• Tim Sweeney "does not take any orders from Tencent," says Epic
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https://www.pcgamer.com/tim-sweeney-does-not-take-any-orders-from-tencent-says-epic// During a public Q&A at the Game Developers Conference this week with Epic Games Store leaders Steve Allison, Sergey Galyonkin, and Joe Kreiner, a GDC 2019 attendee invoked a claim that's appearing more frequently in Reddit threads, tweets, and discussions of the company: that Tencent, which invested in Epic in 2013, 'actually' runs the company. "[I'm] wondering if it was Tencent's idea to abandon Unreal Tournament's community?" the expo attendee quipped. After letting the audience laugh through the awkward tension in the room, Epic Store lead Steven Allison gave a firm response. "Tencent has no, zero, input into our business. They do not talk to us about what we are doing. They don't suggest what we should be doing. They don't make any decisions for us. They are not in our building. Everything we do is with our team, and the final point of conversation when it goes up to the top is Tim [Sweeney, CEO]. And Tim does not take any orders from Tencent. Believe me." "Obviously there was a significant investment that [Tencent] made in the company a few years ago, and we like them as a company, and they're a partner of ours, but they're not running our business," Allison continued. "They are not in the building. We don't share anything with them. In fact, we compete with them. They run PUBG. We compete with them." "So Tencent has nothing to do with the Epic Store," asked the attendee. "Zero," said Allison. This is the one thing I'm willing to fully believe them on. Also mostly because I'm tired of this narrative. Also I don't know how to do the fancy article embeds, forgive me.
To say they're "running the company" would obviously not be accurate, but I don't buy for a second that they have zero input in the business. You don't own 40% of a company and have no influence.
"I'm not forced to make these decisions that have the core gaming community enraged." is hardly a strong defence, but okay.
They have members on the Epic board of directors.
What a pointless statement. Anyone who believes that he does isn't going to change their mind because he said so.
And in the same talk Steve Allison said on the subject of epic games exclusives "we will never do this again in this way" while they've still got the outer worlds, the david cage trilogy, dangerous driving, journey to the savage planet in the pipeline for delayed or exclusive releases so at this point we can assume that they're in damage control mode. But this'll fuel the EGS shills for a little longer.
If anything, I think Epic is taking full responsibility here for their actions. They're saying the blame should lie on them (which it should), not Tencent (which some people are placing the blame on in tandem). It's not meant to be a strong defense of Epic, just a "stop saying Tencent controls us when they don't" statement. Do they have an influence? More than likely, but I'd say it's more or less in bringing their products and services to Chinese markets, like their investments in Discord and other AAA publishers/developers.
"Haha you idiots, I'm not forced to be a dickhead, I just am one" Wow I'm sold, installing epic store as we speak.
"Jokes on them, I was not pretending to be retarded!"
i love how he says this like it actually means anything oh wow you're not a chinese shilling douchebag you're just a shilling douchebag
It's pretty funny seeing how overdetermined Sweeney is to prove everyone he doesn't take orders from Tencent. It's like he's trying too hard.
I feel like him admitting he was a “chinese shilling douchebag” would make it a bit better to digest. At least then you can make the logical assumption; “Ok, the chinese probably have something on him or are twisting his arm in a certain way to do this shit.”, but by saying you aren't, then surely he is just admitting to being a greedy asshole right?
It's exactly what someone taking orders from Tencent would be doing.
If not from them, he surely takes orders from their juicy money
Oh, so youre being a fuckin dickhead on purpose good to know
If they are telling the truth that just makes it worse that the killed UT.
Obviously their Chinese Overlords are telling their minion's to tell the community they are not involved in their business practices.
If you don't then get rid of them, They helped with the most 1984 thing ever, the china's Social Credit System. Tencent, along with NetEase are activity spying on the Uyghurs population in China, which China puts in "reeducation camps".
On the other hand it's kind of nice that they're giving Tencent the easy way out.
Tencent itself is a massive holding group (they own over 600 companies), so to say that all Tencent investments are acting on behalf of the Chinese govenment is misleading, and probably something the US gov would be extremely concerned about. Tencent is an owner in the many games and has multiple investments: Riot (100%) Miniclip (unknown) PUBG (100%) Supercell (84%) Epic (40%) Ubisoft (5%) Frontier (9%) Snapchat (12%) Discord (leader of multiple series of fundings, undisclosed %) Additionally, their competitor NetEase owns stake in the following companies: Bungie (undisclosed minority stake, $100 million) Quantic Dream (undisclosed, minority) A44 Games (undisclosed, minority) Niantic ($200 million, minority) So if we're gunna jump on Epic for this, where's the outrage for all these other companies?
I don't buy from those companies either. But this thread was about Epic, not them.
Tim Sweeney right now https://twitter.com/dril/status/134787490526658561?lang=en
Not only that, but Tencent is still getting money out of this so it's a pointless contention
"WHAT ABOUT THESE OTHER COMPANIES THAT CHINA PUPPETEERS" Is that somehow supposed to make it okay that Timmy boy is clearly getting directed by his chinese pals?
Don't forget 80% of Grinding Gear Games, who despite that are still pretty popular. No one seems to mind having Path of Exile or League of Legends installed despite their developers being fully or near fully owned by Tencent.
As a point I actually don't really like either of those. In fact I really don't like Riot. And I found Path of Exile lackluster and had to just now look up grinding gear to realize they made it.
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