• Epic Q&A: won't do exclusives forever, and regrets pulling Metro Exodus
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https://youtu.be/8CTeLy3Ujxc This video has never been so relevant
Epic can go jump in a fire.
They would likely be working on more important stuff than Steam achievements if they knew it would be an EGS exclusive for the first year. Afaik, to have steam achievement support (as well as other stuff) you need to bundle the Steam Lib with your game executable (which I believe is why inside the dir you will always find files named with steam in them), and I doubt they would do that if they are releasing exclusively on EGS.
I wont believe in this one bit since they said developers first and fuck customers like literally days ago Fuck you guys
Update, Timmy said metro was the example, exclusives will keep coming: http://u.cubeupload.com/Coldmute/o6J5m4.png
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