• Valve shows off Steam library overhaul, new Events features
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https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/events-library-overhaul-coming-to-valves-steam-store-1203169055/?yptr=yahoo Valve is overhauling the Library view of its popular Steam PC gaming store and rolling out a new “events” feature in a move to increase user engagement, the company announced during a talk at the Game Developers Conference Thursday. Looking forward, Valve detailed two major changes coming to Steam. Steam Events will be a new way for developers to communicate with their players through Steam. The idea is that developers can create a sort of call to action around specific in-game events. Another major change coming to Steam will overhaul the look of a person’s game library in Steam. The top section of the new library view will have large tiles showing the games you most recently played, so you can quickly jump back into them. A friend’s list will run down the side of the page, alongside your most recently played games, showing what your friends are currently playing so it’s easy to join them. In conjunction with the redesigned library, Valve is also overhauling the details page for each game so that all of the content for a game is in one place. Valve is also bringing its sorting tools used in the store to the library to make it easier for players to sort through their purchases. That includes the ability to save filters a player created to set-up instant collections.
Meanwhile, there's an almost 5 minute queue just to log into the Epic Store https://i.imgur.com/RDLD9ms.png
Finally, rumors have been abound of a steam UI update for ages, maybe it'll finally get rolled out sometime this year.
Please tell me this is fake.
That's what they're doing this year, along with Steam China and some other stuff. But what I care about most is the god damn mobile update that we should've had a long time ago.
It's not, I'm seeing it right now too
hilariously, its real! VNN just proved it by opening the epic games store on his stream epic what are you doing
Nah man, I prefer to have my library split apart, having to remember multiple passwords and security details OR have them neatly in one place ready for the taking or just waiting to get an error and be lost, use 5 different launchers, one of which doesn't has even half of the features Steam has, and is possibly sending my data to China. Yeah, you bet your ass the Epic launcher pisses me off.
Why is MIrrors Edge Catalyst in that? Ain't that an Origin exclusive? :v
it's from all the sales! nah just kidding, at most its from fortnite
Don't forget spending money on the Epic store directly funds the Chinese government!
oh shit, is this it? I thought it was already in, but it was so small it was almost unoticeable
Non steam games?
I hope that there's an option to use something more similar to the old list view. There's a reason I don't use the grid view in the first place. And the friend activity part isn't something I really care for either. The recent and game updates section isn't bad though, I could see that part being useful at least.
sinking money into what could be called bribes to start the equivalent of a console war except nobody can argue one is better than the other, when literaly everything is better than the Epic store.
Why can't valve do a complete UI redesign so it doesn't look like they slapping new elements on top of old UI?
Because Steam is a jenga tower of decade+ old code like everything else Valve does and they've been spending three years trying to fix it.
Reverse Valve time working its magic somehow? It looks more modern and yet keeps its general design. I like it.
Wow, that's pathetic.
when you spend millions on scalping games but dont buy any servers
as long as stuff doesn't load/lag in real time like new friends.
Same UI framework, and it seems the main Steam window itself is still vgui.
Also because Valve is an anarchic shitshow where stuff gets done by whoever felt like doing it, and then they give up halfway through
I thought custom skins were long since killed in new chat update?
You're not able to set large images on non-steam games right now, so they either fixed that (Nice!) or there's a hidden Origin games on Steam announcement here (NICE!)
They killed skins for the friends UI, but you can still use them on the normal steam client. Based off this it looks they'll be killing off skins for good which sucks.
Looks like the list is still there on the side, they've just organized it all into categories for some reason
I like it.
oooh, this actually looks quite nice. I'm not used to UI updates actually improving over the original, and not just streamlining the shit out of it.
Who's to say they aren't
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