• Valve shows off Steam library overhaul, new Events features
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By competition do you mean operating on what has to be an appallingly large net loss from having to bribe developers with what i have to assume is Joker sized piles of money to actually use their platform, which is happening a year after Valve already said they were going to be doing these things?
Gonna miss using skins but this does look pretty sleek.
How many times have you said this to him dude He's intentionally being obtuse. He's trolling.
I'm repeating it for the benefit of anyone who might be misled by his Epic ass licking.
I'm all for new features and changes as long as they don't take more resources.
events will let developers actually have a call to action that integrates with steamworks API so you'd have an event that says "kill 100 scavs" or whatever also yes, steam skin rip (i'm the one that sent out the metro announcement lol)
Valve removed skinning of html pages due to security... But I the current method is editing the cached css files
My only hope with this ui overhaul is that they actually overhaul it unlike what they did with the chat. The new chat window is very buggy for me even after all this time. If you call someone for example, it will revert to the old UI and create a second instance of the steam overlay and lag you to hell and back.
My favourite Hank part of the new chat UI is that when you send a trade request, it'll open up the old chat UI
Epic Store in general is just one big yikes
Honestly, the only major flaw I've noticed with Steam is the streaming service is absolute ass. Some friends of mine, however, are more critical of Valve in not removing hate-groups/asset-flip games as much as they think they should.
I really hope they remove all the bullshit articles clogging up the update feed from news sites trying their best to cram the title of the game into a story just to show up on the top. Just give me developer updates, thank you.
I think it looks super nice.
So long Metro skin, you were so clean and beautiful https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/217809/98047756-f1cf-4ecf-910f-fe8aae7e7da0/image.png
As shitty as epic is I hope that it at least gets valve to update the steam store more, course it would be better if epic actually had a good store that competed with valve forcing genuine competition instead of trying to buy all the good games to force you to use their piece of shit service, I mean I actually tried to use there store it was so bad I couldn't even buy games.
Agreed, I don't want Epic to overtake Valve but I do want them to try. Multiple storefronts isn't a problem - Artificial exclusivity is.
https://puu.sh/D4klx/53864666ca.jpg Good news regarding the placement of the different sections! I had expressed my concerns regarding the placement of the new workshop tab and this was his response, seems things will work out just fine.
I really hope you can configure the placement of tiles in this new library UI, i'd love to be able to put achievements in the left menu above the Recent Events And Updates menu. Going off the pictures posted it look's like there'll be a little less width for the achievement bar to show as many achievements that the current ui can if you can't customize placement. On a side note, dlc's being above the achievements seems like a very sneaky marketing engagement tactic, or maybe it's totally unintentional, can't say for sure obviously.
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