• Oh by the way, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 is happening. March 2020.
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https://store.steampowered.com/app/532790/Vampire_The_Masquerade__Bloodlines_2/ https://www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive
Add this to the list of games that actually managed to happen before another Half-Life...
YES!!!!! The first one is still one of the most fun RPG's released forever. And its currently on sale on Steam! Pre-purchase Vampire I prepurchased way earlier than I would normally so Epic doesn't come along and steal this from me too.
Fuck all that other noise, this is what I've been waiting for: halo? pfft, Sekiro? pffft Man only next year, I've waited this long I can wait one more year.
Haha I just noticed the preorder bonus https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58141/f4f3d25b-022b-4bb2-a99f-e8deaeb6895e/image.png That's cheeky as fuck
Please don't fuck up, you have a lot to live up to.
It's going to be on GOG, Steam, Epic and Paradox's store.
inb4 it's only on epic.
Anything can happen but Paradox Interactive both as a developer and publisher do have a history of releasing all their PC games on everything including the kitchen sink, so the chances of this game going to an exclusive store is slimmer than others.
Yeah this is awesome and all but are they gonna remove the fucking turnstile in club confession?
Is this year gaming redemption arc? Minus that Epic shit of course
Pretty fucked up that my first thought was "I hope it's not an Epic exclusive." Anyway, I hope it's good. I don't expect it to be the same as the first game, but if they go into it with the same or similar goals it could be great.
https://puu.sh/D3ywG.png yep. definitely masquerade.
It's written by the same person who did the first apparently. The trailer looks extremely faithful to the mood that Trokia wanted to portray at the time, only freaking gorgeous. I'm stoked.
And Chris Avellone is working on it.
Finally a good vampire game. Not to say Vampyr was a bad game quite the oppisote it just was a bad vampire game but was a very fun Doctor simulator.
Fortunately Paradox hasn't been flipped by Epic (Yet) and they're publishing it for some reason.
System Shock, Dying Light 2 and now Bloodlines 2. He's really getting busy this year.
Nice! I just recently sat down and played thru the entirety of the first game. Perfect timing.
Really interested in this game, but I'm staying cautiously optimistic. This isn't a game made by a small-ish dedicated team like the first one. This is a big studio project. I just hope they don't go too hard on the DLC like Paradox is known to, and that they don't water down elements from the first game to appeal as broad an audience as possible.
I've been going through another play just here recently, this is fantastic. It'd be hilarious if they somehow got it on an unfinished Source 2 build like the first with Source.
So not having played the first, is it easy getting into? Sometimes I have a hard time playing games that haven't aged well when I didn't play them originally.
That's a mixed bag. There are frankly some mechanics and elements that are wholly clunky and just rough to play with and its not exactly a visual masterpiece. But in term of its roleplaying aspects it is absolutely fantastic, and there are plenty of mechanics that are just simple and straightforward.
half life 2 episode 3 runs on their engine, valve has been waiting for Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 to come out to release it
Just make sure you have a decent amount (I think 4?) dots in Firearms by the time you do the Going The Way of Kings mission and you will be able to get through the game. Avoid Nosferatu or Malk your first playthrough as they contain elements that alter the way the game plays significantly and outright lock off a couple quests in the case of Nosferatu.
Playing as a thin blood is going to be interesting considering how they're treated in the lore.
It's been a while since Bloodlines, so I suggest everybody give a look back at the ending to refresh their memories.
Why the fuck are Trump supporters so pissed about this game? Almost every fucking post in the Steam Forums is bitching about Socialism or something like that (and of coarse a few racist as well).
Who knows, who cares, conservatives are immense snowflakes and get angry at so much shit in games, cant keep up.
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