• Oh by the way, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 is happening. March 2020.
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White Wolf in general have a bit of a history with scandals in their games. Their Beast: the Primordial gameline had the main writer say "This game is intended as an allegory for trans people", but ingame you have to deal with a hunger mechanic that will consume and kill you. The only way to deal with this hunger is to inflict pain and suffering on people around you because that's in your nature, and you shouldn't be judged or held accountable for it. The games antagonists are 'heroes', people who hunt Beasts like yourself but they're super bad because they just don't know the pain you're going through. One of the main Hunters in the settings is a soccer-mum protecting her three kids, but she's written in such a way as to make you think she's the bad guy and you're justified. It's insulting and stupid. Plus after the book was released it turned out the main writer was a paedophile, which threw the whole book under the bus and into a new sickening light.
Can't get hyped, one too many red flags for me. The production seems to be too expensive to carry the unique voice of Bloodlines. Now that I think about it, as much as liked Bloodlines, I never felt like that game needed a sequel. I'd much rather they went Pathologic 2 route and make a 1:1 spatial remake with reworked story and character cast, expansions here and there... I will remain neutral but I will be jolly if the game turns out to be good.
I mean, Bloodlines is if anything characterized by some fairly lofty goals which were only half-fulfilled in the game's original incarnation. Giving the developers more room and more funds to work on a project that actually fulfills the ambitions of the original doesn't seem like such a departure.
Well, the reason I loved Bloodlines was nothing revolutionary or particularly budget heavy, it was the story, characters and the voice talent. What was special is that the game allowed me to play that story from different perspectives and interact within it differently, but characters and the world were essential to my enjoyment. And large scale productions use writers for hire who usually don't carry the same edge as smaller independent studios. Even in something as lame as Dota 2 you can feel the absence of Marc Laidlaw, new heroes have the most boring replies (and I liked it when heroes had more entertaining cleverer lines). Paradox advertises the fact they have one writer who worked on the original, but they also have a senior writer who seems to find it difficult finding words to express her thoughts in an interview, saying "like" every other sentence, that's a biggest worry of all for me, personally. I don't know how the game will end up being and I don't know about ambitions of the original developers, I only loved the patched version of VtMB that I played myself two times. So I'll just stay skeptical until the sequel comes out and if it's good, I'll buy it and play it. I'll probably buy it even if it's 60% as good as the original in terms of writing. But no lower.
TBH it's way to early to say the sequel will be good or bad. I'm just happy the stars aligned to give the world another shot.
Shit, this thread just reminds me that I need to mod Vampire The Masquerade so that it doesn't just crash instantly on launch and I can finally give it a go.
I found out that the company who did the weird ARG to hype up this sequel flew a work friend of mine down to san francisco. I flipped out a bit because she's a 30 something year old women who has no interest in video games in general, nevermind RPGs or Bloodlines specifically.
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