• Sony reveals "State of Play", short broadcasts showcasing new games
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https://www.criticalhit.net/gaming/state-of-play-is-sonys-new-hub-for-new-ps4-and-ps-vr-game-announcements-first-episode-on-monday/ Excellent. The Nintendo Directs are a good way to keep your playerbase informed in short bursts, as opposed to announcing games year in advance.
With how successful the direct format is, I'm not surprised. Although it's going to be interesting to see if it works as well since Sony does not have that same kind of rabid fanbase Nintendo does
It's not a Nintendo Direct, it's my original character, BlayStation Blirect.
really hoping for some news about Death Stranding in this, its been a good while since we last heard about it
Big marketing boys from Sony were at KJP for about 2 weeks recently so now would be the time.
Wait, there are still people on Neogaf? I was under the assumption that everyone pretty much left and it’s now just a ghost town.
People will say that they are just copying Nintendo, but honestly there's nothing wrong with that. Nintendo took a gamble with it, in order to cut costs and it worked out so well. It's only reasonable that any other company would see the value in just broadcasting their own content. I'm pretty sure even Garry has talked about how much a waste of time physical appearances are, due to the cost and return of investment
There's a new website called ResetERA that's Neogaf in every way but name
old neogaf is still up, and that post is a screenshot of gaf not resetera. so the funny thing is, resetera took all the power-tripping mods that banned people with a different opinion, as well as all the people that sucked their toes and get offended at everything and live in a bubble. meanwhile gaf retained all the rest, so now you have people more openly discussing things without fear of ban (but still no harassing) and also going "against the grain" (example: if you talked ANY kind of shit in the giantbomb thread you'd get jumped on. now you have people actively stating they don't like ben or abby and the site is taking a turn for the worse with the redesign)
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