• Tim Sweeney "does not take any orders from Tencent," says Epic
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Kill Tim and bomb Tencent into the ground! They are nothing more than money-grubbing, spying bastards who whore out your privacy and push this whole "Games as a service" bullshit that has metastasized into a cancer that has now threatened the sanctity of the gaming media! Seriously, I hope this industry burns with everyone involved crucified on live TV alongside their children!
I cant tell if this is ironic strawman sarcasm or a genuine opinion anymore.
Clearly, you must a shill by Crooked Tim and his cronies paid to make me look bad! I CAN SEE YOU, YOU LITTLE RATFUCKER!
If i mention Tiananmen Square are you going to suddenly disappear?
do you have any proof the chinese government is secretly controlling epic, or are you making grandiose assumptions? are you suggesting discord is also a puppet of the chinese government, as well as bungie? where on earth is this coming from?
ill be honest, a lot of the posts about this epic stuff sounds like astroturfing
There is probably a 0% chance companies have ever bought FP accounts to astroturf.
Pretty much a kind of bandwagon effect. Company X is involved in bad thing which upsets people, and so people become more open to believing claims that they're involved in other bad thing.
Are you implying that a company with 40%, 80%, or 100% ownership of yours has no power and sway over what you do, how you do it, and when you do it?
Im not saying they are controlling Epic, but Epic does give Tencent money. That's the problem.
It's even out in the open who owns Tencent. It's Napster, the founder of Tencent, and a bunch of investors. Then it has a large amount of shares for the public. No doubt anything involving China is going to be shady. But I think Tencent is getting way too much criticism purely because of Epic's own dumb decisions. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113148/e7958a6f-485c-4f45-af18-7c8406980db0/image.png
Clearly you missed the thread about people being worried about PoE when the news first came up about tencents purchase. Also the news is about Epic and Tim Sweeny making retarded comments.
You know, I think I'm just done buying games. I haven't bought a game in years. There's just so much god damn drama in the games industry.
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