• Charlottesville schools close after 4chan threat
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Then you should articulate your points better, because that's what what you said means.
You don't have to be mentally unwell to be radicalized. It helps, but it's not always a requirement.
Racist ideologies aren't a symptom of psychosis :| The definition (really they're more symptoms of some mental illnesses than anything) you give in the first sentence of this post would also only apply if it were a sudden change that had no other cause beyond the development of some kind of mental disorder which could cause sudden racist ideals (if there even is such a thing). So if someone who had never had a racist bone in their body suddenly thought the Chinese were beaming instructions into their head, they probably have latent schizophrenia, but if they just happen to hate Asians then they're just ignorant/a bit of a dickshit and you shouldn't oversimplify the many factors that contribute to this line of thinking by simply equating it with a mental illness.
The two explanations aren't mutually exclusive, there are unaddressed issues with how little (and poorly) we care for mental health, as there are subcultures revolving around white supremacy that prey on isolated, emotionally vulnerable people that find a sense of belonging in the racial identity they provide. One exacerbates the other, but it's not like the alt-right only goes for people who could do with mental care. The gameplan is about working it into the mainstream, melding it with anti-immigration rhetoric, attempting to co-op arguments of free speech, playing up social justice warriors as a threat. Most of all, blurring the lines between radical platforms and popular opinions, so that they're impossible to criticize without other groups feeling targeted as well. Even here, there could be a perfectly stable, average person, taking issue with my pointing towards alt-right influence on the discourse around SJWs, because they've taken issue with obnoxious social justice, too. That was pretty much the whole problem with JonTron, for instance, who was vulnerable from a lack of knowledge more so than mental illness.
Go back to school
I think the sad thing is, most of the people on these boards don't willfully fall into the whole white supremacy stuff, but rather, just fall into it due to memes and wanting to feel like they're part of something bigger. Mostly because 4chan typically targets those in life who have never found success or are social outcasts. They want to contribute and have some validation, so they parrot the memes and phrases in the hopes of feeling like they belong. In some of these cases, they fully start to believe what they're parroting. Not saying there aren't people on there who are full on neo nazi white supremacist, just that the ones that are are the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes and luring in your average shitposter to their cause, because they know what your average shitposter craves and they play to that. Really, I do think /pol/ should just be gone at this point. Yeah, it won't get rid of the problem, and they'll just set up shop somewhere else, but the more you obfuscate access to this type of ideology by making it less and less convenient to access, the less it's able to spread. I brought this up with a friend of mine once after the NZ shootins, and they were vehemently against it. Saying things like "containment boards do work" and "censorship" and the like. I get their angle, but at the same time, and in the words of 4chan by calling this what it is, you don't deal with a cancer by letting it grow. You take care of the tumor (/pol/), monitor things afterward, and if it moves, take care of it again.
maybe this is why our overlord moot jumped ship for google years ago
Funny story, there was a kid in my middle school who used to make n-word jokes on the regular. He got ballsy and used to tell black kids to "go back to the cotton field, slave" and stuff like that. Until he called one of the most athletic kids in the school a nigger and immediately got his ass whooped He stopped making racist jokes after that
If containment boards work , why did the recent mosque shooting happen with so many /pol/sters cheering on? When I can no longer tell if you are being edgy or an outright Nazi, you already crossed the line
/pol/ wasn't always this shitty. It used to be genuine satire until Stormfront established e-colonies and disguised their beliefs as memes. Modern stormweenies are a result of years of subversion and dissent. It was essentially a meme board until the Nazi fuckers colonized it, ruining it forever. A global ban would be ineffective, because the problem doesn't stem from 4chan. Just because you browse 4chan doesn't mean that you're a Nazi. I browse /his/ regularly, and every day there will be at least one thread in which a bunch of stormweenies attempt to push their shitty ideology upon us /his/torians, and yet every time they are annihilated by the same five posters who fucking demolish their arguments. Ban stormfront. Establish groups that actually attempt to weed out the members and prevent them from expressing their opinions.
Once again our peaceful little city falls into a state of unnecessary chaos and disarray.. *sigh*
It's not white supremacy, it's mental illness. Cesspools like Germany just facilitate psychotic breaks in Nazis, usually encouraging this awful behaviour. I think it's about time Germany disappears permanently tbh
Moot was catastrophically stupid but he wasn't a sociopath. The horrible shit that happened on 4chan did get to him and he did want it to stop. He was just much of a stubborn idiot to respond with anything that would've been effective so when he couldn't take it anymore he ran away instead of shutting the source of his problems down.
That damn hacker 4chan at it again
The amazing thing is that, now that 4channers are getting bold enough to start committing killing sprees, we may very well get some of them to make car bombs. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107267/68e0269c-3131-4374-a3e1-3f7606f3b396/Yellowvan.gif
wow, very good job. you went out of your way to miss the point entirely. "no ur WRONG to show compassion for another human being and their mental state by offering mental healthcare and education to combat the larger issues here". honestly it is super obvious that the way things are handled in america is not working nor helping to fix any of these current issues and again as i've said countless fucking times this thread, healthy sane people do not commit mass murder no matter how you want to cherry pick this argument. a personality and/or mental disorder require, require, require self awareness, education AND healthcare to manage. and yes, if you believe you are superior based on your race then you definitely fall within one of those two archetypes absolutely cuz you know.. that's literally being a sociopath.
You talk a big talk about recognizing mental illness and then you just throw out a mass-diagnosis for people you've never met. You don't get to say "we need a focus on mental healthcare" and then say "also I'm qualified to say these people are all sociopaths btw"
lmao, wow. you really are going out of your way here geel. let me break it down for you since you're obviously having a hemorrhage over these 'big talk' words lol. to make it easier i'll try not to offend you by typing out these 'big talk' words. google definition of a sociopath: https://i.imgur.com/7dlnw2k.png psychiatry.org definition of a personality disorder: https://i.imgur.com/afZ8Cun.png psychiatry.org definition of a mental illness: https://i.imgur.com/RmWOhnb.png bonus from psychiatry.org: https://i.imgur.com/B24m300.png and a bonus bonus on the reclassification of racism as a mental illness: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1071634/ furthermore, i never claimed to be "qualified". that is just you trying to incite a flame war. and yeah, no one on earth will convince me that a healthy and sane person will commit murder. now on to this no respect thing.. i am an advocate for fixing the system. in fact, i actually believe what i preach so much that i volunteer with my local NAMI group to help people with mental illness. what do you do again? sit here and attack people over their opinions? 'big talk' i guess. i'm done with this thread now, any frothing at the mouth will be all for nothing but i suspect you will carry on anyway.
Just cause someone believes insane bullshit, doesn't make the person insane. Human history has had a history of people believe in insane ideas and concepts. But mentally they are stable.
I'm not bothered to go into why the rest of your post is wrong. I just want to point out that you've highlighted the least important part of that definition and ignored the actual definition. It's the "manifesting itself as extreme antisocial attitudes and behaviour and a lack of conscience" that describes sociopathy. Being a sociopath means you have a mental disorder, it doesn't mean all mental disorders are sociopathy. To describe someone accurately as being a sociopath you would need to perform a psychiatric evaluation on them, which you can't do to a group.
You don't need to be mentally ill to be a supremacist, history has proven time and time again that social, political and cultural norms can make the most horrible shit acceptable for average people
better mental health care is a bandaid fix; it wont stop nazis from telling the suggestive “you’re perfectly sane, the dems and muslims are the ones with mental deficiencies, they even pushed this psychology reform to make you think you could be crazy”. and tbh i think they’ve been saying plenty akin to that for decades already
People who respect or at all understand mental healthcare don't try to use poorly linked-together Google definitions to diagnose swathes of people with a specific personality disorder.
finally someone gets it
You need to go sit in some lectures at a local college and actually bother to learn something rather than googling up studies on the internet to prove your point, you've already told us you don't pay attention with schooling so obviously you think only your voice is the important one. Honestly your posts are actually starting to look like mad ravings, you obviously have a hell of a lot of maturing to do when it comes to debating/arguing your points, you seem to be incalpable of looking at anyone else's point of view unless you've 'googled heavily on it'
Unless we're talking about /gif/, that's just full of gay, trap and bbc threads at the moment. It's getting out of hand.
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