, so it makes sense.
Edgy children have too much influence, influence that never would have existed pre internet chat boards
Edgy children are their larval stage
that's a good point, but i don't believe mentally stable people commit mass murders at random. I also believe education would help tremendously. as mark twain once said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”. pretty much america right now
I wouldn't. It's a dangerous ideology that an otherwise normal, sane person can get unwittingly swept into given the right circumstances. To me, saying you have to be mentally unwell or stupid to give into it is just another way of saying that it's wrong without understanding why people get involved in it in the first place. We humans are probably much more impressionable than you would think. If one grows up in the right circumstances with the right rhetoric being spread around them, it is not surprising that they would turn to extremism like this. Ideas like white supremacy are bred and spread, they don't just crop up like schizophrenia or some other actual illness. Calling it nothing more that a mental illness completely ignores its long history and multitudes of people who have rallied under its banner including the Nazis in Germany and a majority of the South for several centuries.
More accountability is pretty much impossible because of the anonymous thing, they already report posts to the authorities and racism is bannable offense found in the global community rules and can be reported. However because of how easy it is to cheat the system and ban evade, people who are constantly a problem will continue to be a problem. Hell, the court fees and other bullshit that came with The Fappening is why moot left, and now he's comfortably living in Japan working on Google Maps. Hiro will continue to fleece credit cards and make it seem that the website is on its last leg to get people to donate more and doing jack shit about anything else, so it will take a state or national government seizing servers and domains to completely deplatform extremists.
These edgy children have grown out of 4chan or either grown up into white supremacists.
They ARE accountable for it. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58181/a8838c49-06af-4ec3-9da8-1bec3b32a631/image.png A school shooting threat is ILLEGAL. ANY credible threat is deleted as soon as possible, reviewd by the moderation team, and passed along to the correct authorities. Do you think that Team 4chan is just a group of alt-right white nationalists giggling to themselves every time they see a shooting threat, a bomb scare, or anything similar? Why the fuck do you think the FBI was involved to begin with? Do you understand how many fucking lawsuits the website has been through in the past fifteen years? I've read through court cases of moot having to explain what an "index" is to judges and laywers. The problem is not 4chan - the problem is fucking maniacs that happen to use the website.
And the maniacs that use the website can easily be driven out, alebit in a manner that is more reminiscent of chemotherapy rather then anything clean. /pol/ is something that definitely needs to be removed.
I found this again. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/8054876e-d211-443e-b316-53ef904f1894/1547214749458.png /pol/ has taken a few forms over the course of the 15 years and change 4chan has been around, and each time the board was nuked because it devolved into Stormfront. It wouldn't be out of character to have the board be killed again, but hiro abides by different rules than moot did.
You know that there are more boards on 8chan than just pol right
Correction: it's not white people, it's white supremacists. At least that's the only thing I could possibly imagine you were trying to say that made any sense.
....... im saying.. that to be a supremacist you have to be mentally ill.
Ignorance is a form of stupidity. It's just one that can be remedied unless one is willingly ignorant. Anyone who has logically concluded that white supremacy is the answer to their problems is obviously not all there in the head. Anyone who was raised into it or exposed to the correct rhetoric or whatever is either ignorant or looking for someone to blame for their problems.
I disagree but even so, they're still supremacists... The issue is the supremacy. The mental illness might exacerbate an issue, but mental illness on its own is not the issue. The issue is, you know, the genuine belief that any one race is superior to another.
it's been a while since i paid any attention to school, but i'm fairly certain the core definition of a mental illness includes shifts in behavior and ways of thinking or processing thoughts. rehabilitation goes hand in hand with education in all cases of recovery from psychotic breaks like this.
You don't get to say "they ended up at the wrong conclusion; therefore, mental illness! This is clearly a shift from my extensive knowledge of each individual person and their personalities!" Or, like, idk, we can talk about the fact that racism is an issue??????
wtf geel, seriously. are you just abhorrent here or what
I'm not the one claiming to have extensive knowledge of all white supremacists to say that the issue is solely mental illness and not extremist ideology.
i never claimed that.
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