• Neurosurgeon found guilty of murdering her daughter: no prison sentence.
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However the prosecution did offer two mitigating factors which reduced the sentence demanded from the usual life imprisonment: her job and its contribution to society, and her lack of a criminal record. What the fuck?
That is fucked.
Full context is she seems to be suffering from depression, which caused her to commit the crime. The conditions for her suspended sentence include going to counselling.
Of course the rich person walks free.This is why I just support the guillotine approach. You rich and commited a crime? OFF WITH YA HEAD. Would make these assholes consider twice about screwing people over for becoming rich.
What was the reason she pre-meditated the murder of her own child? Depression is not a reason
Because they worked so well in France.
the full story here is that her daughter had cancer, mentioned she wanted to die several times and became highly depressed due to her fight against cancer by the way, her mother similarly suffered under it. I don't know if this was the correct judgement, but the case is a lot more complicated than it'd seem at first glance and the article is sparse with details as previous articles had written about it in more detail
I know depression is sometimes why mothers smother their children, but I think that's more often due to post-partum depression. It's possible she just became nihilistic, but the article doesn't really give any information so it's all guess work.
Oops. I got the name wrong, but I was actually referring to this. I think it's pretty rare though and obviously not relevant here since Yahnich explained why the mother did it in this case. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/mother-severe-postnatal-depression-smothered-8789883
Fortunately this approach has been done before so we can have an estimation of how it would go if we did it again. Unfortunately, it really didnt work out even for the non-rich. I'd really recommend reading about France's Reign of Terror some time.
"Sparse with details" doesn't cover it, the article gives no indication whatsoever of this sort of context
I fucking knew it. First second I looked at this thread, I thought to myself "the kid was terminally ill or something, and that makes the whole situation understandable". I was honestly surprised when the article didn't seem to be saying anything about it.
Its not quite as simple either, her daughter was never declared terminal iirc, just mostly struggling mentally from its effects and the insecurity of her future
ya especially since there's no fucking way she can work as a neurosurgeon anymore
Thank you for clarifying this. I was about ready to toss the lady in a pit and throw away the key. The article is criminally negligent on details. She had planned her daughter’s funeral and eulogy, which sounds absolutely despicable without the context.
The situation was understandable but as a neurosurgeon you'd think she'd have access to more humane methods of ending her daughter's life. She must have been really fucked up to do it the way she did. I feel for her though, even more for her victim.
unfortunately i can't find english sources but heres this: https://www.demorgen.be/binnenland/neurochirurge-mehrnaz-didgar-veroordeeld-voor-moord-op-haar-dochter-14-maar-moet-niet-terug-naar-cel-b478554c/ this is a Belgian source with more details around the case, this is the motive-related part: According to the mother, she committed the facts because they were both depressed and because Eline indicated several times that she wanted to die. Eline was affected by thyroid cancer at the age of 7. That mainly left mental traces and became increasingly apparent in her teenage years. From 24 April 2017, she spent eight weeks in the child psychiatry department of UZ Leuven. Due to the persistent problems with Eline, the mother said she herself continued to slink farther away into depression. this is an older source, with more detail around possible motives: https://www.hln.be/nieuws/binnenland/neurochirurge-van-uz-leuven-staat-terecht-voor-moord-op-haar-dochter-14~a08e9dee/ the most interesting part here being the following: Various theories exist today about the motive. Mehrnaz D. would have been depressed by two events in the private sphere. She had been involved in a tough divorce for several months with her former husband, also a doctor at UZ Leuven. A second brain tumor had also been discovered in the daughter.
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